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The Solo 2 from Arizer is a great performing device.  Its simplicity is a key driving point to its success over the years.  The all-glass vapour pathway provides a fantastic level of vapour quality and flavour. The unit itself feels secure and durable without feeling cumbersome. The Solo 2 comes with a glass mouth piece/bowl which is very easy to clean and helps with cooling. However, there is a slight trade-off in terms of how fragile the glass pieces can be.   The people who will appreciate this the most are the vape users who like long and slow draws.  Compared to the Mighty or PAX, the Solo 2 will have more draw-resistance.  You'll probably want to draw on the Solo 2 for 15-20 seconds to get ideal results.  If you don't like getting too much smoke at once, this will be a great device for you.  

The Solo 2 features an LED screen which allows you to have exact temperature control on the device using the buttons. The buttons are responsive and the machining is strong and secure. Offering a 10 year warranty the Solo 2 will not disappoint. Having this type of on-demand temperature control can be a reliable function for vape enthusiasts who like to ride the terpene highway and try all the flavours!  Some people prefer to start low and go high.  This will allow you to do that at your own pace.  It will also allow you to focus-in on the exact temperature that your terpene may need to activate. 

The Solo 2 is very easy to use.  The controls for setup are simple: holding the up and power buttons through the countdown on the LED screen to turn the Solo 2 on. Once you have been greeted by the familiar Solo *beep* and a happy face, then you can set the temperature with the up and down buttons.  It’s also very easy to customize as your own vaporizer using custom session lengths, sound alerts, and more.

The vapour quality from the Solo 2 is simply fantastic.  The first few draws are pure flavour, letting you get a broad range of taste from the herbs. As the session continues, the vapour stays strong and pure, retaining significant flavour quality. Running the Solo 2 at higher temperatures will produce thicker vapour if you are looking for bigger clouds. We've noticed that we get about 8-10 draws per session out of what fits in the glass stem.  It's more efficient then a PAX in our minds.  If you are a fan of the ability to micro-dose with the Mighty dosing caps, you can still do that with the Solo 2.  Both devices will allow you to pack small amounts.

Though the device is considered portable, it can be a challenge due to its sheer size compared to some of the other more compact portable vaporizers. While the Solo 2 is small enough to fit it in a pocket, the glass mouth piece should be transported carefully. However, the battery is great with an estimated life of approximately 3-4 hours per charge. That being said it can be a great portable vaporizer if what we highlighted above isn't an issue.

Cleaning the device is really easy.  The glass stem is all that needs it.  Run it through some ISO and use some cotton swabs and you're set. We generally clean all our devices once or twice a week.  This remains consistent with the Solo 2 as it doesn't gunk up to much over that period, even with consistent use.

In conclusion, the Solo 2 continues to be one of the best made vaporizers available in the market. Arizer is a reliable company, producing quality vaporizers that will elevate your vape experience with nothing but great flavour and vapour quality.

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