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Mighty Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel uses both a conduction and convection heating method, also known as a hybrid system. This allows the device to consistently produce tasty dense vapour. It’s made by Storz and Bickel in Germany, a reliable well-known vaporizer manufacturer, famous for making the Volcano desktop vaporizer.  

The hybrid system really benefits those who need to vape at high temperatures but don't like the hot hits from the vaporizer.  The Mighty will cool the vapor through the cooling unit and it'll produce a very smooth vapor hit.   The hybrid heating system will also allow you to maximize your cannabis efficiencies.  You will enjoy this feature if you like smooth and flavourful hits with no draw resistance.  

Mighty Vaporizer is easy to use, and it’s vapor production is that of a high-end desktop vaporizer, both in consistency and vapor quality.  I'm always impressed with the lack of draw resistance.  You can really test your lung capacity with this and sometimes end up buckling to the pressure!  The Mighty can pack a punch if you ask for it.  


This shouldn't intimidate anyone who is afraid of smoking.  The Mighty has precise temperature control on the device and it will allow you to vape at lower temperatures.  You can also use the dosing capsules to control the amount of cannabis you consume.  This is great for those who need to medicate or those who prefer the additional convenience in their portable vaporizer. 

Speaking of portable vaporizer, one of the biggest hurdles to them is their battery life.  Some vaporizers come with replaceable and chargeable batteries to compensate but the Mighty doesn't mess around in this field.  You can expect a good 2 hours out of this device when you are on the go.  It has auto-turn off features to make sure the battery doesn't drain.   We've used the Mighty on many hiking and camping trips with no issues.  You can get a car charger to make sure you have a back up plan.  Though it does take about 2 hours to fully charge - it has pass through charging, which can be very useful for the eager beaver.  Most vaporizers that boast pass-through charging are only doing it half-ass anyways.  You can't charge most of the vaporizers on an empty battery and still use the device.  You need to reach 10 - 20% in order to use pass-through.  The Mighty can use pass-through on an empty battery, which we see as unique and convenient. 


When we've taken it out for outdoor adventures with friends, everyone has commented on how It’s very easy to hold and pass around. When we tell them the vaporizer has the same amount of power that a small heater does... they are surprised at the fact that device isn't hot in their hand.  Despite it being plastic and on the bulky side, this thing hits it out the park in every way possible for us.  

Mighty Vaporizer takes about 1.5  minutes to heat up, which is slower than the most of the competition.  At the end of the day... portable vaporizers aren't vape pens.  They aren't meant to instantly hit.  We don't mind waiting the extra bit to get the most out of the products we spend a lot of money on.  We favour experience and flavour.  Cannabis isn't cheap but the Mighty helps make sure you get the most out of it.  We all use to be joint smokers and we find that we consume much less now since switching to the Mighty.

We really like all the cool accessories and add-ons that Storz and Bickel has made available to bring more functionality to the changing needs of a modern vape user. The device comes with a “Filling Aid”.  The filling aid attaches to the top of the unit and creates an easy, non-messy way to load the bowl.  This is unique to Storz & Bickle, making filling the device easy, quick, and clean.  You can also purchase dosing magazines which are really helpful for the true on-the-go user or for the people who face medical alignments that prevent their ideal mobility. 

In conclusion:

Mighty Vaporizer has great vapor quality, it’s easy to use, and one of the most consistent vaporizers reviewed.  While size is the major criticism of the Mighty, the long battery life, consistent vapour quality, and ease of use makes the Mighty one of the best portable vaporizers available. 

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