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Best Portable Vaporizers in 2020

When looking for a portable cannabis vaporizer most people want it to be discreet, easy to use, easy to clean and to have great vapor quality.  You want to make sure the device has a strong build to avoid overheating and tasting plastic. Then you’ll also want to consider things like draw resistance and battery life. Finally, make sure you look into the extra accessories each unit has to offer.   We’ve tested all the products in this dry herb vaporizer review for your educational purposes.

  1. Mighty Vaporizer
  2. Ghost MV1
  3. DaVinci IQ
  4. PAX 3
  5. FireFly 2+
  6. Arizer Solo 2
  7. The Crafty
  8. DaVinci Miqro
  9. Boundless Tera V3
  10. Airvape XS GO


Top 10 Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2019


1. The The Mighty Vaporizer  has the best vaporizer quality in the market today. There is no draw-resistance and it gets better as the session goes on.  It also doesn't consume a lot of dry herb and will definitely get you feeling the effects. The main reason The Mighty Vaporizer is different from The Crafty is the precise temperature control and battery life.  The Mighty allows you to control the temperature from the device while The Crafty lets you control it through an app. The additional 20% really means you can run the mighty vaporizer for about 2 hours without having to plug it in.  The accessories for the Mighty are the best part!  You can micro-dose with Dosage Magazine or just simply have them ready to go for you when you are to busy to pack bowls.   We also love the filling-aid that comes with it, making it super easy and not messy to set up your next session.  The most common objection we get to the mighty vaporizer its that it appears to bulky and not portable.  We would argue that everything else about the device outweighs that small discrepancy. We LOVE the Mighty! 

2. The Ghost MV1 has a great functional design that is perfect for the on-the-go and discreet user. The convection heating will tingle your taste buds with amazing vapor quality with little to no draw-resistance. The team at Ghost heard the customers asking for instant cannabis vaporizers and it delivered.  If you don't want to wait for your vaporizer to heat up the bowl, then this is the device for you.When considering what the most discreet and easy to use vaporizer a lot of people want to have the bowls ready to go.  Ghost MV1 Crucibles are your calling! These things pack a punch!  Some of the best vapor quality you can get and its done through instant convection heating.  It can handle concentrates and has an blue-tooth enabled app for temperature control.  You won't regret upgrading to this device or adding it into your collection.


3. The DaVinci IQ stands out because of its Smart Paths, vapor quality and how easy it is to maintain.  We also really enjoy its design and display.  It fits perfectly into your hand, pocket or Storage Case.  Using conduction and its ceramic-zirconium vapor path really allows you to get that great taste you're after. However, you can expect some draw-resistance with the IQ.  It's ultimately designed to gradually move through the Smart Paths so that you can activate all the different terpene flavours throughout the smooth ride. You should definitely consider getting an extra replacement battery and keep it charged with you.  The IQ gets about 1 hour of usage per battery but it does come with pass-through charging like the other units above.  The DaVinci IQ is best suited for someone who wants ultimate control over their temperature throughout the session or enjoys having pre-set options that climb through the temperatures gradually.

4. The PAX 3 Complete Kit is for someone who is looking for something super SLEEK and discreet.  It's got a tough aluminum exterior incase your prone to dropping things.  PAX has been well recognized for a number of years and its mainly due to their vapor flavour and ease of use.
 It really is pretty close to the vapor quality you would get from the Mighty or Ghost MV1 but it comes with draw-resistance.  Don't expect to be blowing huge clouds unless you activate boost mode through the app.  The PAX 3 Complete Kit will allow you to have a range of accessories that are handy but most prominently used will be the concentrate insert.  Why spend more money on a concentrate vape pen when you can upgrade from the Pax 3 Basic kit... right?  Other notable mentions are the battery life is up to an 1.5 hours and the heat up time is a super fast 20 seconds! 
5. The FireFly 2+ is a new discovery to use but has it ever been a fun time! What we noticed right away was its quick heat up time and vapor flavour.  We had heard some bad things about the units FireFly made before but this definitely wasn't that.
In general, we aren't big fans of devices that limit the temp control to the app but this was easy enough to set up.  Once you get settled into the device you really start to have fun with it.  It's super light and easy to use.  We weren't expecting this type of device to have great vapor... but damn, does it ever taste good. They really did well incorporating the convection system into this unit.  We will keep using it and would definitely recommend this to people looking to upgrade from a start kit vaporizer.


6. The Arizer Solo 2 has had a great reputation for a really long time.  The vapor quality is almost always compared to the Volcano desktop made by Storz and Bickel.  Outside of the vapor quality being amazing, it has an insane 3 hour battery life.  It's easy to use and hands-down one of the easiest vaporizers to clean. It's hybrid heating system is really amplified through the glass mouthpiece.  The Arizer Solo 2 heats up as quick as the PAX 3.  20 seconds is not a long time to wait considering your getting amazing draws and amazing vapor quality.  We've even used this devices attachments to hit bongs!  It's fun to use despite some critics saying its bulky. 


7. The Crafty is on par with the mighty with a few minor things to justify its price
being lower. It has the same amazing vapor quality.   The Crafty can be turned on from the device but you'll need an app if you want to have more advanced temperate control with this vaporizer.  Also, even with the 20% extra battery life, the crafty vaporizer will only run for about 1 hour.  It does have pass through charging which is handy.  You'll have access to the same great accessories and dual use capability that the Mighty vaporizer offers. One of the main reasons people prefer getting the crafty is that its perceived to be discreet and portable.  The decision is yours.


8. The DaVinci Miqro isn't far off cousin of the IQ.  It has most of the same capabilities.  The main difference with the MIQRO will be its battery life.  You'll still probably want to buy another battery and keep it charged with you as your on the go vaping.  You should buy the MIQRO if your budget in-line with some of the more robust features of the IQ.  We like it because its got a really sexy look and is palm-sized.  Considering how small it is, the build prevents it from getting overly hot in your hand.  There is more draw-resistance with the MIQRO however the amazing vapor flavour is there.  If you like discreet and cost-effective vaporizers, you should consider the MIQRO.

 9. The Boundless Tera V3 has actually pretty impressive.  It's old model had a lot of kinks but we are impressed with this convection vaporizer.  It's on budget and has a fast heat up time compared to others in its price range.  There are not many devices in this price range that can handle concentrate use, but the Tera V3 hits like a rig!  However, we did find that since the oven is so close to your mouth that it can get hot.   The Boundless Tera V3 is for the smoker that has big lungs and vapes to see those monstrous clouds.  This device is for someone who values potency over efficiency to say the least.  You're going to want to make sure that you have carrying case for this one. You can expect an hour of vaping from the Tera V3 and you should definitely make sure to have some extra batteries. 


10. Airvape XS GO is an affordable compact portable vaporizer with all the features of some of the best vaporizers within the market. It has a fully ceramic oven making it very easy to clean. The device uses a combination of convection and conduction heating to vaporize creating quite the flavorful experience. With five heat settings between 355 to 420F the XS Go heats up in around 20 seconds. For a vaporizer around $100 this is quite your bang for buck deal. Hence why we added it to our 2019 Best Vaporizers List.

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