Do our products have warranty?

The majority of our products come with Manufacturer's Warranty. We are an authorized retailer for all of the products we offer and will be happy to assist if need be with contacting any of the related manufacturers.

What is our return policy?

Due to the nature of the products being sold, we currently do not accept returns for any of our products.

Where do we offer shipping too?

We ship all of our products across the entirety of Canada.

For our US customers, we are currently only processing clothing merchandise orders.

Will the package have any cannabis references on it?

No. We send our products in a plain box with just the return address - no company name.

Will an 19+ signature be required?

Upon delivery an ID will need to be shown ensuring you are 19+ of age.

What to do if you give us the wrong shipping address?

Contact us immediately and we will do our best to ensure your order is delivered to the address of your choice on time.

What if I don't get a tracking number?

A tracking number is usually issued within 24-48 hours of the order. If you haven't received a tracking number within this timeframe please contact us and we will be happy to help.

How do I check the status of my order?

A confirmation email will be sent to you shortly after you make your order. We will notify you once the shipment has delivered with the tracking number.

How long does it take for the shipping provider to process a tracking number?

It can take up to 24-48 hours to process a tracking number.

What if my package is broken?

Please contact us immediately.