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Join us today as we present you the most in-depth Crafty+ review you will find on the internet. 

We have been using this device extensively since its launch. It has been an absolute pleasure because Storz and Bickel are well known for making world-class portable and desktop vaporizers. We will address the pro's and con's of the device, provide a how to use guide and present you a review of our findings through experience.

We want to quickly start this review by addressing some common misconceptions and weaknesses of the new Crafty+ vaporizer in Canada

I've been reading over some forums and comments on Budders Cannabis Youtube videos and it seems that some believe that  Storz and Bickel products are made from "weak and cheap plastic." Well, it couldn't be further from the truth.

Peter Popplewell is the Chief Technology Officer at Canopy Growth Corp.  Oh, he's relevant because ...if you didn't already know, Canopy ( TWEED ) Acquired Storz & Bickel.  Peter goes on to comment,

 ""S&B quite literally invented the vaporizer market. They make the best performing, highest quality, and most respected products in the segment. Leveraging their IP into the tech-heavy vaporizer designs we have in progress will allow us to bring products to market that will set a new bar in terms of quality, functionality, and consumer safety."

Storz & Bickel also has a certificate from Health Canada for the Volcano Classic.  This means that they have an outstanding facility. In fact, they have an ISO 13485 certification.  This means that the Storz & Bickel facility has been scrutinized by external auditors and found to be compliant with all requirements needed to produce medical devices. Its prestigious and onerous standards are what every vaporizer brand wants to meet.  Everyone is chasing the S&B team.

Another criticism of Crafty Plus is the lack of precise temperature control on the unit.  Considering that the Mighty has a digital screen that allows you to control the temperature precisely throughout your session. People expect the Crafty+ to offer the same capability.  The Crafty+ was not designed with that idea in mind.  It instead wants to keep the temperature settings simple, but it does ALLOW for users to adjust the temp precisely... just not on the device itself.  Since Apple took vaporizer apps away, S&B quickly created the web-based app .  The WebApp can be accessed and used with the most current version of the Chrome browser to adjust settings on the CRAFTY and CRAFTY+ via Bluetooth.  Problem solved right? 

Here are some simple instructions and pictures detailing how to install and use the Storz and Bickel Web App

1. Use the link above and open Google Chrome Browser & Enable Bluetooth.  Turn on your Crafty+

2. A Scan is initiated.  Select the Storz & Bickel device and select Pair.

3. You have now successfully connected your Crafty Plus to the Storz and Bickel Web App.  As you can see, it's pretty fast set up.  The Crafty+ takes about 60 seconds to heat up to temp and I still got tons of time to spare.

How to Control Temperature on the Crafty Plus Vaporizer?

For most users, boost and triple boost modes will be enough if you are just looking to get your weed cooked evenly.  The initial boost will bring the Crafty Plus up 15 degrees and you can triple boost it to nuke your session at the end.  To get the initial boost, press the orange button on the side twice quickly.  The Crafty Plus LED will begin to continually flash twice, indicating the boost mode is activated.  Red means the device is heating up and Green means GO!  If you want to get into the triple boost, nuke mode, hit the orange button 3 times quickly.  The LED will now continually flash 3 times indicate nuke mode is in full effect.

Why does precise temperature control really matter?  

  1. To unlock the true potential of your strain
  2. Cannabis Compounds have "Boiling Points "
  3. Here are 10 Temperatures you should care about

Understanding temperature helps you get the true effects of the strain.  Having precise control over the temperature would make sure you could either activate or avoid certain terpene profiles in your sessions.  If you need to control the temperature down to the exact degree, the Mighty can do that on the device, while the Crafty+ would require the web app.

What the best temperatures to vape the Crafty Plus at? 

It's best to stay at low-temp if you want to stay functional.  Stay around 155C to 165C if you prefer mild euphoria. I found that I was far more focused and productive after using the Crafty Plus in this temperature range. 

Once I bumped up the temperature to 180C with the Crafty+, after about 10 draws, I still had amazing flavour.  This has long-been my vaporizer temp sweet spot and it was amazing all the way through. When I'm hitting the Crafty Plus in this temp zone, I typically can either read a book, play video games, work-out or get work done.  It's the perfect balance for me.

Once you get into the 190C-210C temperature range, you are really just trying to couch potato yourself.  This is the temperature range in which users will experience the most dense vapour.  It will also give you almost immediate effects of the strain.  With the Crafty+ the taste will be there for the first few hits in your 200C temp, but it won't stay for the whole ride.  Prepare to cough your lungs out and watch the most dense vapour clouds get produced in this range. This is definitely intense euphoria followed by sleepiness or heavy relaxation. 190C will get you terpenes like linalool (calming, anxiety relief) and cannabinoids like THCV (energizing, appetite suppressant), but keep in mind that they’re approaching combustion territory. You may even notice the vapor become smokier and harsher on the lungs. 

However, the Crafty Plus helps cool down the vapor. Adding to the sensational vaporization experience, the CRAFTY+ is equipped with an ingenious Cooling Unit, which cools down the vapor to a pleasant temperature. The Cooling Unit is made from PEEK; a high-grade, heat-resistant and food-grade plastic, which is commonly used in the medical field for surgical implants. 

People are questioning if The Crafty+  is really an upgrade from the Original Crafty.  Understandably so right? I mean, less things are included in the box and it's battery sucks??  I am really going to focus in on the critics who say the battery life is a weakness and that it makes the Crafty Plus any less magnificent. 

I will be the first to say that I was disheartened when I opened up my Crafty Plus vaporizer only to find that it didn't come with all the same goodies that the OG Crafty came with.  But I am a big boy and I can do without the filling aid. I use dosing capsules primarily and when I do need to fill the vaporizer without the capsules, it's not the end of the world.  I didn't buy the Crafty+ or any Storz and Bickel product for their filling aid and brush accessory. You are spending a pretty penny on these vaporizers because of the amazing vapour quality, taste, production and amazing pull.  I can fork out a bit extra and get myself a brush to clean it with, no biggie. Seems like a big corporate move to cut costs and increase margins, but at the same time, at least the Crafty+ is worth it. At the end of the day, everyone's main issue with the OG Crafty was the battery life and heat-up time.  Storz and Bickel has drastically improved both and extended the warranty on the Crafty Plus.

Crafty Plus Battery Life vs The Mighty?

I want to be absolutely clear on this, The Mighty vs The Crafty Plus in terms of vapour quality and production is the same. The only difference with getting the Mighty is that you get peace of mind from a longer battery life.  The Crafty Plus having a shorter battery life, is NOT a weakness of the vape. This may be hard to believe but a super long battery life isn't that critical for everyone.  

I meet a ton of people who prefer size, discretion and portability over the extra battery life they can get from the Mighty.  I myself have the Mighty, OG Crafty and Crafty+. I am the definition of an on-the-go user who would actually benefit from the extended battery life that the Mighty provides.  HOWEVER, I have been using the Crafty Plus as my daily since it came out. I love how skinny and portable it is. The 5-8 sessions that the battery provides is more than enough for me in between charges.  Worst case, I have a portable charger that I could plug into. I literally have a portable Volcano in my hands and I couldn't be happier. The one thing I do speculate on is that the Mighty may have better cooling simply because the cooling unit is larger on it. 

When you are choosing between the Mighty or Crafty Plus, consider your vaping habits.  Don't pay too much attention to people saying the Mighty is the end all of vapour quality and production.  Having used all the devices extensively, I attest to them all having the same quality. It comes down to user preference and lifestyle.  If you are a homebody user and don't want to spend the extra $ on a Mighty, the Crafty+ will serve you just fine. If you really need to control your temp to the exact degree and can't be bothered with a web app, get the Mighty.  If you will be needing to use the vaporizer for more than 60 minutes of CONTINUOUS use, get a Mighty.

How to Use the Crafty+ and What's improved in the Crafty+ Plus?

  • Better Heater, means quicker heat-up time
  • Improved Battery will extend its use to 5-8 sessions
  • Improved Vapor Quality from the upgraded circuit board and improved heating system

Let's talk about how the Crafty+ functions and if it's the same as the original or if it's closer to performing like the Mighty.

The device is going to be controlled and operated primarily from one button.  The button on the side is used to power the unit on/off and to engage boost modes.  The main difference in the new Crafty+ is the triple boost mode or as I like to call it, nuke mode.  It's guaranteed to knock you off your feet. I haven't experienced coughing like that in awhile. And to all the people reading this saying, oh my god, I don't want to cough, I won't get the Crafty+ now.  Remember this, if you don't cough, you don't get off!

Make sure to use a good grinder so that you can get a medium-fine grind on the dry herb.  As I mentioned, I use the dosing capsules because they help keep the Crafty+ clean and provides great functionality for an on-the-go vaporizer user.   The Crafty Plus is really easy to use since it has no-draw resistance. Imagine drinking water through a straw, thats how effortless the draw is. Vaporizers like the Arizer Solo 2 have a lot of draw resistance and are similar to drinking a milkshake through a straw.  

The hybrid heating system in the Crafty+ will make you realize what vapour quality peak taste like.  The Crafty Plus really does set the standard to what vaped cannabis should taste like. I honestly feel like its my first time getting high, everytime I use the Crafty plus.  Its perfect. I find that the consistency in the vaporizer is unlike any other. If you check out on-demand vaporizers like the GHOST MV1, you will NOT get this type of consistent taste and vapour quality.

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