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Join us today as we provide you with the most elaborate and in-depth review on the Arizer Argo

I have spent the last 3.5 months thoroughly researching and experimenting with the Arizer ARGO.  I have been a fan of ARIZER products for a number of years now. I’ve primarily been amazed with the devices because of their durable build, longevity and amazing vapour flavour. I believe that the ARGO by Arizer is one of the best portable vaporizers to be released in the last couple years.  Being an owner of a vaporizer store in Toronto, I have a chance to speak with hundreds of customers a day about their needs.  It gives me some good insight into how consumers approach their vaporizer purchase.  I will do my best to summarize my personal experience and highlight topics that I know consumers are curious about.

Here are some of the most common reasons why vape users choose to buy the Arizer ARGO over other dry herb vaporizers :

  1. Portable
  2. Battery Life
  3. Digital Display
  4. Full Temperature Control
  5. Hybrid Heating

Before I get into great detail on the Arizer ARGO, I want to remind our readers that a great source for unbiased information is Reddit.  You can find many awesome reviews on vaporizers from people who've purchased them and used them.  I stumbled upon one from two years ago and you can reference it here.

You can also find great video content on our Budders Cannabis Youtube Channel.

Best Portable Cannabis VaporizerArizer ARGO Reddit


Also, Arizer had asked Leafly to take their new toy for a spin.  Cannabis guru Jeremiah Wilhelm and editor Ian Chant both used this new piece of gear while going about their lives for a week, and then compared notes on their experiences.  If you are interested in reading their perspective, please check out the " Hands on with Arizer Argo " article.

However, if you don't want to read the whole article, here is a few bullet point takeaways to consider.

  1. Arizer ARGO uses convection heating, similar to the expensive Volcano desktop vaporizers by Storz and Bickel.  However, it costs significantly less.
  2. Utilitarian design—everything you need is in one self-contained unit.  You can slide it into your pocket and be on the go.
  3. Glass Stem in the Arizer Argo is able to retract into the device.  This makes the device safe from breaking and serves a great function like a Swiss-army knife would.
  4. Arizer ARGO is focused on utility and ultimate consumer experience.  It doesn't aim to impress you with unnecessary add-ons or functionalities. 
  5. VERY Durable Vaporizer.  It's clearly designed by vaporizers enthusiasts who understand what is important and necessary in a cannabis vaporizer.
  6. Small Unit with LOTS of POWER.  You are going to have a hard time finding a unit as portable as the ARGO that can deliver the hybrid heating system.  Imagine making a hot pocket in a microwave vs an oven.  Obviously the oven will make a better hot pocket.  Lot's of people are microwaving their weed when they use conduction based vaporizers. Consider convection or hybrid based vaporizers.
  7. Fast heat up time - some people want the fastest possible heat up times with their vaporizers.  For these people, the ARGO will not disappoint.  
  8. Full Temperature control with relevant customizations.  You can adjust the heating time, amongst other things. 
  9. Amazing vape flavour
  10. Simplicity 

Conduction, Convection and Hybrid Vaporizer Heating systems quickly explained  

Dry Herb Vapes have been a fantastic innovation in the cannabis community. We've really come a long way from combusting joints, using metal pipes and hitting glass bongs.  Since vaporizers tend to have advanced heating systems, they make it simple for anyone to enjoy their dried herb in the smoothest and tastiest way possible. These systems will make sure you experience the best effects and efficiencies in your cannabis consumption. 

Conduction Heating is one of the most commonly recognized forms of vaping in the vaporizer community. It works by putting your dried herb directly on the surface where the heating system is. Imagine being in your home and using a stove. This is very similar to what is occurring during a conduction heating system.  Conduction vaporizers are recognized for their ability to quickly heat up dry herb.  For the people that need to quickly session and move on, this can be great.  However, the amazing flavour is usually only present for a hit or two. You will want to make sure to properly pack dense bowls and to clean your oven frequently.

Convection Heating vaporizers are usually bought by consumers who have tried vaping before and want to take it to the next level. Convection heating is much similar to a fan oven that blows hot air on your weed, therefore, lifting the vapour along the way.  This way your cannabis is not directly touching the heating element and you can avoid the burnt taste and combustion that comes from conduction heating systems.  You'll want to pack your bowls pretty loose so the hot air can pass through properly and evenly. Convection heating systems really enhance the flavours and terpene profiles of your cannabis strains.

Hybrid Heating systems really bring in the best of both conduction and convection.  Hybrid systems incorporate  the speed of conduction vaporizers and combines it with the power and flavor of convection; leading to a convenient and pure vaping experience. Hybrid systems are the most sought after vapes in the market and tend to come with a pretty high price tag. 

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Arizer-Argo-Review-Canada-BuddersArizer Argo for sale



  • Small and portable vape - If you're consuming cannabis frequently on the go, this device will be very easy to carry around with you.  If you like the idea of people not knowing that you are vaping or plan on vaping, this unit will be the discreet vaporizer you've been looking for.
  • Hybrid Heating vaporizer-  The best of the best in a super affordable portable vaporizer.  Usually you would need to get a Crafty Plus or Mighty to get this type of advanced system in a portable vaporizer.
  • Removable Battery vape - The ARGO already has great battery life but it's super comfortable knowing that you can have an extra battery to swap up if needed.  It also doesn't make the utility device dependent on a built-in battery.
  • Amazing Vapour Quality - Once you've been vaping cannabis, you come to an understanding that vapour flavour and quality are VERY important.  More often than not, you will not experience great vapour flavour if you use low-end devices using conduction.  The ARGO produces smooth vapour at LOW temperature and can produce dense vapour at HIGH temperatures.  It's great for both types of users. 
  • High Quality & Durable Build -  The ARGO is comprised of two shells essentialy.  The upper part of the vaporizer is anodized aluminium while the lower part is made from high grade, heat resistant plastic.  Usually, plastic shells make a NO-GO, but not with Arizer's ArGo.  The plastic is actually coated with silicone giving it a more comfortable feel in your palm.  The plastic is also heat rated and medical / food grade quality.  We simply love the push-up feature at the top that allows the ARGO glass stem to come in and out at your calling.
  • Precise Temperature Control Vaporizer- It's great to have a hand held portable vaporizer that is this small but can still provide you with single incremental degree customization.   In our Crafty Plus Blog Post we speak to the importance of temperature boiling points and terpene profiles.   For quick reference check out : Cannabis Boiling Points. & 10 Temps you should know.

  • Vapour Flavour - When you combine the hybrid heating, stainless-steal oven and glass stem air path, you are destined to experience pure vapor flavour glory.  I have yet to hit a pocket sized vaporizer that is better than the ARGO.
  • Battery Life - Considering the Arizer ARGO is so small, it has a very impressive battery life.  I found that it will last anywhere from 90 to 105 minutes on a full charge.  To put that into a practical's about 9-10 bowls / sessions.  That is usually more than enough for somebody who is just using the vaporizer on the go. However, if you do find that you need more juice, just simply swap the battery out and you're back on track.
  • Easy to Clean Vaporizer -  Make sure you incorporate good cleaning habits.  It's important to keep the glass stem and stainless-steal oven clean.  Try doing so after every session.  Q-Tips are ideal but if you don't have one handy, simply blow off the ABV from the oven.
  • Pass-Through Battery Charging - This is a great feature if you are in a tight spot.  Simply give the Arizer ARGO about 10-15 minutes of charge time and you can begin to use the unit while it's charging.



  • Draw Resistance -  I tend to prefer no draw resistance.  Arizer products are infamously known for a slower and longer draw.  This can definitely be great if you prefer longer sessions but this will not be an ideal device for an on-demand vape user.
  • Glass Stem - Glass stems can break if you aren't careful.
  • Charge Time - The Arizer ARGO could benefit from a faster charge time but the way to off-set that is to have an extra replaceable battery. Takes about 3 hours to completely charge.

I do want to point out that Arizer has been a subject matter expert in the vaporizer community now for over a decade.  They have been recognized in many different ways both by businesses and consumers.  Back in 2014, Tweed, a Canopy Growth Corp. Brand announced its partnership with Arizer to bring high quality vaporizers to Tweed Medical Marijuana customers.  

Chuck Rifici, Tweed's President and CEO said, " We truly believe in the benefits of using a vaporizer to consume medical marijuana." 

It's great to use devices that are well researched and well recognized for their positive impact into the cannabis vaporizer community.



  1. Press down on the push-top mouthpiece so that the glass stem from the ARGO becomes exposed.  The button can be found on the back-side of the Arizer ARGO vaporizer.
  2.  Pull the Glass Stem out of the Arizer Argo and gently press it down into your dry herb.  You are going to want to have loosely packed so that air passes through well.
  3. Place the Glass Stem back into the stainless-steal oven in the ARGO vaporizer.
  4. Hold down the M button and + button at the same time. The Arizer ARGO will make a beep noise and you will notice the screen illuminate with a smiley face.
  5. Once the ARGO beeps twice, that means the device is ready to go.
  6. Take a SLOW and relaxed long draw on the ARGO.  You can expect to draw anywhere from 7 to 14 seconds to get the best effect.


How to use the Arizer ARGO Control Panel & Modes

  •  Temperature Settings - The ArGo's optimized heating systems warms up fast and has a wide tempearture range from 50 degrees celsius to 220 degrees celcius.  The temperature can be adjusted with the + and - signs on the ARGO unit iself.  You can adjust in 1 degree increments or in 10 degree increments.
  • Audio / Beep - The Audio / Beep function has 3 volume settings and can be turned on or off based on your inidivual preference.  This setting is basically to allow the consumer to choose if they want to hear a beep when the ARGO is powered on and off.
  • Automatic Shut-off Timer - This helps ensure that you don't forget to turn off the unit and helps ultimately conserve your battery life.  This is a great functionality to have for someone who wants to stretch their battery life.  The shut-off time canbe adjusted between 5 and 15 minutes in one-minute incremenets.  The default setting is set to 10 minutes.
  • Power on Delay - This safety feature ensures you don't accidently turn on the unit.  You can choose between three settings : 4, 6 or 8 seconds.  The default setting is 6 seconds.
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit - The default setting is set to Celsius and can be adjusted by the user as required. 
  • Display Brightness - You can choose to keep your display brightness at low, medium or high.  The default is set to medium.


 Arizer ARGO Cleaning & Maintenance Guide :

  1. Keep the stainless-steal oven clean using a Q-Tip and ISO-Alcohol 
  2. Keep the Glass Stem Aroma tubes clean after continuous use.
  3. To clean the glass parts, soak them in isopropyl alcohol for a couple hours then rise with hot water.
  4. In most cases doing this will clean the Glass Aroma tubes as good as new, if not, simply repeat.  
  5. After cleaning, make sure the Glass Aroma tubes are dry before using.

 Arizer-ARGO-420-SaleArizer Argo Battery Replacement

Arizer ARGO Battery Life VS Arizer Solo 2 Battery Life?

The Argo vs Solo 2 are compromised of the same internals.  This means that the cannabis vaping experience will be relatively the same.  The key difference here will be in battery life.  The Solo 2 is a much more robust and industrial looking unit.  It will be able to last up to 3 hours of use.   The Argo having a shorter battery life, is NOT a weakness of the vape.  Users will often consider the portability and discretion of the ARGO vs the longer battery life.  I personally love session vaporizers that provide an on-demand experience.  I believe that the ARGO achieves this well.  Despite me constantly using the ARGO on the go, I never ran into issues with the battery.  I could really only see this impacting me if I were somewhere remote without a charger.  But even than, I would just use my extra battery and a portable charger to get charged up.  If you are someone who prefers portable and discreet vaporizers, don't be turned away from the ARGO simply because of the 90 minute battery life.  

I would strongly urge anyone reading this review to consider their vaping habits and environments when making a buying decision on a vaporizer.  Will a longer battery life be important to you because of how, when and where you consume cannabis?

If you want MORE INFO on Arizer SOLO 2. - Please read our Arizer Solo 2 Review 

What are the best temperatures to vape the Arizer ARGO at?

I always suggest that it's best to stay at low-temp if you want to stay functional.  Stay around 155C to 165C if you prefer mild euphoria. I found that I was far more focused and productive after using the ARGO in this temperature range.  I did notice that the vapour quality and density in this range was rather thin.  I did have to draw a lot to get a little, but the taste was well worth the effort.   Once I bumped up the temperature to 180C with Arizer ARGO I still had amazing flavour and started getting denser draws.  I love to coast around the 175 -190 Celsius range.  I feel that the spectrum does well in hitting a lot of terpene profiles that I enjoy. When I'm hitting the Arizer ARGO in this temp zone, I get into a mode where I feel relaxed enough to do whatever I focus on. Once you move into the 200-220 Celsius range, you are really looking for much denser clouds and stronger immediate impacts.  I personally don't get into those ranges much.  I find that the flavour profile disappears much more quickly then I'd like it to.



You SHOULD Buy the Arizer ARGO if :

  1. You want a small and portable vaporizer
  2. You enjoy a slower and longer draw
  3. You value the taste of vapour vs the density of the vapour
  4. You support brands who are consistent and durable
  5. You want a good warranty and customer support
  6. You want a session vaporizer 
  7. You want to vape at home or on the go
  8. You want digital display
  9. You want precise temperature control
  10. You want a removable battery with your vaporizer


The ARGO is not ideal for you if :

  • You prefer quick draws and faster heat-up time
  • If you want to spend less than $100, this will not fit your budget
  • Arizer products have draw-resistance. 
  • The ARGO is lacking in vapour density


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