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Before we get into what the Top 3 Desktop Vaporizers in 2020 are, we wanted to address a question that we receive daily.  Why should you get a desktop vaporizer instead of a portable vaporizer? Simply put :

  1. Unlimited Power-  The biggest limitation of a portable vaporizer is the fact that it relies on a battery to operate.  Desktop vaporizers are plug and play. Don't get me wrong, portable vaporizers are a must have if you are an on-the-go user.  If you are strictly consuming cannabis at home, you should really be considering a desktop unit.
  2. Size isn't a limitation -  Most users who want a portable vaporizer opt-in for discretion while they are on-the-go.  With discretion, comes functionality limitations.  Desktop vaporizers are larger and therefore can have better engineered internals and more complex ovens.  Portable vaporizers condense all the functionality into a smaller device, while desktop vaporizers leverage size to deliver a better end product.
  3. Get your friends involved - Desktop vaporizers are great for individual use but they are definitely the life of any party or get together.  Many people enjoy hitting a vaporizer with a bag or whip on it. 
  4. Longer Sessions - Desktop Vaporizers are really intended for the homebodies that don't want to rush a session in 2-5 minutes.  They want to relax and enjoy the ride.

Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2020

In this post, we are discussing the best desktop vaporizers of 2020 that are currently on the market. Our picks were made using a weighted decision matrix with the criteria being Quality of Vapor, Heat up Time, Ease of Use, Maintenance, Size, Functionality, Efficiency, Materials, and Price.  Each of these criteria are given a weight based on the importance level of the criteria. Reference the Appendix at the bottom for the specific rankings. Here are our findings.


  1. Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme Q is very popular desktop vaporizer that brings to the table many of the valued qualities that come with the Volcano Hybrid. We ranked the Extreme Q as the winner in this comparison with the Dr. Dabber Switch and Volcano Hybrid not far behind. For under $200 it’s hard not to acknowledge the value you are getting for this device.

We ranked the Extreme Q above the Volcano Hybrid and the Dr. Dabber Switch in this comparison for a multitude of different reasons as listed in our weighted decision matrix. I attributed a lot of my consideration on the value for performance you are getting out of this device. 

The Extreme Q is a convection oven desktop vaporizer with a built in screen displaying your stats (ie temp, fan speed, and more) that can controlled by using the remote or the buttons on the device. The temperature range on the device can be set anywhere between 122 °F to 500 °F (50 °C - 260 °C).


We loved how well rounded this device is. It's small, easy to handle and navigate, efficient and not to mention easy to maintain all while providing an experience full of great quality vapor. Though the Extreme Q provides quality performance and functionality it does lag behind on several fronts. Possibly why it costs drastically less than the Dr. Dabber Switch and Volcano Hybrid.

Firstly, the device is the slowest of the three to reach the desired temperature with a heat up time of about 2 minutes compared to the Hybrid’s 45 second heat up time and the Dr. Dabber Switch’s 12 second heat up time for dry herb. It also takes longer for bags to fill when in comparison to filling bags using the Volcano Hybrid.

Secondly, the Arizer Extreme Q can only be used with dry herb versus the Dr. Dabber Switch and Volcano Hybrid which can both be used with concentrates or dry herb. Most desktops are used with dry herb but as concentrates have continued to grow in popularity it has become a more valued trait to have the dual functionality.

The point of most importance would be the quality of vapor that is being created. We were quite satisfied with the smooth vapor being created by the Extreme Q.  I did however want to highlight that the vapor density along with the flavor does not quite compare to the Volcano Hybrid. Don't get me wrong though, the quality is still top notch.


There also small things that are more thought through on the Volcano Hybrid than the Extreme Q. For instance, the Extreme Q does not have valve control for bags or hose so you will essentially need to keep a finger on it to prevent vapor from pouring out and being wasted. Another point that came to our attention would be the screens that are used on the device which can fall off and lead to the herb flowing through the hose or into your bag.

When you look at the price of the device and consider what you are getting versus buying a Volcano Hybrid you may see our logic as to why we ranked the Extreme Q on top in this review. It does almost everything the others vaporizers can do minus a few setbacks but again when you consider it costs half of the switch and a quarter of the Volcano Hybrid it makes sense. Bang for buck the Extreme Q is a great value buy if you are looking for a Desktop vaporizer. You will not find a better desktop vaporizer for under $200.

For more on the Arizer Extreme Q - Check out our Review on Youtube

 2) Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid - For Sale in Canada, USA, and Europe

The infamous Volcano Hybrid made by Storz & Bickel is the runner up falling just behind the Arizer Extreme Q in our showdown. The Volcano has been trailblazing the vaporizer space for over a decade now. They continue to produce top of the line products and according to Forbes, many believe it is still the best vaporizer in the market. It all started with the original Volcano Analog which has continued to evolve with the Volcano Hybrid being the latest model to be released.

Similar to the Volcano Analog and Digital it uses convection heating technology to allow hot air to pass through the cannabis which then creates vapor containing the active cannabinoids for inhalation. The device has a built in led screen to give you full control of the temperature and air flow. The temperature can be set within the range of 104°F to 446°F  (40°C to 230°C).

The Volcano Hybrid is built with high quality material and manufactured in Germany. They are built durable with the ability to handle high volume usage for years and years. Overall, it is the better built device of the 3 in comparison.

The Volcano Hybrid has recently faced some scrutiny related to the maintenance and some of the materials used in the device. The heating element and chamber ring has been giving off a metal dust. This is obviously cause for concern and many consumers are worried about the potential health consequences. Storz & Bickel has addressed the issue as true and they have already issued a permanent solution. The previous Volcano's did not have this issue as the filling chamber did not have to be screwed onto the device but rather placed on top. We really need to wait and see how this solution works before we can consider the Hybrid #1.

Both dry herb and concentrates can be used with the Volcano Hybrid. Though it is mainly used and known for dry herb the device does not disappoint when concentrates are involved. It requires a drip pad to be used within the chamber to ensure the concentrates do not drip into the electronics of the device.

The predecessors to the Volcano Hybrid had really been put to the test and proven to be built to last. One of the many reasons it has gained such a good reputation internationally among the cannabis users especially medical users. Overall, the Volcano Hybrid is the best performing desktop vaporizer on the market but our consideration was not solely based on performance or durability. The price point and size were the categories that lowered the Volcano Hybrid's ranking however it was the highest ranking in all the other categories we considered.


3) Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer - For Sale in Canada, USA, and Europe

The Dr. Dabber Switch is considered by many as a portable vaporizer but we had decided to include it within our desktop comparison due to its sheer size and based on our experience of customers using it as a desktop vape. The Switch is dual use device similar to the Volcano Hybrid so you can enjoy both concentrates and dry-herb when you desire.

We ranked the Dr. Dabber Switch at third in this ranking. The Dr. Dabber Switch is a portable vaporizer that uses induction technology to heat up in 3 seconds for concentrates and 12 seconds for dry herb. One of the Switch's many characteristics that catches people’s attention.

It is also very nice to have your vaporized herb or concentrate flow through the percolated water for some exciting flavor and smoothness. Not to mention the device has a cleaning mode that reaches up to 800F to burn off any excess resin. All while coloring up your room with its funky led lights.

Considering the Dr. Dabber Switch does not have the functionality to fill bags or hose option and most importantly does not use convection heating it is hard to make the case that this is a true desktop vaporizer. On the flip side, the size and fragility of the glass on the device makes us reconsider how portable it really is. So we thought why not include it in our comparison for best desktop vaporizer in 2020.

The quality of vapor when you are using concentrates is truly next to none. It has a nice range of temperature settings to give you control of the density and flavor you desire. However, when comparing it to the Volcano Hybrid and Extreme Q using dry herb it doesn't quite compare. Especially if you are looking for a device that will cater to high volume usage for dry-herb. 

It is important to highlight that the Dr. Dabber Switch ranked well in all of our weighted categories. It is one of the most well-rounded devices in the market. A gem among many flavor junkies who love their concentrates.

For more on the Dr. Dabber SWITCH, check out our review on Youtube


Customers have been giving us a lot of positive feedback on all of the vapes we ranked in our Top 3 Desktop Vaporizers for 2020. We really tried to objectively compare these devices before drawing our conclusion that the Arizer Extreme Q, as of January 2020, is our number one ranked Desktop Vaporizer.




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