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Magazine w/ 8 Dosing Capsules - Vape - budders-cannabis - Storz and Bickel
Storz & Bickel - Filling Set for 40 Dosing Caps - Budders CannabisStorz & Bickel - Filling Set for 40 Dosing Caps - Budders Cannabis
Storz & Bickel MIghty Wear & Tear Set - PA - budders-cannabis - Storz and Bickel
MIGHTY SCREEN SET - PA - budders-cannabis - Storz and Bickel
Sale price$9.99
MIGHTY COOLING UNIT - PA - budders-cannabis - Storz and Bickel
Sale price$23.95
MIGHTY MOUTHPIECE SET - PA - budders-cannabis - Storz and Bickel
Sale price$17.99
Save $10.00
Mighty Cooling Unit  - Budders CannabisMighty Cooling Unit Canada
Mighty Cooling Unit Set
Sale price$69.99 Regular price$79.99
MIGHTY LIQUID PAD SET - PA - budders-cannabis - Storz and Bickel
Sale price$9.99
Storz and Bickel EZ VALVE STARTER SET V2 - Budders CannabisStorz and Bickel EZ VALVE STARTER SET V2 - Budders Cannabis


Storz and Bickel has been trailblazing the development of cutting edge vaporizers for well over a decade now. They are one of the most established vaporizer brands in the market. Based in Germany, they have been creating high quality products that cater to a wide range of cannabis users, all the way from the beginner to the expert. It has been a fan favourite amongst the cannabis community for quite some time now sheerly because they continue to develop high quality devices with all the bells and whistles most users need in a vape.

They currently hold a series of crowns within the vaping world. Their most popular vaporizer known as the Mighty is here to stay. Based on customer feedback, this is the best portable vaporizer on the market.

Storz & Bickel really thinks through all of their devices and their related components and accessories. There accessories were designed to make vaping on the go much easier and more efficient.



We are happy to offer a wide range of accessories for the infamous portable Mighty vaporizer - these include the 40 dosing capsule packs, magazine w/ 8 dosing capsules, screen packs, and much more.


Storz and Bickel Dosing Capsule MagazineStorz and Bickel Filling Set for 40 Dosing Capsules

The 'Wear and Tear Set' provides you with all of the necessary parts to practically give you a new device. It includes the cooling unit, screens, drip pads, straws, and o-rings. Check it out here! 

Mighty Vaporizer Wear and Tear Set

You can also find any of the replacement parts being sold separately. Apart from all the amazing accessories, you can also find replacement pieces such as a cooling chamber, a car charger and more!

Crafty Plus Cooling Unit CanadaMighty Car Charger

Our personal favourite are the 40 pack of dosing capsules or the magazine with 8 dosing capsules. Helps keep the device clean and ready to use at any time.



The Crafty vaporizer is known to be a smaller version of the Mighty so when it comes to accessories they are quite similar for both devices. Some of which being the exact same such as the screen sets and dosing caps.

Storz & Bickel also offers a 'Wear and Tear Set' so you can bring your device back to an almost new state with ease.

You can also purchase the liquid pad set if you plan on using concentrates with your device. The same screen sets for the Mighty can also be used to change the screens within your device. 



The newest release by Storz & Bickel was the latest version of the Crafty known as the Crafty+. With an improved battery and faster heat up time the Crafty+ has really become a step up from its predecessor.

The Crafty Plus is compatible with most of the same accessories as the Mighty and Crafty. This includes practically everything but the new Wear & Tear Set for the Crafty+.

Budders is happy to offer you pack of 40 dosing capsules, the filling set which includes 40 dosing capsules, and a capsule cady to keep everything in place and tidy.

 Storz and Bickel Capsule Caddy Canada


Similar to the other vaporizers under the Stoz & Bickel line, with the Plenty vaporizer you can also find a series of neat accessories to help keep your device clean and complement the functionality of the device. 

We carry the dosing capsules that help keep the device squeeky clean and prepared to turn the device on when you please.

You can find a series of accessories for your Plenty if you wish. These include replacement pieces such as the cooling unit and mouthpieces. Nice to have a backup ready just in case. 


Budders is happy to offer a nice selection of accessories for your Volcano Analog / Volcano Digital / Volcano Hybrid to enhance your experience.

Here is our comprehensive list for the Volcano:

Volcano Easy Valve Starter Set

We also offer all the parts you need for the Solid Valve including its plastic housing, O-Ring sets, filling chambers for liquids, the simple filling chamber insert for the same piece, and so much more. 

We highly recommend taking a look at all we have to offer for this all-time favourite desktop vaporizer!


Storz and Bickel Filling Aid

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