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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
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Pax 3 Basic Kit - Vape - budders-cannabis - PAXPax 3 Basic Kit
Pax 3 Basic Kit
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Pax 3 Complete KitPax 3 Complete Kit - Vape - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 3 Complete Kit
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Pax - Screen Set (3 pack) - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax - Screen Set (3 pack)
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Pax 3 - Concentrate Insert - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 3 Concentrate Insert
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Pax 2 - Multi Tool - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 2/ Pax 3 - Multi Tool
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Pax Era - Budders Cannabis
Pax Era
Sale price$39.99
Pax 2 - Half Pack Oven Lid - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 2 - Half Pack Oven Lid
Sale price$16.99
Pax 2 - Oven Lid - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 2 / Pax 3 - Oven Lid
Sale price$16.99
Pax 3 - Mini Charger - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 3 - Mini Charger
Sale price$32.99
Pax 3 - Concentrate Insert Replacement Lid & O-rings - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 2 - Raised Mouthpiece - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 2 - Raised Mouthpiece
Sale price$16.99
Pax 2 - Flat Mouth Piece - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 2 - Flat Mouth Piece
Sale price$16.99


Pax produces top of the range portable vaporizers made for the beginner and connoisseur alike. Pax currently has 3 different vaporizers on the market, the Pax (previously known as Pax by Ploom), the Pax 2 and the Pax 3.


These vaporizers come equipped with multiple sensors for measuring temperature as well as an accelerometer which detects movement. These are smart battery powered vaporizers that offer a revolutionary solution to smoking herbs in public. The Pax is able to sense when your lips touch it, this automatically activates the heater which then turns on and starts heating the packed material in the oven. The Pax vaporizers have special insulation that keep the exterior of the Pax vape cool while the oven is able to heat up the packed dry herbs to temperatures as high as 455 degrees Fahrenheit (235C). Pax labs has incorporated outstanding technology in the design of their portable vapes.



The Pax 2 vaporizer is designed to create great vapour quality. It is intuitive and is able to sense your mouth on the mouthpiece as well as the depth of your inhalations, allowing it to compensate and keep an even heat on the product you are vaping. It is designed to be durable and efficient and is covered by a 2 year warranty. The Pax 2 can easily be carried in a handbag or pocket so that you have your vape on hand whenever you feel like vaping. This Pax vaporizer is small and discreet so you can carry it in your pocket without it being too heavy or overly noticeable. The Pax 2 is not very heavy and produces a dense, flavorful vapour which is cooled enough to allow you to inhale without worrying about burns.

This vape was created with a technology which helps you not only control and maintain the heat for the specific flavour and effect you are after but also stops burning when the device is put down, saving you product, which also saves you money.  Also, the Pax 2 allows you to be more efficient in your use of product, as it does not keep burning after it has be put down which also saves you battery power! The interface is easy to use thanks to the minimal button and simple instructions. The Pax symbol on the front has four LED lights which light up for battery level, temperature and to indicate if the device is in standby mode, heating up or is ready to use. Just shake the device to see how much battery power you have left or to exit the temperature setting mode.


Vaporizing dried herbs is much healthier than smoking the products and you can set temperatures to release specific compounds in the herbs to attain a specific effect. The Pax 2 vape is made from medical grade materials and meets all safety standards. The Pax 2 also features a fun, hidden feature. There are a few different features which are assigned randomly so that each Pax 2 has a bit of personality. To get more information and know more about the hidden feature, you can check our Pax 2 review.


The Pax 2 was already leaps and bounds ahead of competitors and was fast becoming the most sought after vaporizer on the market. The people at Pax labs decided to up the ante and bring out the Pax 3. The Pax 3 incorporated concentrate support, haptic feedback, an improved heating element and the ability to connect to your Pax via Bluetooth from an app on your smartphone. The Pax 3 vape can be purchased as a basic device or with a complete kit packed full of accessories. The Pax 3 kit includes a special concentrate insert so you will be able to vape products such as oils or wax. The Pax 3 vaporizer is the best option for people who want to use concentrate and may also use dry herbs. The Pax 2 is best suited for loose leaf vaporizing only.


The Pax 3 looks great with a matte finish as opposed to the brush finish of the Pax 2. The Pax 3 won't show the minor damage from every day wear and tear easily, so it will look great for longer. The Pax 3 comes with a 10-year warranty which proves that you can really trust the brand into the quality of their products. The Pax 3 vibrates when you start it up, so you immediately know it is turned on, and when it has reached the point for optimal use, so you know straight away when it's good to go.

The Pax 3 heats up a lot faster than the Pax 2, which was already impressively fast. You can reach optimal heating temperatures, right up to the third setting in less than 30 seconds from cold. And it only takes five seconds to reach the perfect temperature between inhaling. The Pax 3 is super-efficient and also allows you to inhale the vaped materials better due to the quick heating, with less product being lost into the air.

Compared to the PAX2, the major upgrade to the Pax 3 device is the wireless Bluetooth integration with an app you can load on your smartphone. This allows you to control your device, change temperature settings to suit you perfectly for your specific use as well as allowing for some of the special modes to be automatically activated. You can also allow the firmware to be updated regularly so you can take advantage of all the games and modes supplied with the Pax 3.


The Pax vaporizers are perfect for people who are looking for a discreet, portable option to vape dry herbs or concentrates. Pax vaporizers offer optimum heating for the best flavours as well as allowing the compounds to be released in the vapours depending on the heat setting. There is a chart available that explains the best heat settings depending on the product, flavour and effects required. The Pax does, however, require a 3 hour recharge, so you might want to ensure that you charge it overnight to have it available for a few days, depending on your usage. Pax vapes look classy, can be carried around discreetly and can be used in a less obvious way than bongs and other tabletop vape devices.

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