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Pax - Screen Set (3 pack) - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax - Screen Set (3 pack)
Sale price$12.99
Pax 3 - Concentrate Insert - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 3 Concentrate Insert
Sale price$49.99
Pax 2 - Multi Tool - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 2/ Pax 3 - Multi Tool
Sale price$12.99
Pax 2 - Half Pack Oven Lid - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 2 - Half Pack Oven Lid
Sale price$16.99
Pax 2 - Raised Mouthpiece - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 2 - Raised Mouthpiece
Sale price$16.99
Pax 2 - Oven Lid - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 2 / Pax 3 - Oven Lid
Sale price$16.99
Pax 3 - Mini Charger - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 3 - Mini Charger
Sale price$32.99
Pax 3 - Concentrate Insert Replacement Lid & O-rings - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 2 - Flat Mouth Piece - PA - budders-cannabis - PAX
Pax 2 - Flat Mouth Piece
Sale price$16.99


The Pax Vaporizers are one of the most recognized dry herb vaporizers in the world today. With their unique sleek designs and superior builds these devices are high quality and meant to perform. The Pax Labs offers two different devices for dry-herb at the moment. These include the Pax 3 and its predecessor the Pax 2. They look practically alike with the distinguishing differences being the Pax 3's Bluetooth capability, better battery life, fast heat up time, and lastly its ability to use with both dry herb and concentrates. Nonetheless, both devices provide a high quality vapour experience that not only enhances the flavour profiles but also gives you more control over your session via temperature controls. Here is our breakdown of the most popular Pax accessories.



The Pax 2 shares a lot of the same accessories with the Pax 3 unit. Some of these accessories really help ensure your device is performing optimally providing you with a nice cool and tasty vapour experience.

One of the ways to keep your device performing well would be to replace your screens every now and then. The Pax 2 Screens come in a Pack of 3 which should last quite some time so long as you keep the device and screens clean. After a period of time the screens can have some airflow issues which is why it is good to replace them.

All of the accessories initially come with the device minus the Pax 2 Multi Tool Accessory which is used to help pack the device and empty it when you are done. A nice little tool to hang off your keychain.

PAX Accessories

There are two different mouthpieces available which come with the device but can be purchased in case you need another. These include the Raised Mouthpiece and the Flat Mouthpiece for the Pax 2, both of which are compatible with the Pax 3 as well. Check out the other replacement accessories we carry.

 PAX Accessories - Mouth Piece


The Pax 3 vaporizer comes with all the bells and whistles depending on the kit you purchase. The two kits available are the Pax 3 Basic Kit and the Pax 3 Complete Kit which comes with two key additional Pax 3 parts. The two parts are the Half-Pack Oven and the Concentrate Insert for the Pax 3.  The Pax 3 Concentrate Insert is the only accessory that is not compatible with the Pax 2 since the Pax 2 cannot be used for concentrates.

PAX Half-Pack OvenPAX 3 Concentrate Insert

The Pax 2 and Pax 3 accessories are interchangeable and can be easily lost so it's nice to know they are all sold separately and are relatively inexpensive. These include the Pax Screens and even the Pax Charger

PAX Charger

Budders is happy to offer the entire line of Pax accessories which in our view is small and just right. As previously mentioned, the screen sets tend to be the most commonly purchased and necessary Pax accessory. Helps maintain smooth airflow and does not compromise the flavour profiles you were meant to get out of your herbs or concentrates.

In addition to the Screens, we also offer the Pax 3 Charger to help keep you powered up. You can purchase any Pax accessory separately for those that need it. Feel free to ask us any questions you have about the device or it's accessories.

PAX Vaporizer Screens

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