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Dr. Dabber products are a great alternative to tradition cannabis concentrate consumption tools and devices.  Dr. Dabber themselves set out on a mission to really create products that aim to minimize health risks without sacrificing the pleasure from the experience or flavour.  The team over at Dr. Dabber set out to create portable vaporizers that are easy to use and reliable.  Their portable and " desktop devices" are potent and to the point. Vaporizers that are stylish enough to use anywhere but stealthy enough to keep a low profile. What is really awesome about Dr. Dabber products is that the almost always have some sort of awesomely designed accessories to use with the vaporizers.  

What really sticks out about Dr. Dabber is their amazing customer service.  They are not a brand that is just focused on taking your money.  They have an amazing rating on Trustpilot that reflects their great customer service and attention to customer retention. 


Dr Dabber Vaporizer Parts Accessories


This is the best and most powerful dabbing vape in 2020 and it has plenty of accessories to keep you falling in love with it.  You can think of it as... using the  Dr Dabber Switch to ‘switch it up’ and to give you more customizable dabbing experiences. The Dr Dabber Switch is compatible with several different collections.  If you are interested in using any of the hand-blown Dr. Dabber accessories, be sure to see which style you like the most.  There's lots of options! 


Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition Parts and Accessories

DR. DABBER BOOST Black Edition

The Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition is a super popular unit with a lot of our customers looking to get into a different method of consuming concentrates.

The best part about the Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition is that is doesn't require a TORCH and it's portable.   The black edition comes with everything you'll need so you won't have to get accessories, unless you want to double up!

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