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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
Davinci MIQRO - 18350 Battery - PA - budders-cannabis - DaVinci
Sale price$159.99
Davinci MIQRO - Glove - PA - budders-cannabis - DaVinci
Davinci MIQRO - Glove
Sale price$16.99
IQ2 10MM WATER TOOL ADAPTER - Budders Cannabis
Sale price$19.99
Davinci MIQRO - Accessory Kit - PA - budders-cannabis - DaVinci
IQ2 SLEEVE - Budders CannabisIQ2 SLEEVE - Budders Cannabis
Sale price$39.99
Davinci - MIQRO - Carrying Case - PA - budders-cannabis - DaVinci
Davinci MIQRO - Vapor path - PA - budders-cannabis - DaVinci
Davinci MIQRO - Vapor path
Sale price$10.95
DaVinci IQ2 Extract REFILL KIT For Sale Canada
DaVinci MIQRO Flat Mouthpiece - PA - budders-cannabis - DaVinci
IQ2 MOUTHPIECE - Budders Cannabis
Sale price$19.99
Davinci MIQRO - USB Cable - PA - budders-cannabis - DaVinci
Davinci MIQRO - USB Cable
Sale price$9.99
Davinci MIQRO - Extended Mouthpiece - PA - budders-cannabis - DaVinci
Davinci MIQRO - Carry Can - PA - budders-cannabis - DaVinci
Davinci MIQRO - Carry Can
Sale price$23.95


The Davinci Vaporizer collection has consistently grown their popularity rankings by continuing to develop innovative products designed to provide a high-quality experience. 

The Miqro, IQ, IQ 2 and Ascent are all appreciated by the Budders team and we can’t wait to see what exceptional products DaVinci has in store for the future! Though there is always room for improvement the current line of products and accessories are very well thought-through and engineered.

Da Vinci offers a nice selection of accessories for each and every one of their vapes. From replacement pieces to practically every part of the vaporizer to additional accessories made to elevate the experience. Here is a glimpse into DaVinci's accessory line.


DaVinci Miqro Accessories

Here at Budders we are happy to offer a nice selection of accessories made specifically for the DaVinci Miqro. Lets kick it off with the most popular accessory which is the 18350 Battery made for those of you who enjoy having the extra juice ready or need a replacement.

Another complimentary accessory would be the Soft Carry Case which you can use to travel with your vape if your pocket doesn't cut it. The Carry Can also fits nicely into the Soft Carry Case so you can have ground material ready at your disposal.

That is not it - we also carry the Miqro Glove which is made to be used as a protective layer to prevent scratching and also give the device a bit more grip for those of you with slippery hands :P

As previously mentioned, DaVinci Canada also designs a replacement piece for almost every part of the vape. These include items like the Vapour Path, Raised Mouthpiece, Flat Mouthpiece, and even USB charger cables. No need to worry if you need an extra one - we have you covered.



With the recent release of the DaVinci IQ2 there was no shortage of accessories available for the device. At Budders Cannabis we are happy to offer you a nice selection of accessories for your device to make your experience that much more memorable. 

One of the many accessories DaVinci has included in their product line would be the Extract Refill Kit which comes handy when you are using your device with concentrates.

A neat new accessory would be the IQ2 Dosage Pods Kit which can be the ultimate travel convenience. The IQ 2 Dosage Pod Kit allows you to carry prefilled dry herb or concentrates within the Dosage Pod for use when you please. Not to mention it keeps your device significantly cleaner as opposed to putting the dry herb or concentrate directly into the device's ceramic bowl.  This will help keep the maintenance at a low and the flavour profiles at a high.


DaVinci IQ Accessories

Similar to the Miqro and IQ 2 the DaVinci IQ was made with a nice selection of accessories. Most of which are replacement accessories for the device but they also offer a range of adapters including the Universal Charge Adapters, USB AC Adapter (UK), and USB AC Adapter (US) so you can charge up anywhere in the world.

We are also happy to offer the IQ Glove made to help give you more grip while the device is in your hand but also help protect the device from scratches and dings. Along with the Accessory Kit you can not only protect your device from accidental falls but also keep it nice and clean for a smooth flavourful experience every time.

Another popular accessory for the DaVinci IQ would be the Glass Spacers which can be directly placed into the chamber to make your bowl that much smaller in case you prefer to use less herb.  Allows you to enjoy smaller sessions full of great flavourful and helps avoid vaping the bud too quickly.

Not to mention we also offer the popular 10 to 14mm Water Adapter for those of you who are trying to get an even smoother vapour via your glassware. All of these can be nicely maintained with Davinci's own Accessory kit which include brushes, alcohol pads, and more.


DaVinci Ascent Accessories

Here at Budders Cannabis we are happy to provide you with all of the necessary accessories made for the DaVinci Ascent. These include the wall chargers made for outlets compatible across the globe including the UK, US, EU, and AU.

DaVinci Canada has also created water tools for the Ascent which help with the convenience factor allowing for hands-free use of the device. The 18mm Glass Water Adapter is great for this and is compatible with any 18mm fitting so get your glassware ready for an out of world smooth and flavourful experience.

We also carry DaVinci Ascent replacement screens, glass spacers, and much more.


DaVinci Classic Vaporizer Accessories

Just like the rest of DaVinci's products they have created a line of accessories made just for the DaVinci Classic. Our favourite being the Accessory Kit as it comes with the Flexi Straw, Screen Set, Cleaning Brush, and Oil Cans. Practically everything you would need and more.

You can also purchase these items individually if you please. There are also a number of chargers made to be compatible for use in US, UK, EU, and AU.

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