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Top Weed Edibles to Consider This Halloween

Hi everyone, this is Bailey from Budders Cannabis located at 3466 Dundas Street West.  In light of Halloween, one of my favourite days of the year, I wanted to write a short and sweet article on cannabis edibles.  I may be too old to go trick-or-treating but there are definitely other spooky activities that can be just as incorporated with cannabis edibles; watching scary movies, carving pumpkins, baking if you're into that, telling ghost stories, having a fire or even checking out some haunted places in Toronto..there's so much fun to be had.

Aside from eating yummy goodies, THC edibles are also a great alternative for those that can not or choose not to smoke and there's also no harshness on your lungs from inhaling smoke.  When you injest THC it is metabolized into 11-hydroxy-THC by your liver.  This process takes some time, about 30 minutes to an hour or possibly more, which is what causes the delayed onset of effects to take place.  This process is also extremely effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier for THC resulting in the intense and long-lasting high associated with edibles (usually about 6-8 hours or possibly longer).

Because of all this there are a few things to keep in mind when consuming cannabis edibles.  First, always start low and go slow.  Whether you're brand new to weed edibles or are a seasoned consumer, you can always take more but you can never eat less once it's taken.  To make this easier, every package in Canada contains 10mg of THC.  It could be in a package of 1, 2, 4 or 5 giving you full control of your dosing. Your experience will also be determined by other factors such as diet, body composition, metalolism, age, frequency of use and tolerance.  Either way I'm sure you'll find one treat on this list to celebrate Halloween. Now onto the goods.

1. Wana Watermelon 2pack Gummies

Cannabis Edibles in Etobicoke

Wana is a brand originating in the United States and Canada is there first international partner.  They've been creating edibles for over 10 years and are one of the #1 brands in The United States.  So it's pretty exciting they brought Wana to us. They use all natural sugars in their recipes and opt for pectin instead of gelatin which is what gives these gummies they're extremely chewy texture.  This also makes them vegan friendly (yay!) as well as gluten-free for those with gluten sensitivities. They come in a package of 2 and the gummies are covered in a delicious layer of sour sugar.  Each weed gummy is infused with 5mg of hybrid terpene-enhanced distillate so consuming both gummies equals 10mg which is the standard dosing strength for weed edibles in Canada.  They also offer this gummy in a Mango flavour sativa variety and a 1:1 THC:CBD strawberry lemonade flavour.  Each package is 30 calories and contains 6g of sugar.  Be sure to visit our online weed dispensary for up to date pricing on all cannabis edibles.  Shop weed edibles at 3466 Dundas St W, York, M6S 2P3

2. Affirma 1pack Gummies

Cherry cannabis gummy

The Affirma weed gummies, under Tidal Health, are a full-spectrum weed edible.  This means that aside from the main cannabinoid THC, full-spectrum products contain various other cannabinoids and terepenes found in the cannabis plant.  This creates what is known as the entourage effect: cannabinoids working together with THC to enhance the effects of THC.  For these gummies it does result in a stronger weed flavour but it's only one gummy so it really isn't that bad.  When I heard these gummies were full-spectrum it definitely peaked my interest so I gave them a shot and for me it definitely hit harder than I was expecting.  These weed gummies are available in 4 different flavours: Sour Cherry, Peach, Watermelon and Grape.  Each gummy contains 10 calories and 2g of sugar, considerably less than other weed edibles on the market for those that keep an eye on what they consume!  If you are searching for weed edibles in Toronto, be sure to visit Budders Cannabis at 3466 Dundas St W.

3. Trailblazer Snax Mint Bar Chocolate Bar

Mint Chocolate Cannabis Edibles in Toronto

Trailblazer falls into Organigrams portfolio of recreational cannabis brands which also includes Edison and Ankr for reference.  Trailblazer being their value based producer. These weed chocolate bars were just released this summer and are the largest chocolate bar available on the recreational cannabis market in Ontario.  They are infused with 10mg of THC distillate made from a hybrid plant and come in a 5 piece bar, which means one piece is 2mg of THC.  Compared to other chocolate edibles available, the Trailblazer brand is definitely the best tasting.  It's extremely creamy compared to other drier chocolates and also comes in a mocha flavour.  The nutrition on these chocolate bars might scare you but for a special occasion like Halloween this treat may be worth the indulgence. This chocolate bar is 240 calories, 20g of sugar and 17g fat.  For those that would prefer chocolate without the indulgence the Bhang Dark Chocolate bars are a great subsitute.  They are a smaller 4 piece bar that is 60 calories and 3g sugar.  If you are shopping for weed edibles for this Halloween, check out our cannabis shop in Etobicoke at 3466 Dundas St W.

4. San Rafael '71 Pineapple Gummies

San Rafael Edibles Near me

San Rafael '71 was one of the first recreational cannabis brands released in 2018 created by Medreleaf.  These weed gummies were released during the 1st wave of legalization 2.0 and continue to be a top choice for weed edibles consumers.  For those that find themselves sensitive to indica, hybrid and sativa edibles, these are a perfect option for sativa lovers.  They are made with a sativa strain and claim to have uplifting and energizing effects.  They come in a package of 4 so each gummy is 2.5mg of THC which is also a great bonus for those that prefer to micro-dose or for those that want to eat more candy!  Unlike the Wana gummies, these are made a gelatin so they have a more rubbery texture but I personally prefer this as it takes longer to eat (I really like candy).  Each package is 70 calories and 8g of sugar. San Rafael also offers Blaspberry, which is a fun way of saying blue raspberry, which is a 4 pack of indica gummies.  If you are looking to try cannabis edibles through gummies, visit Budders Cannabis dispensary in Etobicoke at 3466 Dundas St W.

5. Redecan 5:0 Gems

high thc cannabis edibles

So these little guys are not technically an edible but they do have the same effect and I find them super underrated.  The Redecan Gems are a THC capsule made with an ethanol-extracted oil created from a blend of hybrid strains.  Each one contains 5mg of THC and uses MCT as the carrier oil.  They come in a package of 15 which means each bottle has 75mg total of THC, a huge difference from the 10mg edibles.   As I mentioned these have the same effect as weed edibles, they just take away the experience of eating candies and chocolate.  Which might be preferable for those that don't want to eat anything to get high.  They're extremely easy to dose and there's no mess.  Just pop one down the hatch and wait for them to kick in.  But don't under estimate these gems, 1 or 2 capsules should be a good starting point for most and remember you can always take more.  If you are looking for weed capsules this Halloween, you can find a variety at Budders Cannabis in Etobicoke at 3466 Dundas St W.

6. Redecan Reign Drops 30:0

High THC Cannabis Oil

This is some heavy duty cannabis oil.  The Redecan Reign Drops have also always been available and are the #1 THC oil from my experience in the cannabis industry.  This oil is made from a blend of hybrid strains which utilizies a C02 extraction method and is then diluted with MCT oil for the right consistency.  Each ml is 30mg of THC and it comes in a 30ml bottle for a whoping 900mg of THC in total.  This oil is taken sublingually (under the tongue) and is dispensed with a dosing syringe which is included in the box.  This may sound intimidating but it's simple once you get the hang of it.  Just use the measurements on the syringe to the desired amount and plunge it under your tongue for 1 minute or so.  This method will also have a slightly quicker onset.  For anyone who doesn't want to mess around with lower dose weed edibles and know they have a higher tolerance, the Reign Drops should hopefully bring you some relief.  If you are considering some THC Oil, be sure to visit our cannabis store located in Etobicoke at 3466 Dundas St W.

There we have it, no tricks on this list only treats. Hopefully you find something that appeals to you here and always feel free to drop by our dispensary to inquire about our other great cannabis products. Have a safe and happy Halloween!  Please consider sharing this article with new and experienced cannabis edible users in Toronto, Ontario.  We would appreciate having you consider visiting our cannabis dispensary located in Etobicoke at Dundas & Jane!

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