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Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Bailey and I am a bud-tender at Budders Cannabis Dispensary at 3466 Dundas St W in Toronto.

Today I'm going to be discussing my top 6 indica strains for the month of August.

Choosing this list was a bit of a challenge as there are many indica strains available on the recreational cannabis market, with options becoming more and more varied. I've based my picks on personal experience, industry experience as well as factors such as price, availability and quality.

This list is definitely not the be all end all. There are many other great strains and brands. My goal with this was to create a well rounded list with options suitable for a variety of consumers and enthusiasts.

So, not in any specific order, let's begin.

  1. Wappa by Redecan

Redecan Wappa Review

Wappa is grown by Canadian owned and operated Redecan Pharm. Located on the Niagara escarpment, Redecan uses a greenhouse grow system that utilizes the sun's natural light. They made their mark on the legal market for great cannabis without the high price tag and sacrificing solid quality. This can be easily distinguished with their heavy indica, Wappa. The dominant terpenes in this strain include Myrcene, Caryophylene and Pinene bringing forward a strong, skunky smell associated with 'kush' strains. It has dense, dark green nugs,  usually hitting above 20% THC.  Wappa is best enjoyed to end your day.  Another nice bonus for Redecan is the sizing options available for their cannabis. You can find it in 1g, 3.5g, 7g and 15g options, making it easy to fit this strain into your choice of indicas. This cultivator proves to be a popular choice among cannabis consumers who enjoy all ends of the spectrum from quality and quantity.  

  1. Gabriola by Broken Coast

Broken Coast Gabriola Review - Budders Cannabis

 If you've been a cannabis connoisseur there's likely a chance you've heard of, if not already smoked, Broken Coast Cannabis. Broken Coast became a medical distributor of cannabis in 2013 and quickly  became one of the most recognized growers in Canada. Their buds are grown on Vancouver Island, in small-batch strain specific rooms. Their craft shines through effortlessly when you take a look at their cannabis. Gabriola is a Broken Coast original, uniquely crafted 80% indica. It has densely frosted, colourful buds earning it the name Frost Monster. Dominant terpenes include Carryophylene, Limonene, and Linalool giving it an earthy and peppery taste.  For me this strain brought about a sense of calmness and relaxation, with an uplifting euphoria buzzing around my head. Another added bonus about Broken Coast is they offer half gram pre-rolls of a variety of their strains which is a nice option for those that would prefer a taste before committing to an 1/8 that costs about $55. Any consumer looking for premium quality flower won't be disappointed by Broken Coast.

  1. BC Pink Kush by Flowr

Flowr BC Pink Kush Review - Budders Cannabis

I feel like my list would not be complete without this strain staple for indica lovers. While Pink Kush is offered by other notable producers i.e. Pure Sunfarms, Broken Coast and Cannafarms, Flowrs BC Pink Kush takes the spot on my list. Flowr was in the cannabis industry long before legalization and grew a strong reputation for themselves proving to be excellent growers in the industry. I've been working in the recreational industry for over 1 year, and I have never seen this strain fall below 20% THC, usually hitting around 24%. The high THC content makes this strain a great choice to end your day as a smooth body high rolls throughout your body.  The main terpenes present in this flower are Pinene, Caryophylene and Omnicene giving these dense buds a piney and sweet aroma. While this strain is more expensive at $60 an 1/8, the BC Pink Kush makes my list because as well as consistent quality you can also expect a steady high THC percentage from batch to batch. Flowr did a great job at producing a potent and proper Pink Kush that rarely seems to disappoint.

  1. Blueberry Seagal by Color Cannabis

Color Cannabis Blueberry Seagal Review - Budders Cannabis

Blueberry Seagal is one of Color Cannabis' indica strains, WeedMD's brand on the adult recreational market. Grown in Strathoy Ontario in indoor and outdoor facilities. The strain Blueberry is one of the most well known cannabis strains around, possibly why its available by various LP's on the recreational market. The main terpene profile is Bete-Caryophylene and Nerolidol, giving it the berry aroma and taste. This is what stands out about Color's take on Blueberry it has a flavor profile exactly what you expect; sweet and fruity.   Usually sitting around 16-19% THC which isn't considered 'very strong' , this indica doesn't have overwhelming effects (keeping in mind cannabis affects all of us differently) but will bring on a comfortable and mellow high. For those looking for a flavorful and consistent bud quality, Blueberry Seagal is a great option and fairly priced at around $42 for 3.5 grams.

  1. Nova Glue by Msiku

MSIKU Nova Glue Review - Budders Cannabis

Msiku (pronounced m-see-goo) is new on the cannabis market this summer.  What's great about this brand is that it was created by the Mi'kmaq First Nations of Nova Scotia who are also 50% owners of the parent company Atlanticann. These craft cannabis strains are grown in Halifax, in individual grow rooms. Each room is specifically designed for each flower to allow for full environmental control of grow conditions throughout the grow cycle. Nova Glue is a Msiku original, sticky, smooth and heavy hitting. The strains making up this potent indica are Gorilla Glue x Cookies x Cream. At 25% THC the high comes on strong but in my experience, was not overwhelming. It definitely left me with a stoned feeling that made me comfortably glued to my couch. Nova Glue has a varied terpene profile giving it a unique flavour and smell. These terpenes are Caryophylene, Humelene, Limonene, Linalool and Myrcene. Being a true craft bud, this is expensive weed at around $55 an 1/8 but Nova Glue is definitely a must try for connoisseurs  and those who appreciate a craft bud.

  1. D.Bubba by Pure Sunfarms

D.Bubba Review - Budders Cannabis

Recently making its way onto the legal market, this strain is better known as Death Bubba. A potent indica cross of Death Star and Bubba Kush.  This strain is greenhouse grown in Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Caryophylene, Humelene, Limonene and Linalool makeup it's main terpenes creating a spicy and creamy flavour profile. At under $30 an 1/8 and just under 18% THC, I wasn't sure what to expect from this strain but I was pleasantly surprised by the smooth smoke and nice taste. For me this high came on slowly but it settled into a deep body high while a wave of euphoria buzzed behind my eyes. There was no doubt that I felt high and in this price range, it is one of the better buds you can purchase on the legal market. Also available in grams for under $10, D.Bubba can easily find a spot in your budget or if you're looking for a solid strain to keep in your rotation of indicas.

And there we have it, these are my top six indicas for August. Like I said, this compilation isn't the be all and end all of indicas but these buds are definitely worth a try. With more and more options becoming available, this list will grow and evolve as the industry grows and evolves as well. It's always great to keep an open mind and try new strains, since we have the option we might as well take advantage. 

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