Best Sativa Strains in Canada

Hey there, my name is Cory and I’m a budtender at Budders Cannabis!  

First of all what an absolute crazy year 2020 has turned into.  The cannabis industry has seen some outstanding sativa strains over the past few months, along with some new strains that completely took me by surprise.  I have always been a huge fan of sativa strains, especially during my days working outside, taking the dog for a long hike, or putting in a few hours at the gym.  In my opinion sativa strains have some of the best taste and aromas around.   I also enjoy trying new sativa strains out of my Mighty vaporizer or a good old fashion spliff.  Either of these methods help me get a good idea of the terpenes and tastes behind each and every strain. But enough about me, let's get to the good stuff and take a look at my top 6 highly recommended sativa strains!

I've based my picks on personal experience, industry experience as well as factors such as price, availability and quality. 

So, in no particular order, here's my list.


Simply Bare – BC Organic Sour Cookies

Simply Bare- Sour Girl Scout Cookies

Let’s start off with this beauty of a strain! A cross between Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies, grown in living soil, and FVOPA organic certified. From British Columbia comes Simply Bare’s, BC Organic Sour Cookies. First impressions were slightly smaller sized nugs but dense and spongy. They were such a beautiful, light green colour, light purple leaves, mixed with long orange hairs. The aroma was like nothing I had ever smelt before. It was like a freshly baked pastry paired with that classic, fresh Sour Diesel aroma. It was fruity with subtle hints of vanilla. The fact that this flower is hang dried for two weeks and comes in a recyclable glass jar means it won't be too dry and it has just the right amount of moisture. The main terpene profile consists of ocimene, beta-myrcene, farnesene, and limonene. This specific make-up gives the flower a unique combination of sweet and citrusy flavours. I would highly recommend enjoying this strain before a hike or a trip to the beach. The buzz was very pleasant, uplifting yet not too overpowering, and I find it’s a great strain for hanging out with friends due to its relaxed yet social affect.

San Rafael ’71 – Delahaze


San Rafael ’71 – Delahaze

Number two on my list is an exciting cross between Mango Haze and California Lemon Skunk. From the California inspired line of strains brought to you by San Rafael ’71, comes one of my all-time favourites, Delahaze! I am always incredibly happy with the products I get from San Rafael, whether it's their delicious gummies, 510 cartridges, or flower. The buds were light, fluffy, and cone shaped. Full of thin orange hairs and covered in trichomes, adding a nice level of stickiness. The smell consisted of a citrusy mango aroma with that good old fashion lemon skunk scent. Truly a treat for the senses. The buds are hand-trimmed and hang dried for proper curing. Delahaze has a very robust terpene profile that consists of terpinolene, myrcene, and pinene, which provides a unique taste when smoking. It reminds me of a ripe mango paired with a fresh almost minty/herbal flavour. The buzz is a truly clear high, I sometimes find some sativa strains can almost be a little to ‘heady’ but delahaze has none of that. For me it is a highly creative buzz that I usually find pairs nicely with drawing or playing guitar. It's easily one of my most favourite strains for getting the brain juices flowing for creating new material. Whether you are a musician, an artist, or a writer, if you're looking for a good strain to help you come up with some fresh new ideas, delahaze is the one!

Color Cannabis – Ghost Train Haze


Ghost Train Haze

Here we go! I have been very excited to talk about this strain, a cross between Ghost OG and Nevilles Wreck, from Color Cannabis comes Ghost Train Haze! I would like to start off by saying how much I love Nevilles Haze and Nevilles Wreck, both are such amazing strains full of flavour and usually have a fairly high potency. Ghost Train Haze is not your average sativa. Its buds are dense and covered in trichomes that glisten like a crystal. The flowers are a very bright green with almost a light golden hue, and lots of small fuzzy orange hairs. One of the main reasons I have chosen this strain is because it's such a strong, hard hitting sativa. If you're looking for something to bring to a party or have a blast hanging out with friends, Ghost Train Haze will most definitely do the job! The dominant terpenes are caryophyllene, terpinolene, pinene, and limonene. Such a unique blend gives it a very bold citrusy smell with subtle hints of spice and even a little floral aroma. It has an earthy, yet fruity taste and can be fully enjoyed regardless of your consumption method! Fair warning, because of how strong and sometimes potent Ghost Train Haze can be, it can sometimes give people anxiety, so make sure to enjoy this strain outdoors, or with a group of friends so that everyone is high, healthy, and happy!



Please try to ignore the fact that this one comes in at number four. Deciding the order for these amazing strains was no easy task. One of my all-time favourite strains, ever. A cross of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk, from RIFF comes DT81 or better known as Super Lemon Haze. A greenhouse grown strain that is hand-groomed in Leamington, Ontario. The buds are a bright green with almost a light, glowing yellow colour. Covered in crystals and burnt-orange hairs. The first time I ever tried Super Lemon Haze around eight years ago I absolutely fell in love! I never thought it was possible to get so much flavour out of cannabis! The smell reminds me of a yellow sucker, or a lemon tart pie, combined with my favourite scent provided by haze strains consisting of sweet and fresh herbal notes. Super Lemon Haze is also a very potent sativa strain but what I really like is the super clean/clear buzz. No fogginess or anxiety which makes it an awesome daytime strain. I truly believe this can be a solid staple strain or an all-day smoke. It has terpenes including terpinolene, humulene, pinene, and limonene, a very strong sativa dominant line-up. Like I said before, Super Lemon Haze is without a doubt my favourite strain ever. Anytime I come across it I always make sure to grab a little extra because I just know how fast i'll burn through it! 

Canna Farms – Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream

Now hopefully everyone will be as impressed with this strain as I am. A magnificent cross  of G13 and Neville’s A5 Haze. From an L.P. that has also been a part of the medical aspect of cannabis for many years comes Tangerine Dream! At first glance the buds don’t look like anything crazy! However, they do have a very nice, somewhat darker green colour and are often covered in orange hairs. This strain is also not your everyday happy sativa strain, it was created to help medical patients. It can have a very uplifting and energetic effect but smoke too much and you just might find yourself thinking this strain is a heavy indica, while being stuck to the couch. Tangerine Dream has the potential to help provide people with nice mental clarity, while also giving a nice relaxing effect. It can help to reduce pain by relaxing muscles yet increasing energy. Keep in mind not everyone’s body chemistry is the same, and I am in no way saying it will for sure have these affects. But studies have shown that lots of people consume Tangerine Dream for these reasons. Now back to the buds, the main terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, and guaiol. This specific profile gives off a very citrusy aroma and provides a nice tart yet fruity taste. Tangerine Dream is most definitely a one of a kind strain that I would highly recommend everyone tries at least once in their life! 

7Acres – Jack Haze

7Acres – Jack Haze

Developed by 7Acres in Kincardine Ontario, a famous cross between Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer! This strain was a tribute to the cannabis activist Jack Herer. The buds have a very round, cone shape and are just coated in trichomes. Tiny orange hairs run throughout the nugs. It has a light hunter green colour and is sure to impress your friends! 7Acres produces more of a craft grown type of bud, so you can be sure to receive properly cured buds. This phenotype really stands out among sativa strains because of its sharp yet sweet notes that come from haze strains, combined with its very specific spicey/herbal aroma that Jack Herer is famous for. A very unique terpene profile is made up of caryophyllene, eucalyptol, myrcene, nerolidol, and terpinolene. If you're ever looking for something different or searching for a higher quality bud, then definitely try Jack Haze. Its unique flavour and high THC potency will surely provide you with an entertaining buzz. I can almost promise you’ve never tasted anything like it. The combination of eucalyptol and nerolidol is sure to surprise you with an icy/mint, apple, woody taste. Plus as I mentioned earlier if you're among the many fans of Jack Herer, then I highly recommend you try Jack Haze, it's sure to impress!

Thanks again, for hearing my recommendations, Hopefully everyone can take something away from these six strains and eventually give some of them a try! I always enjoy talking about cannabis and I’m sure I could easily make this list much longer but for now let's settle for six. I hope everyone is staying safe out there, and try to enjoy what is left of the summer weather! Bye for now!

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