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Before we get into what the best vape pens are for CBD/THC cartridges, we want to make sure we make the following resources available for your considerations on vaping.    



In Canada, adult-cannabis usage is legal.  Most people who have been using vaporizers, have done so for dry herb.  With the ability to use vape pens for concentrate, shatter and CBD/THC's important to understand the little information there is out there on the topic.  Most people who have been using vape pens for concentrate have been doing so with unregulated product.  The exciting part is that consumers will continue to be introduced to new types of CBD/THC related cartridges that are regulated by Health CanadaPlease make sure to purchase your vape pen cartridges from: 

This blog post will focus on the vape pens that are best suited as a battery for cartridges.  We will also highlight vaporizers that offer functionality for the use of concentrate, shatter and wax.  These will be different because their value is in the atomizers that they provide.  The vape pens for cartridges will essentially be judged by battery performance and device functionality.


General tips / tricks for using Vape Pens for CBD and THC pre-filled cartridges.


  • To Turn-On most vape pens, click 5 times rapidly.  The device will go to a pre-set temperature.  
  • Click 3 times rapidly once the device is turned-on to change between the temperature settings
  • If your vape pen has atomizers and a mouth-piece, you must unwind these from the device.  Once the atomizer and mouth piece is removed, insert the cartridge and screw in clock-wise.
  • Draw Length should be 3-4 seconds if you haven't used a vape pen before.  The draw from a vape pen can be much stronger and cause you to cough if you draw longer or hold-in too long.
  • Read your device manual, it will tell your everything!
  • Vape pens make it VERY EASY to over-consume because of the convenience they create.  Please consume responsibly and be mindful of others and spaces you consume in. 
  • Vape Pens are ideal for people who prefer easy to use, portable and discreet devices for cannabis plant-derived products.  They also serve a fantastic purpose in the medical community for those who need to dose or have dexterity challenges. 


  1. KandyPens Donut Vaporizer   - This device is at the top of our list because it offers a 510 threading and it can also be used with concentrate, shatter and wax.  It has all the essentials you'll need in a vape pen for CBD/THC cartridges and it will allow you additional functionality should you choose to try new things in the future.  Lot's of vape pens rely on instant heat to give users that immediate convenience.  This vape pen uses slow-heat to give you more flavour. You can also change between 3 heat settings.  This allows you to decide if you want flavour or clouds. 
  2. Kandypens Elite Vape Pen  - This device will offer top tier vapour production, work with 510 thread and provides great vapour flavour for it's price.  And.... let's be honest, it's got an fantastic look to it.  It comes with both quartz and ceramic atomizers which can be applied to wax and shatter in the future.  With 4 pre-set temp settings, this is a great value.
  3. KandyPens C-Box Pro - This device is a must-have for consumers who look to have a very discreet device that can incorporate the fitting of a pre-filled cartridge.  It has four different settings, which allow you to determine if you want to stay low for flavour or go high for dense clouds. 
  4. KandyPens K-Stick Supreme  - This device is ideal if you just want a vape pen as a battery for your cartridge.   It has all the features and functionality of the other vape pens, but, it's battery is less powerful.  So those looking for dense clouds often created by stronger batteries, this may not be for you.  This is the best bang for your buck if you are looking for a battery because it has a life-time warranty at it's low-price. 

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