Best 420 specials

New Cannabis Drops Coming for 420

420 is right around the corner and there are tons of new cannabis products coming to the market. Of course I can’t spoil all of them but here is a sneak peak at what to expect within the next month.  Be sure to check out a Budders Cannabis store near you to shop the latest new drops this 4/20. 


These products will be available as early as April 5th at Budders Cannabis Stores in Toronto, Hamilton and Halton Hills.  We offer free, same day delivery from all our cannabis store locations. 

New Cannabis Flower Coming This April 20, 2022

3.5g Options

BC Black Smoker Farms - Master Kush Ultra by BC Black - Indica - 24-28%

Master Kush Ultra is a cross between G-13 and OG Kush, and is a legacy strain dating back 15 years. Its tightly packed buds are dark green in colour and the nose is woody and peppery with hints of orange or citrus. This indica strain is grown hydroponically with flood tables and rockwool cubes and each plant is fed by Dosatron nutrient delivery system. It's flowers are meticulously trimmed and hung to dry before being hand-finished and packed in nitrogen for optimal freshness. Expect a one-of-a-kind taste and a smoke that is absolutely loaded with THC.

Carmel Cannabis Billy’s Pheno - Hybrid - 22-28%

At Carmel, incredible flower all starts with a pheno hunt, where we work through hundreds of seeds to find our unicorn. Billy's Pheno features the latest drop that was selected by our Flower Manager, for its unique terpene profile, bag appeal and cannabinoid profile.

KK Mints by Bullrider - Hybrid - 21-26%

Its genetic lineage is Khalifa Kush x The Menthol - this heavy hitting hybrid Indica has buds that are typically smaller and heavily frosted in dense trichome coverage.Vivid yellow-orange pistils, bright green buds, with some hints of violets & purples. Sweet & earthy aromas make for an excellent night cap. Small batch, hang dried, hand trimmed and hand packaged. Grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals, and non-irradiated. Shop your favourite cannabis strains and accessories at Budders Cannabis stores located near you.  

BC Lemon Ice by Flowr - Hybrid - 24-30%

BC Lemon Ice is a high-THC hybrid whose light green buds are covered with bright orange pistols, hidden beneath a layer of icy white trichomes. BC Lemon Ice’s aroma really comes to life, full of sweet, citrus notes and a refreshing finish. This Jet Fuel Gelato x White Flo cross has a sweet and zesty flavor, balanced with a light pine exhale. High in Limonene, beta-Caryophyllene, and beta-Myrcene, BC Lemon Ice may leave you feeling uplifted and energized.  Want your cannabis delivered to you for free?  Visit our cannabis store website for more details. 

Kush & Cookies by General Admission - Indica - 22-28%

General Admission flower is rethinking potency beyond the big price tag and big bag with taster sized eighths of ​ flavourful, authentic genetics  with bag appeal that truly captures the masses. Indica kush and cookies line of taster and stash cultivars are sourced from our limited lots of kushy musk, spicy clove and fresh cedar shavings, intermixed with genetics that pack some cookie crumbs and bits of mint. Expect the makers of true quality in every lot of General Admission flower: consistent potency, authentic genetics and unique terp profiles.

Vanilla Funk Fuel by High Street Cannabis - Hybrid - 22-27%

If you like diesel and sweet, then this aroma drenched strain is right up your alley. These dense, bright green buds are a forest of frosty trichomes, exhibiting a funk that is upfront, but melds into a creamy citrus, balanced out with lingering petrol. This flower is grown indoors, hang dried, hand trimmed, and hand packed in batches small enough to treat each plant like they’re family.

Kolab Project x Safari Flower Co. Dark Shadow Haze by Kolab - Sativa - 20-26%

In an effort to build community, profile our partners, and offer transparency to consumers, Kolab Project launched the Growers Series.  As part of this Growers Series release, they have once again partnered with Safari Flower Co. to launch Dark Shadow Haze, a Sativa from Rare Dankness genetics that delivers grapey and berry tasting notes. A cross between Grape Ape and Neville's Wreck, it's heavy in Terpinolene, Myrcene and Ocimene and can deliver THC levels of up to 26%.

Craft Slurface by Mood Ring - Sativa - 20-26%

Craft Slurface is a strong, Sativa dominant hybrid. The long, trichome dripping buds provide a smooth, rich, inviting flavour of fresh berries and spicy tropical fruits. The thick, creamy aroma accentuates this highly potent flower that will catch you by surprise after only a few puffs. Craft Slurface is a definite go to if you like a fruity profile, and strong, long-lasting effect. Hang dried, hand selected, hand portioned and hand packaged and finally sealed in nitrogen to preserve quality, humidity, freshness and terpenes to ensure it arrives in your hands just as it was when it was selected by their award-winning cannabis sommelier.


Tally Man by Natural History - Sativa - 24-29%

Tally Man, by Oni Seed Co., is a cross between Banana Dosi-do and Oni's flagship, Papaya. The cut of this cultivar drops the intense aromas of banana and coconut, then hits you with a hint of suntan lotion. The light green buds with lilac-coloured accents offers great bag appeal, but it's the high-THC content stemming from the Dosi-do lineage that makes this cultivar truly special. There's no doubt, Tally Man will leave you wanting more.

Blueberry Syrup by Qwest - Hybrid - 21-27%

If berry terps are what you seek then look no further. Qwest Blueberry Syrup brings you notes of cassis - sweet, fermented blackcurrents. A cross of Blueberry and Cherry Pie Kush, this cultivar reinterprets the fresh fruit and dank kush elements of its parents into a spiced and potent berry jam. It's a compote for those who prefer an indica lean.  Looking to stay home and enjoy the pancakes?  Place your cannabis order online at Budders cannabis store and get free same day delivery.

Rainforest Crunch by Wagners - Indica - 21-26%

Sure to be a new favouite from Wagners. This unique strain is a cross of Miracle Alien Cookies and Sunshine Melon that boasts extremely high THC levels.

Electric Punch by Delta 9 - Hybrid - 18-22%

Electric Punch is a strain that definitely lives up to its name! This exotic cultivar has a rich deep purple base color laced throughout with beautiful bright orange pistils, all covered by a thick blanket of white, frosty trichomes. The medium sized buds are dense with an excellent tight trim that makes sure you don't get any extra leaf in your buds. Before grind, the aroma is pleasantly sweet with earthy and skunky undertones that are only enhanced after being ground.

B.C Valley Gas by Dunn Cannabis - Indica - 22-28%

B.C. Valley Gas from Dunn Cannabis is an indica-dominant strain with very strong THC potency potential and a sweet diesel aroma that evokes citrus and earthy flavours. Grown in a micro production facility in Abbotsford, the buds are hang dried for 21 days in a cold room to preserve their terpenes before hand trimming. Proudly handcrafted in the birthplace of B.C. bud, this strain is for those who truly appreciate the care and attention that goes into a micro-grow.

Gas Tank by Highland Grow - Indica - 25-30%

Highland Grow decided to create something different for all the gas lovers out there! They decided to release the best and gassiest lots as limited drops. They’ve been working with rare cuts like Pink Octane, El Jefe, Pink Mink, El Muerte, Pre98 Bubba, Cold Snap, Platinum Bubba, Pink Coast, and many more for the sole focus: GAS! Expect that dank, spicy, citrusy scent with the undertones of anise and sweet apple that we all know and love, in every bag. Coupled with frosty, dense nugs with a heavy indica effect that knocks your socks off!

Chocolate Marshmallows by Jenn’s OG - Hybrid - 20-26%

Chocolate Marshmallows is an exotic, limited edition 50/50 hybrid of the legendary heavy hitter Gorilla Glue #4 crossed with Mint Chocolate Chip. It's large dense brownish green buds look like Christmas trees covered in snow crystals highlighting dark evergreen shaded sugar leaves that are curved like crab claws with small dots of sapphire. Super sweet flavor of cocoa and toasted marshmallows with a earthy tinged finish. Chocolate Marshmallow's terpene profile is comprised of Limonene found in citrus fruit peels such as lemon, orange, and lime. Caryophyllene often in black pepper and cinnamon, and camphene reminiscent of needles and damp earth.

Cherry Bomb Gelato by Lowbanks Grow - Hybrid - 22-28%

Cherry Bomb Gelato is a well-balanced hybrid and is good as an all-purpose smoke. It is a cross between an indica strain from California that has not been named yet and Mr. Greengenes, a Sativa from Hawaii. Cherry Bomb Gelato has a sweet flavour and aroma and leaves users feeling energized and alert. This is a great strain for daytime use and will help you get through your to-do list in no time.

Bucket List 91 x White 91 by Msiku - Sativa - 22-28%

This powerful cultivar from the acclaimed Swamp Boys is a modern take on a classic genetic consisting of Chem 91, Star Fighter and White 91. This award-winning strain produces a flavorful smoke with warming gassy notes and earthy undertones. Experienced users will appreciate the lack of a ceiling and strong staying power of this rare and highly sought after genetic. Be sure to check this one off your bucket list!

BC Organic White Rntz by Simply Bare - Hybrid - 20-26%

BC Organic White Rntz is a FVOPA certified hybrid flower. This delicious, rare flower is a cross of popular Zkittlez x Gelato cultivars. The sweet candy aromas are complemented with earthy, citrus undertones. Grown in living soil, hang dried for 14 days, cold cured and non irradiated.

Tommy's Grape Galena Flower by Tommy’s Craft Cannabis - Indica - 22-27%

Tommy's Grape Galena is a high THC and CBG strain grown in the west, known for its silvery dense buds that resemble moon rocks. Hang-dried and hand-trimmed - cause machine-trimmed weed's a bummer, man - this glistening Indica brings with it notes of cherry, sour berries, and grape candy, derived from myrcene, caryophyllene, humulene, and limonene. The resealable and biodegradable container will keep each dose fresh from the first pinch to the last, maintaining terpenes and locking in moisture. Get legendary with this cross between OGKB, Lost Sailor, and Platinum Kush.

Secret Formula by Freedom Cannabis - Indica - 22-28%

Freedom Cannabis' Secret Formula is a unique strain that is Indica dominant. These  3.5g tins contains between 22-28% THC and with total terpenes over 3%, this rare cultivar possess a sweet, fruity diesel aroma with a lemony sour citrus taste. A cross of White Fire #43 and Do-Si-Dos, this strain will provide a relaxing effect for that perfect night at home or while sitting around the campfire. Freedom Cannabis grows all product indoors and offsets our carbon footprint by showcasing Canada's largest solar panel rooftop.

7g Dry Flower Options

Animal Cookies Milled Flower by Camp River Cannabis - Indica - 17-20%

This milled flower has strong sweet, sour and citrusy aromas and is made using whole Animal Cookies Flowers that were grown under full spectrum natural lighting, hung dried, cold cured, and hand trimmed to perfection. Milled perfectly for bong hits or ready to roll if you are on the go. Always made from whole dried Flowers. No seeds, no stems, no sticks.

Hifi 4G Grind by Steel City Green - Indica - 17-22%

HiFi 4G Grind by Steel City Green is an Indica dominant hybrid with a strong THC potency potential featuring whole flower milled to perfection for easy rolling, packing, baking or vaping. This heavy hitting strain was birthed by cross breeding strains WiFi OG and Glueberry OG. HiFi 4G Grind features a refreshing subtle aroma of citrus and sweet, fruity flavour. A terpene-rich cultivar, prominent terpenes include Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene, and Bisabolol. This pre-shredded cannabis is packaged fresh, includes a Nitrogen infusion as well as a humidity pack, and never requires or undergoes irradiation or other microbial elimination processes.

14g Dry Flower Options

First Class Funk by Ghost Drops - Hybrid - 24-30%

The Ghost Drops cut of First-Class Funk was bred by Compound Genetics, hunted by Cultivating Happiness and grown by several ultra-premium, hand selected, and vetted craft micro-producers. The genetic make-up of this strain contributes to what it’s best known for, its funk. Buds are typically large in size and bright green in colour featuring dark green undertones, highlighted by brilliant orange pistils and coated with dense diamond like trichomes. Its heavy nose smacks you in the face as you crack the jar, with a pungent funky, creamy, fragrance compounded by a dense scent of jet fuel, making for an undeniably dank aroma. The funk tastes as funky as it smells with notes of fermented anise and fennel coupled by gassy aftertaste as it rolls off the pallet. First Class Funk makes for a vibrant session. This well-balanced hybrid delivers an exciting but tamed effect that leaves the consumer with a full-bodied experience.  Each store is only allowed 1 case of this!  Shop Budders Cannabis Stores near you to make sure you get this before it sells out everywhere!

Gorilla Berry by Greenseal - Indica - 22-28%

 GreenSeal’s intensive genetic selection program discovered this true unicorn: a rare find combining the sweet, fruity flavours of blueberries and citrus notes with super-strong physical/mental effects.

With potential THC percentages pushing well into the 22%+ range, consumers of this Indica-dominant hybrid describe experiences that start off with a feeling of blissful euphoria followed by pure, prolonged relaxation (without being put to sleep). Upon opening a container of Gorilla Berry, the immediate sensation is the unforgettable smell of a freshly baked blueberry pie. When consumed, the rich mix of terpenes (headlined by tart Pinene and balanced with peppery Caryophyllene and musky Myrcene) mingle to impart more subtle earthy and spicy flavours beneath the sweet berry overtones.

ICC x Kush Mints 11 by Msiku - Indica - 20-26%

ICC x Kush Mints 11 is a combination of Ice Cream Cake and Kush Mints 11 from Seed Junky Genetics. The cross carries a long lineage of Girl Scout Cookies, Durban Poison, OG and Bubba Kush. This strain is a poster child of what a modern cannabis connoisseur wants, as the flower is covered in a thick, sticky layer of resin like a powdered doughnut, with sweet, creamy notes of vanilla, dough, and after dinner mints.

Upon opening ICC x Kush Mints 11, the senses are immediately awakened to a stunningly distinct aroma that not only draws to mind the sugary sweetness of its name but calls forth notes of other flavours like mints, leaving a stimulating cooling menthol flavor after the sweetness leaves the pallet.

Pink Cookies x Kush Mints by Thumbs Up Brand - Indica - 20-26%

Thumbs Up Brand Pink Cookies x Kush Mints is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of popular strains Pink Cookies and Kush Mints. Hang-dried and hand-groomed, Pink Cookies x Kush Mints is greenhouse-grown to maximise terpene content for a potent high. Experience a deliciously smooth vanilla flavour with an earthy and peppermint taste. This flower is thoughtfully grown by Custom Cannabis and available in 3.5g and 14g formats.

Buds are packaged in recyclable pouches with a humidity pack included for freshness. Thumbs Up Brand donates 10% of profits to Cannabis Amnesty and Plastic Bank.  Budders Cannabis stores near you are proud to carry a brand that gives back!  Shop a weed store near you or order online for free same day delivery.

Strawberry Cake by Vertical Cannabis - Indica - 20-26%

Vertical’s palette pleasing indica-dominant strain, Strawberry Cake has a generous amount of visible frosting and is never less than 20% THC. Bred from the Chronic x White Widow x Cheese strains, this cultivar is a real treat for the senses. The terpene mix of Terpinolene, Beta-Myrcene, Beta-Ocimene and D-Limonene contribute to the citrusy, fruity, piney flavour and aroma. This cake was worth the wait! This flower is hand trimmed, hand sorted, hand finished and hand packed.

Pre Rolls  New Drops!!

Citrus Jack Pre-Rolls by Ace Valley - Sativa - 17-23%

Ace Valley’s Citrus Jack (Sativa) 3x0.5g pre-rolls are made using single-strain, high-THC whole flower. Citrus Jack is known to deliver pleasant citrus & pine flavours and aroma, thanks to its dominant terpenes Terpinolene, Myrcene and Ocimene.

Chill 420 Pre-Rolls by All Good Collective - Indica - 20-28%

Chill 420 pre roll 10 packs are an Indica dominant blend, filled with 4.2g of large premium buds.  The selection process is very strict and only the highest grade of flower is selected, that has been grown, cured, and manicured of the highest standard.  420 packs come in a slim cigarette style pre roll and are packaged in a special humidistat wrapper to maintain the pre rolls flavor and aroma.  Chill 420's are specifically designed and engineered for the cannabis connoisseur.  Expect the ultimate entourage effect in your next Chill 420 pack with high THC and terpene percentages.

Purple Sunset Pre-Rolls by Bullrider - Hybrid - 20-25%

Bred by Ethos Genetics - Purple Sunset is known for sweet fruity notes, but also slight floral and sour aromas. A potent hybrid that provides full bodied effects that got its name for the "easy going" feeling it provides. Minty green nugs with deep purple undertones, provide the backdrop for beautiful trichome coverage. This product is grown without the use of any form of pesticides, and is non-irradiated. Small batch (under 700 sqft rooms), hang dried, hand trimmed, and hand packaged. Non-irradiated.

ICC + MAC-1 Pre-Roll Combo Pack by Edison - Indica - 18-24%

The only thing better than one strain in an Edison Pinners pack – is two! These Combo Packs come with two high-quality strains, so you can get two different experiences, in one convenient pack. Each pack contains five 0.35g I.C.C. Pinners, which are a uniquely flavoured indica that features a sweet, spicy and savoury aroma. Also included are five 0.35g MAC-1 Pinners, which are filled with an indica-dominant hybrid with a citrus, diesel, spice. Both I.C.C. and MAC-1 Pinners are a potent 18-24% THC. Edison Pinners are fresh, precision packed and the perfect size for a personal pre-roll session. Sleek and slender, Edison Pinners are the new go-to for small format pre-rolls. Pinners come in a recyclable (and reusable) hard-shell pocket pack and have a humidity boost pack inside, to keep your Pinners fresher, longer.

Khalifa Mints Blunt by Ghost Drops - Hybrid - 23-27%

Ghost Drops Khalifa Mints is an  indica dominant hybrid cross between Khalifa Kush and The Menthol. Its hunted by Rockstar Canadian cultivators Headwater Cannabis and grown locally in a micro craft facility. Khalifa Mints is noticeable upon appearance due to its dense, light dark green buds, caked with trichomes, and highlighted by bright hairs. Its nose is heavy, fruity at first scent flowed by notes of pungent peppermint and its flavor is dominated by menthol with hints of citrus followed by a gassy aftertaste.   If you are looking for cannabis pre-rolls near you, visit our cannabis store to get them while they are in stock.

Electric Lettuce Pre-Rolls by Natural History - Hybrid - 16-21%

Electric Lettuce features a rotating single strain, premium flower offered at a value price. Milled from flower, not trim, expertly rolled for a clean, consistent burn and gently packed into multi-packs. Grown fully indoors, in precision-controlled laboratory conditions. All Natural History flower is thoughtfully hung to dry, hand trimmed and cured for a minimum of 21-30 days.

Pink Haze Blunt by RAD - Indica - 20-26%

RAD Pink Haze Blunts offer a hella potent indica strain with flavours of sweet vanilla and candy, expertly rolled with premium hemp wraps. This hassle-free blunt lets you take those chill weekend vibes with you, any day of the week.

Cold Creek Kush Redees King Pack by Redecan - Sativa - 16-20%

The Redecan King Pack offers 1oz of your favourite Redecan strains, pre-rolled in our signature cigarette-style packaging, and sealed in packs of 10 to guarantee freshness. Thoughtfully designed for personal use at 0.40g, Redees by Redecan are rolled with all bud, no shake. A sativa dominant hybrid between the ever-popular MK Ultra and Chemdawg 91, Cold Creek Kush is known for its light green hues, amber hairs, and trichrome-frosted flowers. Cold Creek Kush is recognized for its dank smell, resembling a damp rainforest with notes of earth, wood, sour, and pine, giving a strong but fresh aroma and a dank, spicy, herbal flavour. Each Redecan King Pack contains 70 Cold Creek Kush Redees.  These giant pre-roll packs are favourite at our cannabis stores near you.  If you want your cannabis delivered, no problem, just place your order online and it will get delivered for free.

Island Gold | Kawehnò:ke Kahwistanó:ron Pre-Rolls by Sev7n - Hybrid - 20-26%

Indigenous cannabis for generations. Island Gold comes from the elusive breeder Bodhi Seeds. This cultivar's lineage crosses the infamous 90s era Triangle Kush from Florida with a dank, dark, & powerful 88 G13 Hashplant. This flower expresses a citrusy pine and roasted coffee aroma and a sweet & spicy citrus flavour in a convenient 2-pack of ready-to-spark half gram joints. They give back to the First Nations community by donating a portion of proceeds to the Strong Roots North Charitable Foundation.

ON + Off Pre-Rolls by THINKER - Sativa & Indica - 20-26%

THINKER's ON + OFF multi-pack brings together 2 craft cultivars with 6 sativa-dominant “ON” and 6 indica-dominant “OFF” pre-rolls in each pack. Made with 100% craft-grade whole flower that's been hang-dried and hand-trimmed, these pre-rolls are hand-packaged in a unique smaller 0.25g size. THINKER's ON pre-rolls are from a classic legacy market sativa, Super Silver Haze. This flower is not irradiated and brings sweet, citrusy flavours with earthy notes and a terpene profile of Limonene, trans-Caryophyllene, beta-Myrcene, Linalool and Farnesene. THINKER's OFF pre-rolls are the indica-dominant Sunset Gelato, which packs a creamy, fruity taste with terpenes like trans-Caryophyllene, beta-Myrcene, Farnesene-2, Limonene and alpha-Humulene. THINKER packaging is eco-friendly and our label includes each flower’s terpene information.

Turpy Slurpy Pre-Rolls by Wagners - Indica - 21-25%

This pheno of Turpy Slurpy hits heavy like a strong indica should. The flavour and aroma profiles are fascinating stemming from its lineage of GMO and Orange Zkittlez. Sweet, citrus and earthy notes abound and come partnered with very high THC levels that have hit 28%+.

Unicorn Poop Reefers by Jonny Chronic - Hybrid - 20-26%

Unicorn Poop from Jonny Chronic is an Indica hybrid that produces tight buds with deep purple hues and orange pistils that protrude past its trichome-covered leaves. Containing caryophyllene, humulene, bisabolol, and faresene terpenes, this strain has an aroma of fermenting fruit and gas. Unicorn Poop’s lineage consists of GMO and Sophisticated Lady with every bud hang-dried and cured before it is milled and rolled.

10th Planet Pre-Rolls by Countryside - Hybrid - 20-26%

10th Planet is a calyx-heavy strain with chunky and dense flowers that have deep purple and light green calyx’s that explode with tall trichomes. Expect notes of fruit, gasoline, and grape to be present in these pre-rolls. Countryside pre-rolls come in 10 packs, grown and packaged entirely in house in St. Thomas Ontario.

Platinum Cookies Pre-Rolls by Palmetto - Sativa - 20-26%

Platinum Cookies is  a sativa that’s a whole lot of sweet and a little bit spicy, with just a hint of berry. Yes, it’s smoke is rich and silky smooth (you’d expect that from a recipe handed down from OG Kush and Durban Poison). Each pre-roll uses whole milled flower and no shake for a smoother burn. Ready to share, find 10 x .5g pre-rolls packed in a resealable pop top box with an air-tight freshness seal and humidity pack included. Palmetto is grown by cannabis lovers for cannabis lovers, found somewhere deep in the mystic shadows of the majestic Rocky Mountains of Alberta.

Concentrates Coming this 420!!!

Organic Lebanese Hash by 1964 - Blend - 40-45%

This Organic flower blend goes through a dry sift process and is pressed into malleable amber-coloured Lebanese style hashish ball filled with terpenes oozing earthy and gas aromas.

OG Lime Killer Moon Rocks by Dab Bods - Hybrid - 40-48%

DAB Bods Moonrocks - Tasty nuggets of locally grown hand trimmed "AAAA" whole bud doused with a delicious tasty drizzle of honey like resin and then carefully rolled in a soft blanket of kief. Featuring the popular strain of "OG Lime Killer" stemming from a cross of lineage between Starkiller and Lemon OG Haze. Potently high ranges of THC between 40-50% and showcasing smooth, fruity, flavourful mixes with a hint of citrus. Sought after by cannabis connoisseurs and featuring a 1/1 ratio of flower to resin then finished off smothered in rich powdery kief. If you ever wanted to go to space, this is out of this world!

Apricot Kush Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls by Qwest - Indica - 37-42%

Qwest is rejuvenating the gems of past harvests by dripping them in diamonds - THCa to be more specific. Crafted from premium cultivars and and infused with high caliber THCa crystals, Apricot Kush Diamond Infused pre-rolls are most vibrant take on this brilliant cultivar. Sweet nectar, juicy fruit, and a hint of floral, this is the Gucci of kush based pre-rolls.

Pink Star Fruit THCa Live Diamonds by RAD - Sativa - 40-48%

RAD Pink Star Fruit Diamonds will keep ya shining all night long. This extract, crafted from fresh-frozen, single strain whole buds and cured to produce crystalline diamonds, is packed with radically fruity flavours paired with funky, floral notes and is the perfect companion for those electric nights where you can party like it’s 1980… Use ‘em in your dab rigs, dab pens, crush into your joints, or sprinkle over your bong bowl to keep the party goin’.

Blue SKZ Infused Blunt by RAD Reserve - Indica - 38-44%

RAD Doobies Reserve Blue SKZ Infused Blunts offer a hella potent strain in a totally unique and convenient format, with an infused and flavoured distillate core. We only use the highest quality, fresh whole flower, never shake or trim, that's been skillfully crafted and rolled with premium hemp wraps. Find sweet and berry flavours with sour undertones with around 40% THC in this indica strain.

BC Organic PJP#8 by Simply Bare - Indica - 68-76%

This BC Organic PJP#8 Live Rosin is an indica leaning cross between Platinum Jelly and Purple Punch with punchy aromas of cherry, blackberry and creamy vanilla. Made from our fresh-frozen, terpene-rich whole flower with all the delicate goodness extracted from it to form a rich, potent sap. Untouched by solvents to give a pure cannabis experience. Then cold cured before being placed in a glass puck with an anti-stick liner.

Tropic Thunder Kief by SHRED X - Hybrid - 30-35%

Take your taste buds on a tropical trip. This tasty citrus blend is a vacation for all the senses, except way cheaper than an actual vacation. Pre-shredded whole-flower with a combination of citrus and tropical aromas - but the best part is that it’s spiked with kief for a 30%+ THC tropic thunder punch. Like a trip, where the only thing you need to pack is a bowl.

Jet Fuel Shatter by Phyto Extractions - Indica - 65-85%

Derived from sought-after strain Powdered Doughnuts- an indica-dominant cross of Jet Fuel Gelato and Orange Cookies, we use hydrocarbon to produce this Jet Fuel shatter. This product contains 77-85% THC and 3-4% total terpenes with dominant terpenes: beta-caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.

MTL Blond Hash by Jane & Juice - Indica - 59-63%

This product is made using only a single cannabis cultivar called Black Cherry Punch. The process utilizes cold water with no additional solvents, and a novel method to sift through the plant matter and selects only the trichomes of the plant which yields an extremely pure product. Using precise temperatures and control pressing to ensure minimal loss of terpenes and the production of a soft malleable product resembling ‘traditional pressed hashish’. Our ‘MTL Hash’ is high in THC, has a rich earthy color, and gives a robust unique aromatic flavor that is sweet and fruity with floral undertones. Its effects are stimulating, energetic and gives a happy sensation.

510 Vape Cartridges !

Peach OG 510 Thread Cartridge by BoxHot - Sativa - 80-86%

BOXHOT PRESENTS: Peach OG, a 1.2 g 510 threaded vape, featuring a colossal 1000MG of THC and some of the purest cannabis distillate available on the market. This sweet beast boasts a candy-like flavour, with a fruity aroma, complimented by a complex profile of earthy undertones that keep you guessing. Compatible with button-activated 510 batteries. All BOXHOT vapes are manufactured with exclusive, oversized hardware, making them optimized for big, full hits. Better yet, all BOXHOT vapes are produced with industry-leading CO2 extraction and refining processes, and feature an entourage of expertly infused premium strain-specific terpenes.

Banana Hammock Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge by Countryside - Indica - 75-81%

The Countryside Banana Hammock Live Resin cartridge is made from single source, fresh-frozen flower, frozen immediately after harvest to preserve the plants' unique cannabinoid and terpene profile. Banana Hammock boasts a delightful tropical and fruity profile with hints of grape and honey. Banana Hammock may be Countryside's most flavourful strain yet, made from trichome-covered, heavily frosted buds.

Melon Bubble Haze 510 Thread Cartridge by Feather - Sativa - 80-86%

A potent and fun formula with a sweet melon aroma reminiscent of that nostalgic bubblegum. Oils lead the charge on potency and purity using only natural terpenes. 80–86% THC potency. D9-THC distillate. Botanically derived terpenes. Absolutely NO FILLERS like PG, VG, MCT or vitamin E acetate. Our discreet and intuitive proprietary design is made of premium materials such as stainless steel, glass and soft-touch finish. A premium experience at a great price.

Blueberry GLTO 510 Thread Cartridge by Foray - Hybrid - 74-77%

Foray is an accessible entry point, at any stage of the cannabis journey. Foray's Blueberry Gelato is an indica hybrid strain made by crossing Blueberry Mazar with Gelato #42, producing a strain ripe with blueberry and herbal aromas and taste. A perfect accompaniment for a great book read in a hammock, or a lazy beach day. This premium distillate is in a leak resistant cartridge system and is calibrated to work best with Foray's 510 Thread Battery. Foray is an approachable brand that aims to both celebrate and guide one's foray into cannabis, ultimately inviting you to see cannabis differently.

Honeydew Boba Sativa 1:0 510 Thread Cartridge by General Admission - Sativa - 82-88%

Made for the masses, General Admission vapes are all about flavour. Big. Bold. Bringing people together. General Admission uses the power of taste to encourage moments of discovery for everyone to partake. They create quality THC distillate infused with botanical terpenes that complement the natural aromas of our strain selection. Bright, crisp and juicy; take a dive into our refreshing Honeydew Boba. Creamy and sweet notes of fruit and tapioca with a hint of spice, Honeydew gives you a slice of melon with a potent little punch upon finish.

Aquarius CBD Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge by High Priestess - Sativa - 50 - 76%

 High Priestess AQUARIUS Live Resin Vape cart features a single strain small batch BHO extraction technique along with the benefit of maintaining a full spectrum of cannabinoids. Unlike distillates you will enjoy the entourage effect of terpenes and cannabinoids only found in live resin products. A high CBD strain of ""Blue Charlotte"" in a compact, convenient beautiful rose gold cartridge with etched branding to help create the relaxing feeling of self-wellbeing. This strain boasts compelling blue raspberry flavours and aromas with a slight licorice undertone and is well know for its relaxing and happy effects. AQUARIUS live resin vape is a pure product that has no additives or synthetic flavouring. 

Vanilla Lamplighter 510 Thread Cartridge by Lamplighter - Blend - 80-84%

Vanilla Lamplighter is smooth hitting with true to its name flavour, it utilizes a double distillation process, combined with high-quality flavouring agents, and delivers uncompromising flavour with over 80% THC in each cart. This custom hardware includes a glass tank, providing the purest flavour, no clogging, and limited to no leakage. ​

Florida Citrus Kush 510 Thread Cartridge by Mood Ring - Indica - 80-86%

Florida Citrus KushTM 510 Vape Cartridge provides the aroma, flavour, and experience of this highly sought-after flower. Florida Citrus KushTM is a strong, Indica dominant hybrid which provides a rich creamy taste of spicy citrus topped by a true, but subtle Kush aftertaste. The effect comes on quickly due to the hybrid heritage and after floating on the experience, the Indica influence brings a long-standing euphoric and mellow experience. Natural, botanical terpenes are blended with top quality distillate that is produced using Mood Ring’s custom cold ethanol extraction process. This premium 1g cartridge features a proprietary ceramic core with an embedded heating element that ensures consistent vaporization, even heating and retention of terpene flavours.

Raspberry Kush 510 Thread Cartridge by Palmetto - Hybrid - 80-86%

Meet Raspberry Kush, a Palmetto vape cart that combines cannabis distillate with botanical terpenes. The flavour profile is sweet, tart, and raspberry all the way. Botanical terpenes combine to create a potent vape bursting with fruity flavour, inspired by the Raspberry Kush strain. This 1 gram cart packs a punch with THC levels over 80%

Cherry Boat Premium Live Rosin Syrup by Port North - Hybrid - 65-80%

100% solventless extract, without the use of chemicals, solvents, cuts, fillers, or flavour additives. Premium indoor, whole plant fresh frozen material grown to its full potential. Live Rosin Syrup is made from full spectrum, strain-specific water hash harvested during peak flower to capture the full range of naturally occurring cannabinoids and a high amount of cannabis derived terpenes. Persy Live Rosin Syrup AVD Vape Carts offer mobile dosing with smooth robust flavours that deliver effective, clean, and controlled experiences.

Tropicali Sour Life Rosin 510 Thread Cartridge by RAD - Sativa - 66-72%

Turn your mental vacay mode on with RAD Tropicali Sour Live Rosin, a hella potent and wickedly delicious solventless extract crafted using only single-strain, fresh-frozen whole bud. Dive into an even more radical experience than a traditional rosin and hang ten on the most totally tubular waves. With delicious tropical and citrusy flavour profiles, this extract is sure to take you on a trip of a lifetime. Compatible with any 510 thread battery.

Lychee Ice 510 Thread Cartridge by Sticky Greens - Indica - 80-86%

Lychee Ice tastes exactly like the delicious Asian fruit, lychee. It is a juicy grape-like fruit with sweet floral notes and a hint of watermelon. Sticky Greens' 510 vape cartridges use premium cannabis distillate that is formulated using CO2 extraction and winterization, and finished off with naturally derived botanical terpenes. Sticky Greens vapes are extremely smooth with a high potency of 800mg/g or more.

Powdered Donuts 510 Thread Cartridge by Weed Me - Hybrid - 80-100%

This 510 Thread Standard Vape Cartridge is filled with distillate of a very strong THC potency, boasting a terpene profile identical to our Powdered Donuts strain. Enjoy the tangy, sweet citrus flavour for longer with our large 1g cartridges.

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