Budders Cannabis Vaporizing Buyers Guide 2019

The vaporizer world is constantly innovating in terms of technology and variations of products available for dry herb and concentrate consumers.  Understanding the how, when and what is a big part of choosing the right vaporizer.

Beginner vaporizer users might want a super cost effective unit that has just one preset temperature to limit the learning curve and not over complicate their session. Intermediate users could be looking for a device with more precise temperature control options, and those who considered themselves advanced will need something with full temperature control and multiple material options for the atomizer or heating element.

Allow us to elaborate more into what you should be taking into account when purchasing a vaporizer.

What are your Vaping Needs? 

If you’re strictly intending on having your sessions on the go with concentrate or dry herb, a Portable Unit should be your first and only choice for the type of vaporizer you need. If you are more of a homebody user, you should consider Desktop Units or E-Nails.  Taking into account your lifestyle and consumption needs will go a long way to helping you find the right vape to buy.

We always suggest that beginner vape users aim for cheaper, less complicated models to avoid overwhelming themselves with their first purchase. Being able to use a device right out of the box is a great way to get comfortable with the world of vaping and determine just exactly what you need should you want to upgrade your purchase.  Once you’ve become more acquainted with the vaping lifestyle and method of consumption - we suggest looking at the vaporizers that will accommodate your session types.

What is your Budget?

Once you’ve identified where, how and when you will be consuming ; you should create a budget for your first purchase.  Make sure to read each product description to ensure you’re buying a vaporizer that not only fits your budget, but allows you to consume your preferred material and is covered by a warranty, should you desire one.

Vape pens and portable vapes will be the most cost effective and complete devices you can buy, going as low as $29.99. These units are designed for on-the-go vaping and will most likely be heated via conduction.

The intermediate range of vaporizers have the widest range products and will be from around $85-$200. This is where you’ll start to notice temperature control and convection style heating. They also often offer a variety of different atomizers to accommodate your consumption methods.

Anything above $200 should be considered an premium vaporizer. Superior quality materials, advanced functionality, and comprehensive warranties will be available at this price range. It should be noted that vaporizers over $200 are geared for more experienced users, as they can offer more in-depth ways to experience materials. These are geared for the true connoisseur.



We often have customers asking us about this topic.  Small portable vaporizers are readily concealed, and some vaporizers are designed to resemble other items so as not to attract attention. Other vaporizers are designed to blend into the environments around the home, and can even be attractive pieces of art. If discretion is important to you, consider how easily and quickly the device can be put away.



Vaporizers have earned a well-deserved reputation for efficiency, but keep in mind that this efficiency can be offset by an increase in consumption.  Consume responsibly and in moderation.

It is true that some vaporizers are considered more efficient than others, but this is typically achieved by keeping the vaporization temperature low and the load small. This improves taste and yields smoother, and more flavorful vapour. Users who are converting from combustion often want the thicker vapour that comes only at higher temperatures, but the disadvantage of this is harsher vapour and faster consumption.


Styles of Vaporizers

Desktop Vaporizers

 Storz and Bickel Volcano Canada - Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop units have the capability to filter out irritants and give full temperature control.  These features have made them popular among users who need them for medicinal purposes. This style of vaporizer will be the most expensive as it offers more versatile functionality.  Convection heating dominates the desktop vaporizer market. Convection heating is when your material is housed away from the heating element, and hot air is pulled over your material. This heating allows for the flavor of your dry herb or concentrate to be fully experienced.  If you’re a “homebody” and want something that lends itself well to the entire ritual of consuming dry herb or concentrate, a desktop device should be your go to.

Vaporizer Pens - Dry Herb and Concentrate

Flacko Jodye Vape Pen Kandy Pen Canada

Vaporizer pens are often the most discreet and easy-to-use devices.  These vaporizers are usually being controlled by one button with a fast heat up time. These vaporizers can be dual use, but mostly come equipped to handle concentrate consumption. A majority of vape pens feature conduction heating, which is the process of heating your material by putting it in direct contact with the heating element. This style of heating is what gives vape pens their fast heat up time, but does sacrifice a little bit of your material’s flavor.

Vape pens consist of a mouthpiece, atomizer, and battery. Variable voltage vape pens have multiple voltage outputs to bring you different temperatures, while some will have just a single calibrate temperature. Assembling and customizing these units is very simple thanks to the universal 510 threading most devices feature. Beginner vape users will appreciate the simplicity of these devices.

Portable Vaporizers

Pax 3 Vaporizer Canada - Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers themselves are generally more powerful than vaporizers pens and give more control over temperature.  Therefore, influencing how you will experience your materials. Since portal vaporizers have larger batteries, this allows them to have more control over temperature. Some portable vaporizers may be a little bit larger than a vaporizer pen, but they are still on the go friendly.  Some portable vaporizers feature conduction heating, but most will harness the power of convection to give you a ton of flavor no matter where you’re vaping. A few units utilize a combination heating system, where a conduction chamber gets the device to temperature quickly, but hot air is still pulled through to ensure even vaporization.

Temperature control is the cherry on top with portable vaporizers. Intermediate users tend to really appreciate adjusting the temperature throughout their session. Some of the portable vaporizers offer precision temperature control while others have a few preset, popular vaporizer paths.


Dr.Dabber Switch Canada

These are often popular with users who are moving away from a standard dab rig set-up. These devices offer much thicker vapor production than pen style or portable vaporizers. When used with concentrates, e-nail vaporizers have the power of a dab rig, but don’t require a torch to heat the nail instead relying on electronic heating systems. Some e-nails are portable, and some require a plug in. These have been a positive addition to the cannabis community and has created a lot of buzz on social media as of late.