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Showing 25 - 46 of 46 products
Glass Rig Karma Glass Stemless BeakerGlass Rig Karma Glass Stemless Beaker
Glass Bong - Milkyway 6" Hypnotic Pyramid Rig/BubblerGlass Bong - Milkyway 6" Hypnotic Pyramid Rig/Bubbler
Glass Rig Karma Glass UFO Banger HangerGlass Rig Karma Glass UFO Banger Hanger
Glass Rig Karma Glass Spun RecyclerGlass Rig Karma Glass Spun Recycler
Glass Rig BoroSci 10" Retro Mini Beaker with BangerGlass Rig BoroSci 10" Retro Mini Beaker with Banger
Glass Rig Tree Glass 11" Inline Cakecycler with BangerGlass Rig Tree Glass 11" Inline Cakecycler with Banger
Affordable dab rigs torontoufo perc dab rig hamilton
8.5" Apiary2/UFO Perc
Sale price$109.00
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6" Metallic Terminator Finish Gamma Concentrate Recycler6" Metallic Terminator Finish Gamma Concentrate Recycler
jade green dab rig in torontocheap dab rig in hamilton
8.5" Dynasty w/UFO Perc
Sale price$119.98
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Glass Bong - Milkyway 7" Circuitboard Rig/BubblerGlass Bong - Milkyway 7" Circuitboard Rig/Bubbler
BoroSci 11" Double Perk Microscope RigBoroSci 11" Double Perk Microscope Rig
lime green dab rig with ufo perc torontobest dab rigs in hamilton
8.5" Swarm w/UFO Perc
Sale price$125.00
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globe dab rig with ufo perc for best price in toronto
Puffco Peak Pro
Puffco Peak Pro
Sale price$499.99

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Dab rigs have always been a popular tool for consuming wax, shatter and other cannabis concentrates.  But, you may be wonder what are dab rigs and why do people prefer this method?  Once you review our collection of glass dab rigs, you'll be sure to understand more.


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MOST people who are consuming wax and shatter often refer to this as " dabbing."

If you want to dab, you'll need a dab rig. The glass rigs are  that are used to smoke cannabis concentrates; such as oil, shatter, butane hash oil, CO2 oil.

To use a dab rig, you heat the banger and then put on the cannabis concentrates.

Since the shatter is being heated, it will produce vapour, which you can inhale through the mouthpiece of the dab rig.

Dab rigs are great because they use convection heating, therefore, you avoid burning and combusting the shatter and wax concentrates. 


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Cannabis concentrates are more powerful than your average bong hit.  The THC content is usually around 80 to 90%, compared to dry herb which is around 14-30%.  

People who dab are more efficient with their consumption since it takes way less, to get way more high.  It's also great for people who love terpenes and flavours of cannabis.  Dabbing helps you hit certain boiling points and terpenes profiles that you wouldn't be able to achieve with combusting in a glass bong with weed.


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There are LOTS of options out there for dab rigs.  Plenty of companies try to come in and make dab rigs but you have to watch out for the cheap quality glass and bangers.   To make the process of finding the ideal dab rig easier, keep in mind these simple requirements for high-quality, well-made dab rigs.

Vapour Flavour - If you are looking for a well-made  dab rig, you will be shopping for one that produces amazing vapour flavour . Dab rigs in Canada are made to make the weed experience more fun.  A standard dab rig should have a functional design that offers an element of vapour cooling.  

Functionality- One of the things that makes a dab rig great is it's over-all functionality.   Don't buy a fancy and artistic dab rig and expect amazing things.  You want a straight forward, easy to use dab rig to achieve the best results with your shatter dabbing experience.  You also want it to be easy to clean because dabbing gets the dab rigs very gunky. 

Budders Cannabis takes the time to find dab rigs that are made with the end-user  mind.


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You've probably noticed by now, but we offer a variety of dab rigs that are made from well-known brands in the cannabis industry.  But with so many different styles and brands, it may still be hard to select the perfect one for you!

Tips for buying a dab rig : 

Where will you be using your dab rig - Will you be consuming your shatter and wax from home with your dab rig or do you want a rig that you can take out with you?  Don't buy a large dab rig that is prone to break, if you plan on taking it around everywhere with you. 

Quality of glass- Make sure you buy a dab rig that has thicker vs thin glass.  You want this dab rig to be able to handle the heat and wear and tear that comes with dabbing.


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