Why is Redecan such a popular cannabis brand?

Hey everyone! Cory from Budders Cannabis here back with some new cannabis updates Redecan.

First off, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year!  Here is hoping 2021 is an amazing year, and that we all make it through safe and sound!  Instead of discussing a specific cannabis product, I want to talk to you about a company called RedeCan.  

They are a licensed producer that has a wide variety of products available at Budders Cannabis, located at 3466 Dundas Street West in Toronto. Budders has been carrying RedeCan products since they opened back in June of 2020 as a licensed dispensary.  

Overall, my customers have been satisfied by the quality and consistency when trying RedeCan products.  Having over 30 years of experience in agriculture, RedeCan is one of the leading licensed producers of cannabis in Canada.  They are a family owned and operated company located along the gorgeous Niagara Escarpment and remain one of the few private owned companies in the Canadian Cannabis market.

High quality cannabis has always started with the methods in which it's grown.

RedeCan has a massive state of the art greenhouse.  They've created some amazing economies of scale by automating some labour intense aspects of the growing cycle.  They do all this while making use of natural sunlight and fresh water and using biological controls to benefit their grow process.

As an experienced budtender, I choose to recommend RedeCan because of their cost per gram on flower, their wide variety of products across categories and their consistency.  Regardless of what you are looking for, be it cannabis, oils, capsules, pre-rolls, or vape pens.  RedeCan has quality and well-priced products in all categories.  Having the confidence to suggest a certain product goes a long way as a budtender. The cannabis industry is constantly evolving and there are new cannabis producers getting licensed all the time!  Which means new products! Don’t get me wrong, one of my favourite perks to working in the cannabis industry is getting to try new products as soon as they are available. However, when it comes to RedeCan, I know that each time I suggest one of their products it is backed by tons of customer feedback, my own personal experience, an excellent price point, and the quality to back it up!

Now what do you say we talk about some of the RedeCan products you can expect to see at Budders Cannabis.

Redecan Cannabis Strains

               RedeCan has always had a nice variety of strains available for purchase in bud form.  Sometimes a producer only grows one or two strains which can cause people to get bored easily.  I have also seen the opposite happen when a producer grows way too many strains.  Some of them get ignored or there ends up being a large quality difference between certain strains.  In my opinion RedeCan carries just the right number of strains.  They have a nice variety of both sativa, indica, and hybrid.

Redecan Indica Strains

If you're someone looking for a solid, heavy-hitting indica strain I highly suggest trying Wappa.  With a flavour and aroma that resembles a kush strain, nice dense buds, and a consistently high THC percentage - Wappa easily takes the win.  It has a sweet yet strong taste due to its high levels of myrcene and a skunky potent aroma that comes from lots of caryophyllene.  Wappa is a perfect night smoke that pairs well with relaxation and a movie, or for just taking the edge off after a long day.  

Another indica would be God Bud!  If you’re looking for a fruitier tasting strain, this is the one!  With a combination of herbal and tropical aromas, and a taste consisting of berries, citrus, and lavender.  Having a medium-high level THC makes this strain a good smoke for hanging out during the day or partying with some friends at night.  

Redecan Sativa Strains

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are after a nice sativa, I would highly recommend Outlaw.  This strain is an amnesia haze.  Hazes have always been some of my favourite sativa strains.  They also resemble cheese strains which are highly sought after for their one-of-a-kind flavour and affect.  

One of our most popular ‘go to’ sativa strains from RedeCan would be the Cold Creek Kush.  It has an incredibly unique aroma that resembles fresh rain paired with subtle notes of pine and fruit.  Cold Creek Kush is a perfect smoke for all day, everyday mentality.  If its just a mid day joint or an after-dinner bong hit, Cold Creek Kush will surely do the job!

Redecan Oil

Another reason I absolutely love recommending RedeCan products is their Reign Drops line up.  One of the issues a lot of people find when purchasing CBD or THC edibles from licensed dispensaries is that they are always limited to 10mg THC per package.  Now for some people that’s enough but depending on the level of necessary enzymes in your liver required to break down THC, you may require more than 10-30mg.  That is why the 30:0 Reign Drops are such have become such a great option for many.  They are made using top quality cannabis with only the cleanest extraction methods. Redecan also only uses properly sourced MCT for human consumption.

Reign Drops 30:0 contains 30mg of THC per millilitre and comes in a 30ml bottle. That means your getting 900mg of THC for the cost of what would only get you 40-50mg of gummies or chocolate.  A big misconception with cannabis oil is that you need to take it under your tongue.  That is not the case... unless it's an alcohol based solution. You can simply ingest it or get creative with it.

For example, prior to ingesting I prepare a spoon with peanut butter or Nutella. After I put the oil either on top or in my mouth solo.  This helps with flavour and it allows the oil to soak for a longer period of time. I've also put it into my coffee, tea, on top of my salad and on my steak.  The Reign Drops are also available in 15:15 ratio meaning each millilitre contains 15mg of both THC and CBD, and in a 0:15 ratio containing just 15mg of CBD per millilitre.

Redecan Capsules

One product category that I have personally noticed more and more people getting into is THC & CBD capsules. Yet another product category that RedeCan has created cannabis products for.  The specific product is called Gems.  Available in different THC and CBD combinations. You can buy Redecan Gems in 5:0 (5mg THC), 5:5 (5mg THC and CBD), or in CBD Gems containing 7-10mg of CBD per capsule. All of the Redecan capsules come in small plastic containers with 15 capsules per bottle.

Capsules have been a go to for cannabis consumers that are interested in micro-dosing.  This allows both new and experienced cannabis users to better track their THC and CBD in-take.  Capsules are becoming increasingly popular because of how cost-effective they are to purchase.  Plus, you have the confidence of knowing that when you take a 5mg gel-capsule your actually getting 5mg.

Redecan Pre-Rolls

In my honest opinion, one of the most popular pre-rolls is the RedeCan Redees.  Each pack of pre rolls contains 10 joints.  Each on holds 0.35g of cannabis. Essentially your getting 3.5g of cannabis pre rolled into 10 joints for less than what a half-quarter would cost in most instances.  What I also really like is how they make each strain available in redees.  That means regardless of if you prefer indica or sativa, or even both!  You can get a couple packs of pre-rolls and be set!  Each joint is machine rolled with small cigarette style filter.  They are super convenient and exceptionally smooth. I personally find I have more than 1 each time I go for a joint simply because of the experience.

Redecan 510 Vape Cartridges

Vapes have always been one of my favourite subjects to discuss with my customers because of my previous experience working in the vape industry.   510 vape cartridges are without a doubt the best way to go if you are interested in a high THC product that is convenient and discreet.  

The cartridges are universal and will thread on to any 510 threaded vape battery.  To top it off, 510 cartridges also have the largest variety of brands, terpenes, and strain types.  

At Budders Cannabis you can pretty much always find 3 different strains by RedeCan.  We carry OG Kush an exceedingly popular, heavy hitting indica.  Known for its relaxing effects and great classic kush flavour.  Trainwreck, a sativa which is very smooth, uplifting, and great for all day vaping.  Finally, my personal favourite ZKTLZ.  A hybrid strain that I personally enjoy using for a good wake and vape session.  It has a nice clean cannabis taste paired with a smooth inhale, which for me is especially important.  Because of how concentrated vape cartridges are, they can sometimes be a little harsh after a few pulls. There is nothing like a few pulls on the vape to get a nice buzz going! 


At the end of the day its like I stated earlier, RedeCan has something for everyone! Regardless of your cannabis experience, if you are a seasoned smoker or a first-time buyer there is something for you!  Please feel free to stop by and let me know which RedeCan product you prefer most!  Hopefully, once life goes back to normal you can drop by the store and hit me up.  I am always open to talking about cannabis and if you ever want to know more, I would be more than happy to help!  Once again these awesome products are available at Budders Cannabis, located at 3466 Dundas Street West in Toronto.  Thanks for reading and hopefully my article inspires you to try something new or revisit an old favourite! Take care and stay safe everyone! 

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