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New Cannabis Products Dropping on January 18, 2022 in Ontario Canada

Ladies and gentleman, please take your time to carefully review all the new cannabis strains coming to the Ontario market this January 2022.  Depending on availability, we will do our best to get our cannabis stores in Toronto, Hamilton and Acton stocked up on all the new drops.  If you have a special request, please contact us at

Dry Flower

3.5g Options

Cookies ‘n’ Cream by MTL - Hybrid - 20 - 26%

With a coat of star like trichomes, MTL's Cookies N' Cream traces its lineage from Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies. This high potency hybrid boasts a sweet and fresh aroma met with a baked goods flavour, resulting in a smooth exhale and a nutty tangy aftertaste.  Usually when you are shopping for edibles in Toronto, you see cookies n cream - so we are excited to see MTL drop this in smoke form!

*Will also be available in a 14g format

Sorbetto by Carmel - Indica - 20-26%

Sorbetto is an award-winning strain that features dense purple shaded buds with mouth-watering flavours that live up to its legendary lineage.  Upon inhale expect to be hit with sweet notes of citrus and fruit followed by notes of honey and herbs on the exhale.  A lot of people search for a cannabis store in Toronto that carries locally grown cannabis - that's why we love the people at Carmel.  They are Ontario cannabis growers and their team is extremely passionate about growing top notch cannabis.

*Will also be available in pre-rolled joints

Watermelon Gushers by BC Green - Hybrid - 23-28%

This beautiful flower is a combination of  Gelato 41 x Triangle Kush x Watermelon OG. The buds are round and dense with a strong sweet, citrusy and fruity nose. The flowers are grown in a small batch drip feed system, hand harvested, hand trimmed and hand packed. The flowers are grown in a small batch craft system and are perfect for connoisseurs.  Even if you are just staying at home, you can always order cannabis online with free delivery from Budders in Toronto, Hamilton or Halton Hills.

Tangerine Sunrise by Cruuzy - Sativa - 20-26%

This unique, flavour-heavy strain of Tangerine Sunrise has your cravings for a refreshing orange creamsicle in check. Tangerine Sunrise’s big, green buds are accented with orange hairs and a white crystal frosting, but they’re more than just beautiful. Their tantalizing aromas of sweet citrus are reminiscent of a frozen treat on a hot day – no sunblock required.

Grape Cake by Gage - Indica - 20-26%

Grape Cake is an indica dominant hybrid strain of very strong THC potency. It is made by crossing Grape Stomper, Cherry Pie and Wedding Cake. It boasts a sweet and fruity grape flavour with notes of spicy cherry diesel. The aroma, though similar, showcases a deep pungent berry overtone. Its buds are coated with frosty white trichomes and dark orange pistils. 

Laughing Gas by Cookies - Hybrid - 20-26%

Laughing Gas by TKO Reserve is a fuel-forward cross of Sour Diesel and Cherry Pie. This pungent pair emits a powerful aroma with notes of grass, pine, and a distant sweetness. Laughing Gas carries a distinct earthy yet floral flavour and can be identified by its dense purple and orange nugs with a thick layer of frosty trichomes. 

Lost Cause by Jenn’s OG - Sativa - 20 - 26%

Lost Cause is a Sativa-dominant gem found at the intersection of Amnesia Haze x Do-Si-Dos. Both the studied precision of that phenohunt and its visually-attractive flower are reminiscent of sculpted, ancient bonsai trees, dense and tightly-woven green buds with larger, robust crusty calyx embraced with a coating of sticky trichome resin. The rare Terpinolene leads a harmonically-peaceful multidimensional terpene profile featuring sweet berry, minty and lemony aromas and flavours amplified by piney and dark earthy undertones. A floral, herbaceous and citrusy journey is directed onward with the additional presence of Caryophyllene (found in pepper and cinnamon) and Myrcene (mangoes and hops).  

Miracle Valley Landslide by BC Black - Indica - 24-28%

An exclusive, bred by LIT Farms, Landslide is a cross of Lava Cake and Mac that brings its loud, obnoxiously pungent strain that is sure to please. It contains a deliciously sweet flavor profile that puts out exceptionally smooth and cakey terpenes. Some users that smoke this strain say it smells like freshly baked goods, and the high you get from smoking will put your mind and body into a deep state of relaxation. This strain is ideal after work, and on lazy days off.

Z-Splitter by Ghost Drop - Indica - 25-29%

Buds are typically large, light green in colour and feature an array of brilliant golden pistils protruding from  a dense layer of trichomes. Z-Splitters overly pungent stench of gas is noticeable as soon as the seal on the jar is broken and its flavour carries citrus notes with a clear reminder of its gassy roots on the exhale. It is an indica dominant strain and makes for a relaxing session. A truly indica experience. 

Animal Cookies by Loop/Pool - Indica - 22-28%

Go with the Flow with Flow Animal Cookies from Loop / Pool.  This high indoor grown, THC indica dominant whole flower features a blizzard of resin and terpenes.  It's dense frosty green buds tipped with purple hues will delight you!  This flower is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG giving it a sweet and sour aroma.

*Will also be available in pre-rolled joints

Root Beer Float by BOLD - Indica - 25-31%

Root Beer Float is a rare indica-dominant hybrid created through crossing XXX OG and Vanilla Kush. Enter into a sweet hazy, earthy bliss with hints of lemon and pine aroma. Enjoy the classic Root Beer flavour combined with frothy vanilla notes. BOLD’s Root Beer Float is hang, dried, slow cured and dry trimmed by hand to accentuate the rich amber hairs and creamy vanilla trichomes.

*Will also be available in pre-rolled joints

Cuban Linx by Tribal - Sativa- 23 - 29%

The diverse richness of exotic terpenes found in Cuban Linx give these buds an invigorating lemony aroma that is accentuated by hints of gassy diesel and a touch of spiciness. A truly refreshing strain, its flavors and smells are as exciting as the high it provides. This strain is most commonly known to provide a euphoric, uplifting high. It is ideal when seeking a stimulating boost in creativity with minimal effects on lucidity. Cuban Linx was bred by crossing TK Skunk and Trigerian. The result is a huge bud with a shape that resembles corn on the cob.

Organic Crunch Berry Kush by Prime Pot Inc. - Indica - 24-29%

Organic Crunch Berry Kush is an indica dominant hybrid with distinct sweet berry aroma inherited from its parents, the renowned Blueberry and Triple OG. The nose on this cultivar is a scintillating tangy/sour affair infused with touches of vanilla, fresh hazelnuts and pine. The flavour is a remarkable fruiting bouquet that leaves a pleasant after-taste.

CNDYLND by Contraband - Sativa - 22 -28%

Bred from the classic strains Grandaddy Purps and Bay Platinum Cookies, CNDYLND grows heavy colas, each looking like they were rolled in crystals with orange hairs woven throughout. CNDYLND combines a sweet start with a pungent, piney finish, giving this strain a unique and earthy nose. We pack our 3.5 g flower in a NitroTin to help preserve the bud until you’re ready to use it. 

*Will also be available in a 14g format

BC Organic Lime Mi’joto - Sativa - 20 - 26%

Our BC Organic Lime M'jito is a FVOPA certified, sativa-leaning flower that is a cross of Limegerian  x Orange Blossom Trail cultivars. The strong lime aromas are complimented by a floral and earthy undertones. Grown in living soil, hang dried for 14 days, cold cured and non irradiated. We are looking forward to having this available at our cannabis stores near you in Oakville, Toronto and Hamilton area's. 

*Will also be available in pre-rolled joints

Orange Tingz by Pistal and Paris - Indica - 24 - 28%

This Indica dominant hybrid is a cross between Slurricane and TMAC. Expect the buds to be heavily frosted and dense to the touch while the flavour leans sweet with subtle grape and berry undertones. The dominant terpenes in this cultivar are Limonene, Trans-Caryophyllene and Ocimene. Reviewers say that Orange Tingz makes for a perfect after dinner, sweet dessert cannabis experience. Grown in soil, hand-watered, hand-trimmed, hang dried with a 10 day cure. Packaged in a glass jar.

Frozen Lemons by Msiku - Sativa - 20 - 25%

Upon opening the jar, you will be hit with a decadent wave of lemon zest. After that initial wave, the complexity of the bouquet sets in with some spicy and sweet undertones. The bright green coloured flowers are dense and coated in trichomes. Vibrant orange hairs and faint purple accents make this cultivar look as good as it tastes. We are extremely excited to round out our list with this latest addition to the line up. Hang dried and hand trimmed to preserve aroma and flavours.

Pink Rozay by Collines Ave - Indica - 20 - 26%

Pink Rozay is a cross between Lemonchello 10 and Lemon Pound Cake 97. This indica-dominant hybrid carries a bright, floral aroma and tastes of sweet strawberries and nutty herbs. You can identify Pink Rozay by its dense olive green nugs with deep pink and purple undertones. 

*Will also be available in a pre-rolled joint

Organic Maple Kush by TGOD - Indica - 20 - 26%

Organic Maple Kush is a certified organic Indica bud grown in living soil, using natural sunlight and purified rainwater. A TGOD original cross between Koloa Sunrise and GG4, Organic Maple Kush gets its name from the natural carbohydrate source used to feed the soil it grows in. Canadian organic maple syrup. Its dense round buds with dark purple and green leaves are covered in frosty-white trichomes and bright orange pistils. This beautiful bud brings with it a tropical, fruity, kush-like finish, a result of Myrcene and Farnesene terpenes that dominate this strain's aroma and flavour. 

Pineapple Nuken by Divvy - Hybrid - 20 - 26%

A cross between Pineapple Haze and Nuken, this high-THC hybrid is a fave for its fluffy, round buds and exotic terp profile. A sweet fruity aroma with earthy undertones thanks to its exotic terp profile high in ocimene,  farnesene, and caryophyllene.

7 Gram Options

Diesel Kush Milled Flower by Pure Sunfarms - Indica - 17 - 23%

A Pure Sunfarms exclusive 7g blend of high-THC cultivars, pre-ground and ready-to-go. Diesel Kush offers high-octane notes of gas, spice, and skunk. Made from sticky, coarsely ground whole flower, grown in BC’s Fraser Valley. No trim. No shake. Portable and handy, the custom pouch includes a unique fold-over lid that doubles as a rolling mat. Each child-resistant pouch is sealed to lock in freshness and to maintain the cure.  When you are considering things to do in Toronto, this strain pairs well with most activities on the go because it's already ground up. 

Banana Cream by Pot Luck - Hybrid - 18 -22%

For the discount smoker looking for something different, Potluck is a new take on the “value ounce” – featuring whole flower pouches designed for mixing and matching your way to an ounce.  Potluck is available in Indica, Sativa, Hybrid 7 g options. Potluck Indica Dominant Hybrid will launch with Banana Cream and will continually introduce new Craft, boutique strains as product sells out. This strain emits strong notes of bananas, with a hint of orange and spearmint, and expresses tight lime green buds. Our Hamilton weed store customers have been particularly keen on seeing this hit our Ancaster cannabis store shelves this January 2022. 

Orange Layer Cake by Pot Luck - Sativa - 16 -22%

Potluck Sativa will launch with Mimosa and will continually introduce new Craft, boutique strains as product sells out. Mimosa will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated . This strain has a strong aroma and flavor that reminds you of its namesake - with notes of fruit and citrus flavors bursting through.

Garlic Chem Grind by Steel City Green - Indica - 18 - 24%

Garlic Chem Grind by Steel City Green is an Indica dominant strain with a very strong THC potency potential. This strain features lineage from GMO and Chem 91 BX1, and features colourful, aromatic whole flower milled to perfection for easy rolling, packing or vaping.. A fragrant fresh-cut-garlic and gas smell is to be expected from this cultivar, paired with a subtle aftertaste of herb and spice. Prominent terpenes include Myrcene, Linalool and Limonene.

28 Gram Options

Nova Glue by Msiku - Hybrid - 20 - 26%

Nova Glue is unique in its heavy resin production and trichome density. Bright, refreshing citrus peel and cloves create a pleasant, festive flavor and aroma. Hang Dried and hand trimmed to preserve aroma and flavours. A lot of people looking for things to do in Hamilton have chosen this strain to bring along.

OS.ONE Durban Poison by Original Stash - Sativa - 18-23%

Durban Poison is a famed landrace cultivar, said to date back centuries to the modern-day port city of Durban. Brought to and refined by breeders in North America, this sativa-dominant strain has high THC potential and fat buds with frosty trichomes all over. Notes. If you are searching for a cannabis store near you that has a large selection on dry herb vaporizers, be sure to visit a Budders Dispensary or shop online. 

*Will also be available in pre-rolled joints

BC Organic Gelato Cake by Simply Bare - Indica - 20 - 26%

Our BC Organic Gelato Cake is a FVOPA certified, indica-dominant flower with dense, sticky buds frosted in trichomes. This potent cultivar is a cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato, our Gelato Cake fuses creamy, doughy aromas with nutty, citrus undertones. Grown in living soil, hang dried for 14 days and cold cured. For the best deals on ounces on ounces, visit a Budders cannabis dispensary near you in Toronto, Hamilton or Halton Hills. 

*Will also be available in a 3.5g format

Island Sugar | Kawehnoke Otsi’kheta by Sev7n - Hybrid - 22 - 28%

When the first Licensed Producer from Indigenous land on Cornwall Island teams up with the best cultivator on Prince Edward Island, you're bound to create sparks. Island Sugar is an indica-dominant hybrid with high levels of CBG and THC. This strain features a tangy citrus aroma with a sweet, fruity flavor and frosty appearance akin to your favorite sugar-coated candy. 


Wedding Cake by Bullrider - Indica - 22 - 28%

Wedding Cake is one of the more popular cultivars of the past few years. Known for high potency THC, this Indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Triangle Kush X Animal Mints.  A rich terpene profile of limonene and beta-caryophyllene gives the strain its sour and tangy aromas with compliments of herbal tones. Its bud structure is dense with purple hues and orange pistols. Small batch (under 700 sqft rooms) hang dried, hand trimmed, and hand packaged. Rolled in an unbleached hemp paper, and packaged in a fully compostable/recyclable tube.  Non-irradiated. 

Khalifa Mints by Ghost Drop - Indica - 23 - 27%

"Ghost Drops Khalifa Mints is an indica dominant hybrid cross between Khalifa Kush and The Menthol. Its hunted by Rockstar Canadian cultivators Headwater Cannabis and grown locally in a micro craft facility. Khalifa Mints is noticeable upon appearance due to its dense, light dark green buds, caked with trichomes, and highlighted by bright hairs. Its nose is heavy, fruity at first scent flowed by notes of pungent peppermint and its flavor is dominated by menthol with hints of citrus followed by a gassy aftertaste.  

Amnesia Haze by Broken Coast - Sativa - 20 - 26%

Amnesia Haze is everything we think a true sativa should be. Uplifting lemon and citrus notes accompanied by energetic spice, earth and zesty aromas from its distinct terpene profile that stays true to her landrace sativa origins. This sativa marvel should satisfy even the most discerning with its lime green buds and delicate texture that is so thickly covered in oily trichomes that you may have trouble letting go. Always grown indoors in small-batch, strain-specific rooms, then slowly hang cured and hand trimmed. At Broken Coast, we grow woah.

Guava Biscotti Blunts by The Loud Plug - Hybrid - 20 - 25%

Great solid grower with a great genetic!! It’s grown in a micro grower cultivation facility located in valley of British Colombia. This amazing cultivar offers a wide spectrum for  greens to cloudy creamy whites. Its covered in Trichome and crystals and has amazing aroma comprised of sweet creamy desert. Gas still comes through. Hung dry for 21 days

OS.ONE Garlic Jelly Pre-Rolls by Orginal Stash - Hybrid - 17 - 22%

Garlic Jelly, aka JMO, is a modern indica-dominant cross, containing impressive lineage from its parents Jelly Breath (OG Kush Breath, thought to be a descendent from Girl Scout Cookies) and GMO (another GSC line crossed with Chemdawg). For those not in the know, those respected genetics lead to very strong THC potential, and inspire a sticky sweet and sharp spicy aroma.  If you are looking for where to buy pre-rolls in Hamilton, Acton or Toronto, visit our weed store to shop a large selection of marijuana products. 

*Will also be available in a 28g format

Duo / Gorilla Breath Pre-Rolls by Pool/Loop - Hybrid - 17 - 23%

Have twice as much fun with Loop / Pool's Duo Gorilla Breath.  This indoor grown Hybrid cross between Original Glue and Kush Breath is high in resin with a strong OG aroma.  You will sense notes of pine, fuel, chocolate and diesel.  Comes in a handy 10 pack of 0.35g pre-rolls. If you are searching for a cannabis store near you that will offer you free cannabis delivery with no order minimum on pre-rolls, check out our Toronto, Acton or Ancaster dispensary menu 

Golden Pineapple Blunt by Lobo - Hybrid - 18 - 24%

The Lobo blunts are made from natural hemp with glass tip, to make sure you have a clean and unimpeded blunt experience. This blunt is packed with Golden Pineapple which is a hybrid cross between Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush. The dominant terpenes are ocimene, farnesene-2 and Limonene. If you are searching for cannabis blunts in Toronto, Halton Hills or Hamilton, consider visiting our cannabis store to get yourself some blunts. 

Florida Citrus Kush by Mood Ring - Indica - 21 - 27%

Mood Ring Florida Citrus Kush is a strong, Indica dominant hybrid. Its dense trichomes covered buds provide a rich creamy taste of spicy citrus topped by a true, but subtle Kush aftertaste. The effect comes on quickly due to the hybrid heritage and after floating on the experience, the Indica influence brings a long-standing euphoric and mellow experience. Using only premium whole flower and organic hemp paper. Packaged in fully compostable pop-tube.  This was one of the most sought after cannabis strains that our weed stores in Ancaster, Toronto and Acton had.  You'll definitely want to keep an eye on this product and hit up a dispensary near you when it hits the store shelves. 

Island Cherry | Kawehnoke Eri'ko:wa by Sev7n - Indica - 22 - 28%

When the first Licensed Producer from Indigenous land on Cornwall Island teams up with the best cultivator on Prince Edward Island, you're bound to create sparks. Island cherry is an indica dominant hybrid with strong cannabinoid and terpene levels. This dessert strain has a loud flavor profile full of sweet cherries and floral undertones to make your mouth water. 

*Will also be available in a 28g format

Organic Sugar Bush by TGOD - Sativa - 20 - 26%

Organic Sugar Bush Pre-Rolled 3-pack is a high-THC, high-terpene sativa 3-pack of 0.5g pre rolls in a reusable green tin. Certified organically grown in living soil, this trichome-covered high-THC sativa gets its Sugar Bush name from the maple tree forests in Quebec - the source of maple syrup that is used to nurture the soil it grows in. The end result, a strain that is full-bodied, and full of aroma - bringing with it a fruity, skunk scent that is reminiscent of ripe melon and passion fruit. Smooth tasting, this Sativa is a must-try and can be enjoyed throughout the day.  If you are a day time smoker who is looking for a dispensary that provides free delivery in Toronto, Oakville or Hamilton - check out our menu. 

Banana Bread by Gage - Hybrid - 20 - 26%

Banana Bread is a cross between Purple Kush and Vietnamese Black. This strain is known for its fresh fruity aroma and sweet nutty taste. You can identify Banana Bread by its light green and dark purple coloring with a thick layer of frosty trichomes.  If you are looking for a cannabis store in Ancaster, Acton or Toronto that is carrying the best selection on cannabis strains - Visit Budders! 

Guava Ghoul by Good Buds - Indica - 16 -21%

Guava Ghoul is an Indica-dominant guava-forward tropical island strain from GOOD BUDS. Grown in Living Organic Soils on Salt Spring Island, BC.

Mule Fule by Sugarbud - Hybrid - 18 - 24%

Mule Fuel is a prominent example of a terpene rich Sugarbud exclusive cultivar phenotyped from our genetic library. Strain lineage of GMO x Lurch presenting an exceptional Myrcene dominant terpene profile followed with high Limonene, Pinene and Caryophyllene . Savory earthy aromas, sweet floral, citrus and pronounced fuel notes. We use 100% bud and no trim in our expertly crafted pre rolls.

London Pound Cake by Cookies - Hybrid - 20 - 26%

An indica-dominant hybrid from the breeders at California-based Cookies Fam Genetics, London Pound Cake is a cross between Sunset Sherbet and an unknown hybrid strain. It has a sweet, menthol flavour profile.

Grape Pie by Qwest - Indica - 23 - 29%

A clash of red fruits: Grape Stomper collides with Cherry Pie - how can you not love this combination? Grape Pie while purple and fruity in name, offers one of the most complex terp profiles to date. Concord grape jelly with a bit of white grape juice is present on the nose, but the flavour is all sweet, diesel-rich earth with a bit of spice - maybe cinnamon raisin? You be the judge. Regardless, Grape Pie is as striking on the nose as it is visually with mauve purple patches and shades of green in a heavy resin undercoat. 

Vape Cartridges

Animal Face FS Live Rosin Syrup 510 Thread Cartridge by Persy - Sativa - 54 - 73%

100% solventless extract, without the use of chemicals, solvents, cuts, fillers, or flavour additives. Premium indoor, whole plant fresh frozen material grown to its full potential. Live Rosin Syrup is made from full spectrum, strain-specific water hash harvested during peak flower to capture the full range of naturally occurring cannabinoids and a high amount of cannabis derived terpenes. Persy Live Rosin Syrup AVD Vape Carts offer mobile dosing with smooth robust flavours that deliver effective and controlled experiences. 

Blue Iguana Refined Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge by Melt - Hybrid - 80 - 86%

Melt’s Blue Iguana is a savory aroma of candy and fruit. A subtle taste of citrus, blueberry, and a hint of spice. A hybrid cross of the award-winning Double Dutch and Old Time Moonshine. Meticulously selected from the freshest high terpene plants, and immediately flash frozen to preserve the highest quality. Fresh frozen cannabis inputs are carefully moved through a hydrocarbon extraction process creating a terpene-rich mixture that is refined and filled into premium AVD 510 thread cartridges designed for maximum purity, flavour, and consistency.  

Cherry Blossom OG 510 Thread Cartridge by Feugo - Hybrid - 85 - 90%

The combination of these strain specific terpenes has created a profile that gives the aroma of cherries and floral sweetness. The rich scent is driven by a terpene profile of Myrcene, Limonene and Beta-Carophyllene. Combined with a potent THC distillate in a high-grade 510 cartridge to provide a flavour driven experience. 

Jack BLK Cherry 510 Cartridge by Fume - Indica - 80 - 90%

Jack BLK Cherry 510 Cartridge is a mashup of solventless extracted terpenes from Jack Herer, Silver Lemon and Black Cherry Punch strains giving the oil a fruity, cherry aroma. The terpenes are infused into a high THC oil to create a product that is loaded with unique flavour and is 100% cannabis derived. 

Mango Sapphire Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge by The Wild Florist - Hybrid

Mango Sapphire whole-bud flower is harvested and immediately fresh-frozen to preserve maximum terpenes and cannabinoids when processed through a proprietary hydrocarbon extraction. The resulting premium Live Resin extract is then filled into an industry leading 510-thread vape cartridge.  These vape cartridges are made with glass, medical-grade stainless steel, and a ceramic core for smooth inhalation and incredible flavour.

Spiced Pear Full Spectrum 510 Thread Cartridge by Elios Reserve - Hybrid - 60 - 80%

Filled with carefully selected flower, that is processed with C02 extraction, achieving a full spectrum terpene rich extract. A smooth, flavorful juice, sure to please. The high terpene profile flower extract will deliver a complex flavor experience of fruit, woody, spicy with a hint of cinnamon.  Budders is a great destination for people looking for 510 threaded vape cartridges in the Hamilton area.  Visit a cannabis store near you to find this and other 510 vape carts.

Sativa Ghost Train Haze 510 Thread Cartridge by Feather - Sativa - 83 - 89%

Nitrogen extracted terpenes from premium Ghost Train Haze flower. This strain-specific formula offers high THC potency for the discerning cannabis consumer looking for a true-to-flower experience. Sativa GTH has a rich cannabis-derived terpene profile with flavour notes of OG kush, florals, citrus and pine. This legendary sativa strain is known for its aroma and potency, formulated at 83-89% THC. This discreet and intuitive proprietary design is made of premium materials such as stainless steel, glass and soft-touch finish.  Sativa 510 vape cartridges are great for people looking for things to do in Toronto during the day. 

Sativa Maui Wowie 510 Thread Cartridge by Ambr - Sativa - 80 - 86%

Ambr’s Sativa is a Maui Wowie 510 cartridge made with botanical terpenes developed from the flavours and aroma found in Maui wowie, a sativa dominant strain known for its pineapple, mango and pine flavours. Equipped with a ceramic atomizer for a smoother vaping experience.

Tropical Diesel CBG (Chill Bliss) 510 Thread Cartridge by Spinach Feelz - Hybrid - 67 - 73%

Looking for Chill Bliss? Sunshine, salt air, and not a care in the world. Now you can feel the beach vibes whenever you choose with SPINACH FEELZ™ Tropical Diesel CBG vape - a new take on award-winning SPINACH™ Diesel, boosted with CBG for a happy and relaxed experience. Features sweet tangerine, citrusy flavour notes and extra tropical goodness. 

Up In The Sky (FS Liquid Wax) 510 Thread Cartridge by Broken Coast - Sativa - 73 - 86%

Up In The Sky has touched down in Liquid Wax Vape form filled with profound aromas of lime and orange zest. Known for its strong and unique terpene profile that smacks of citrus and spice, Up In The Sky has a dominant terpene profile that includes Caryophyllene, Myrcene and Limonene that offer enticing aromas that translate exceptionally to the flavour profile. A true representation of the Up In The Sky strain, this full spectrum 0.5g fill comes in at 73%-80% THC for a true strain experience. Just like broken coast, Budders Cannabis stores got you covered for free, same day weed delivery - from Toronto to Hamilton and everything in between. 

Okanagan Sugar Live Terp 510 Thread Cartridge by Verse Concentrates - Sativa - 74 - 80%

A refined method of supercritical CO2 extraction carefully extracts and collects the complete rich terpene profile of Okanagan Sugar. This comprehensive profile is blended with high purity distillate to create an experience that tastes like a live plant, which does not compromise on potency. The cartridge is compatible with 510 thread batteries and is manufactured with glass and high-grade medical stainless steel, featuring a ceramic heating element and mouthpiece. 

Orange Tings Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge by General Admission - Sativa

Live resin cartridges give you the premium experience of live concentrates in an easy to use format. Orange Tings Live Resin gives you plenty of tangerine flavour without the pith. Citrus and sweet at first taste, giving way to berries and red fruit on exhale, this is a bright sativa leaning bouquet.

Wedding Crasher 510 Thread Cartridge by Tenzo - Indica - 80 - 86% 

These premium 510 carts are made with a unique blend of craft cannabis derived terpenes (via solventless terpene extraction), and triple distilled botanical terps. Wedding Crasher was curated to deliver a delightful array of berry, grape & vanilla flavour. Our oil is housed in high-end glass, ceramic and stainless steel hardware to prevent leakage; a custom soft-touch mouthpiece which delivers better air flow and added comfort.  If this 510 vape cartridge is something you want to try out, remember, Cannabis delivery is free and same day from all our cannabis stores.  

Creemore Valley Kush Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge by Purple Hills - Indica - 69 - 75%

Purple Hills Creemore Valley Kush Live Resin Carts are filled with pure, terpene-rich, live resin. The terpene-rich, aromatic flower is preserved through flash-freezing at harvest and then concentrated through hydrocarbon extraction. The resulting live resin contains all of the flower’s sun-expressed flavonoids, terpenes and cannabinoids, packing a more complete and complex cannabis flavour than CO2 or ethanol extracts. The Creemore Valley Kush Live Resin Cart is an indica dominant hybrid, bearing flavours of herb and spice, with notes of honey. Valley Kush still delivers the earthy sweetness that kush fans search high AND low for.  All Budders Cannabis dispensaries in Toronto, Acton and Ancaster have 510 threaded vape cartridges for sale every week.

California Citrus 510 Thread Cartridge by Dompen - Sativa - 80 - 86%

Dompen™ California Citrus cartridges contain a total of 1g of potent THC distillate combined with flavorful terpenes. With optimized airflow, clog-prevention technology, and a next-generation proprietary ceramic wick, Dompen has been designed for performance. California Citrus is a bright and tangy sativa-dominant strain that is perfect for discreet daytime use.

Blueberry Kush High THC 510 Thread Cartridge by Pure Sunfarms - Indica - 83 - 89%

Pure Sunfarms Blueberry Kush High THC vape offers a fruit-forward profile of blueberry, spice, and sweet lemon. Based on the popular BC cultivar, refined THC distillate is combined with botanical terpenes including myrcene, pinene, and limonene for a refreshing and smooth vape experience. Made with a custom ceramic mouthpiece, glass tank, and ceramic coil, every component of the cartridge is tested for quality and safety.


Resin-Infused Pre-Rolls by Dadbods - Hybrid - 38 - 45%

The resin infused pre rolls maintain all of the terpenes from the live plant and combines them with cured hand crafted flower in a convenient 0.5gram format for individual consumption. These pre rolls feature the popular strain "Grape Ape" - an Indica dominant hybrid strain that has been known for its strong genetics - Afghani and Medocino Purps. This is known to provide relaxed and happy effects expected with an Indica. Robust flavours of ripe grapes and sweet berry citrus flavour profiles explode out of these 3 pack pre rolls. Providing you a perfect combination of concentrate and pre roll, Dab Bods infused pre rolls are a must have to share with friends.

Peanut Butter Mac Live Rosin by BLK MKT - Hybrid - 60 - 85%

Introducing solventless full-melt Peanut Butter Mac live hash rosin. A BLKMKT exclusive produced from premium handcrafted flower. Fresh frozen at harvest, washed, pressed and cold cured by real OG's. Experience an aroma and flavour that tastes just like it sounds. Live Rosin and dab rigs go hand in hand.  Be sure to check out our selection on glass for concentrates if you are new to this method of consumption. 

Okanagan Moon Rock by Okanagan Moon Rock - Indica - 60 - 70%

Okanagan Moon Rocks are hand trimmed AAA quality indica buds, rolled in full spectrum oil and then rolled in high quality keif for an enhanced smoking experience. Produced in Canada's famous Okanagan region under LED lights, this unique product is well known in the legacy market and much sought after in the new legal retail market. If you want to buy moon rocks in Toronto, our cannabis stores will have these in stock when they drop.  

* There doesn't appear to be any new hash products hitting the legal cannabis stores this January.  However, if you are wondering what is hash and how to smoke hash, check out our blog post!

Georgia P. Diamonds by C. - Hybrid - 80 - 90%

Extracted with care using a BHO process, a terpene-rich "sauce" is subjected to careful heat and pressure over a period of at least four weeks to allow THCA crystals to form. Scintillating like diamonds, this product will resonate for the cannabis connoisseur.  If you are searching for a dispensary in Toronto, Acton or Ancaster that has concentrate diamonds, Budders Cannabis store will definitely have these stocked when they drop. 

*Best paired with the Georgia P. sauce for the most effective experience which will also be available 

BC Organic Gas Monkey Live Rosin by Simply Bare - Indica - 68 - 76%

This BC Organic Gas Monkey Live Rosin is an indica dominant cross between Chemdawg and Sour Diesel giving a pungent diesel with sharp earthy aroma. Made from our fresh-frozen, terpene-rich whole flower with all the delicate goodness extracted from it to form a rich, potent sap. Untouched by solvents to give a pure cannabis experience. Then cold cured before being placed in a glass puck with an anti-stick liner.  Live Rosin users who use a dab rig, will definitely want to visit a cannabis store when this item hits the shelves.  

Amnesia Haze Live Resin Butter by Broken Coast - Sativa 

Taking woah to new heights, Amnesia Haze Live Resin Budder is here. This flavourful and terpy concentrate uses flash-freezing to preserve the potent sativa’s unique terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids. The result is a potent and uplifting strain in a smooth, dabbable concentrate. Expect big zesty lemon and citrus notes accompanied by an energetic spice and earthiness. Many customers who have bought a dab rig in Canada from Budders, would look forward to this concentrate.

CBD Mango 3:1 Live Resin by Premium 5 - Hybrid - 14 - 22% THC 52 - 60% CBD

Premium 5 CBD Mango 3:1 Live Resin Baller Jars carry a huge punch of Mango and tropical flavours plus a massive 3.5g of total extract! All of that is paired with a remarkable 3:1 CBD to THC profile. This beautiful concentrate is crafted using proprietary hydrocarbon extraction and is packed into a large glass jar for optimal storage.  If you are searching for CBD from a dispensary, visit a Budders store in Toronto, Ancaster or Acton to find the right product for you. 

Budders Cannabis is one of the first 100 licensed cannabis dispensaries in Ontario and we are among the first dispensaries in Ancaster, Ontario Canada – just 45-minutes outside of Toronto, Ontario.

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