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Dry Flower

3.5 Gram Options

WEED ME LIMITED BATCH New York 47 - Sativa - 20-25%

New York 47 is a sativa dominant strain of very potent THC potential. It is made by crossing NYC Diesel with AK-47. It boasts a sweet, fresh grapefruit flavour with slight earthiness on exhale. The aroma is sweet citrus with a floral diesel overtone. Its light minty green buds are coated with bright crystal trichomes and dark red pistils.

Weed Me New York

OUEST Sweet Demon - Indica - 27-32%

Don’t let this sweet strain fool you with its fruit forward facade. This is an extremely potent strain with staying power. Take a few puffs and unleash the demon. 

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PURA VIDA LEGACY Strawberry Octane - Sativa - 22-26%

Pura Vida Legacy Strawberry Octane Flower is a sativa that offers a classic strawberry taste with sour undertones and a spicy exhale. Pura Vida has taken special care in selecting genetics to provide you with the highest quality experience that will leave you expecting the best.

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QWEST RESERVE Grape Pie - Indica - 25-31%

Taking our deep roots in cultivation to the next level, Qwest reserve is a testament to our grower's seed bank and the treasure trove we've gathered in hard-to-find, but sought-after genetics. Here you'll find limited lots, selective releases of only the most high-calibre but seldom listed cultivars. These are genetics with a groundswell elsewhere, but not yet discovered on Canadian soil. Discover something different, but altogether special, with our Qwest Reserve. A clash of red fruits: Grape Stomper collides with Cherry Pie. Grape Pie, while purple and fruity in name, offers one of the most complex terp profiles to date. Concord grape jelly with a bit of white grape juice is present on the nose, but the flavour is all sweet, diesel-rich earth with a bit of spice - maybe cinnamon raisin? You be the judge. Regardless, Grape Pie is as striking on the nose as it is visually, with mauve/purple patches and shades of green in a heavy resin undercoat.

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CRUUZY Sugar Shack Sativa -  Sativa - 20-26%

Cozy up to Cruuzy’s newest sativa-dominant strain: Blue Sherbert. Much like the rolled up maple taffy we all know and love, Sugar Shack is some of that delicious sticky-icky packed with robust flavours. Stock up today because this strain won’t last forever and you don’t want to get stuck with the fruitcake.  

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EMERALD Chocolope - Sativa - 20-26%

Chocolope has a mouth-watering flavour profile, which is heavily reminiscent of a sweet mug of morning coffee, served with a small side of rich, dark chocolate. The initial scent that impacts your senses of this potent cultivar, is a roasted, coffee-like scent that eventually melts into earthy and pungent undertones. Covered in sticky trichomes, Chocolope is sure to delight.

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FLOWR UNDERGROUND SERIES Sour Sis - Sativa - 25-30%

Lime green accented with orange hairs, Sour Sis is a cross of Peyote Purple and White Fire OG. A true sour, Sous Sis has strong citrus undertones, enhanced by a twenty-one day cure in stainless steel CVAULTs. Hang dried and hand trimmed, this high-THC, sativa-leaning cultivar.

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JOI BOTANICALS Purple Punch Mints #11 - Indica - 19.5 - 25.5%

Complex and distinguished., Purple Punch Mints is a fruity lineage of Purple Punch and Kush Mints #11. PPMs terpene profile is a creamy combination of grape juice and blueberry muffins and upon glance, looks as if it has candied layers due its dense coating of trichomes. At Joi we hang dry, hand trim, and cure in stainless steel containers for at least 14 days to ensure a quality finish. Glass jars are filled by hand and include humidity packs inside to maintain optimal freshness. Enjoi!

purple punch strain

OGEN Dosi-GMOsi #6  - Sativa - 22-28%

The flowers from dosi-GMOsi #6 have dense, stacked bracts that shift from lime green to dark purple at the tips - though these colours are often masked by an intense canopy of trichomes. The diesel and sweet citrus bouquet are immediately apparent - but there is also a subtle savoury spice that creates a balanced funky aroma that is out of this world!

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1964 Organic Romulan - Indica - 19-23%

Romulan is an indica-dominant derived from the North American Indica and White Rhino lineages. It produces dense, frosty buds and has a flavour profile that boasts notes of pine, earth, and citrus. It is a popular choice among legacy growers in the Pacific Northwest. Grown in living soil, hang-dried for 14 days and cold cured.

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48NORTH Skullcap - Hybrid - 21-27%

This resinous beauty will have you salivating before the bag is opened. With over 4% terpenes, our small-batch Black Label Skullcap is an indica hybrid that delivers an alluring gassy diesel aroma with fruity berry undertones. A cross between Sour Headstash and Biker Kush from legendary Karma Genetics, this indoor-grown flower is carefully hang-dried, hand-trimmed and hand-packed with a Boveda pack for a clean, fresh smoke.

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BROKEN COAST Kush Mints - Hybrid - 20-26%

Kush Mints is one of the most densely trichome covered buds the growers at Broken Coast have ever seen. The buds are exceptionally shaped with bright green and purple colouration, hidden under the thick covering of crystals. Expect a thick dusting of kief to form on everything that touches these buds. Rife with notes of mint, hash and a subtly fruity scent, you’ll want to experience this quality hybrid again and again. Always grown indoors in small-batch, strain-specific rooms, then slowly hang cured and hand trimmed. At Broken Coast, we grow woah.

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BROKEN COAST Sunset Sherbet - Indica - 20-26%

Sunset Sherbet is one of the more coveted cultivars ever grown by Broken Coast. Exhibiting dense indica flowers with deep purple and silver colouration, the large swollen calyxes are covered so thickly in glandular trichomes they're almost white. With the most abundant terpenes being caryophyllene, myrcene and limonene, Sunset Sherbet may be our most fruit-forward strain yet, evoking the truly unique smell and taste of a basket of strawberries and guava. But don’t let those rich aromas fool you, there’s prominent dank and pungent undertones that any great cannabis cultivar should have. Always grown indoors in small-batch, strain-specific rooms, then slowly hang cured and hand trimmed. At Broken Coast, we grow woah.

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BURB BC Rockstar - Hybrid - 20-26%

BC Rockstar is a hybrid strain that crosses Rockbud with Sensi Star. This strain presents strong aromas of grape and spice.

burb cannabis strains

BZAM Amherst Sour Diesel - Sativa - 22-28%

Amherst Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid from BZAM with very strong THC potency potential. It's got a unique flavour profile from myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene, giving it distinctive notes of tropical fruit, citrus, wood and diesel. Grown indoors, this small-batch strain is a proud result of BZAM's ongoing genetic pheno-hunt, but you certainly don't need to wear camouflage to partake. Wham. Zing. Whoosh. Everything just got better.

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CASTLE ROCK FARMS Gelato Soap - Hybrid - 23-28%

Gelato x Sherb x (Gelato 41 x Animal Mints bx1). These buds are green and purple covered in a thick layer of trichomes. The buds pack a very strong sweet nose and the flavours to match. This is a premium variety hands down for those seeking quality with extraordinary colors, flavours and scents. These buds are very unique and the trichome density will surprise even the most experienced cannabis customers. This product was grown in a small batch craft cannabis system. These flowers were grown in sea of green, drip irrigation, hand harvested, hand trimmed and hand packed.

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COAST MOUNTAIN CANNABIS BC Organic Pemberton Pink - Indica - 23-29%

100% Certified Organic by PACS. Ultra-Premium. BC grown. Grown indoors in organic living soil without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilizers. Flowers are dried using a slow cold cure, before being carefully hand trimmed and packed in glass jars. BC Organic Pemberton Pink (Island Pink Kush) has the lineage of King and Afghan Kush. Known for its beautiful looks and great taste, this ancient and elusive strain has the three dominant terpenes of beta- caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene resulting in its sweet taste and aroma of vanilla, earth, and pine. Important to us and our community, we have committed to plant 1 tree for every cannabis plant we harvest through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

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BC GREEN Stankasaurus - Hybrid - 20-27%

Stankasaurus is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the Dino Meat #8 X Mr. Stinky strains. Stankasaurus has a super pungent and dank skunky diesel aroma. The flavour is on the lighter side, with an earthy diesel taste and hints of sour peppery skunk upon exhale. This bud has fat oversized spade-shaped forest green shape with thin yellow-orange hairs and a coating of tiny purple-tinted white crystal trichomes. These flowers were grown in a small batch craft system with maximum TLC. The flowers were grown using sea of green, drip irridated, hand harvested, hand trimmed and hand packaged.

RedNeck Wedding - Hybrid - 23% - 29%

Qwest was born from a deep appreciation for the plant and its process. We are here for the journey every grower undertakes with each new harvest, and we respect that even with the most familiar cultivars there's always opportunity to go beyond the ordinary. Make no mistake, this is neither a Cake nor a CKS varietal. Redneck Wedding comes from crossing Trophy Wife with GMO. While notes of cherry are present, the unique, pungent and altogether musky aroma of GMO plays through when first taking a whiff of Redneck Wedding. Once ground you'll find the musk from a vintage store fades away and gives rise to a lovely nuttiness, coffee ground and spice, with fuel upon exhale. Dark green dense buds are completely frosted, making this trichome-rich bud as white as a wedding.

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PureSun Farms - Jet Fuel Gelato - Hybrid - 22-28%

Jet Fuel Gelato is a potent, high-THC cultivar born in the Pacific Northwest, covered in a thick layer of frosty trichomes. A dairy and diesel-driven hybrid, it presents aromas of citrus and pepper from dominant terpenes caryophyllene, myrcene, and linalool. Its dense sage green buds show flashes of purple and coral. The flowers are hand harvested, dry trimmed, and packed fresh. 


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7 Gram Options

COMMON GROUND Larry the Purple Alien Milled Ready-to-Roll - Indica - 18-24%

Larry the Purple Alien is an Indica-dominant Alien Kush and Larry OG cross from California. Its green and purple buds smell of sweet blackberries, fresh soil, pine, with a hint of menthol. The flavour is subtle but tart, and slightly spicy – a delicate pique with a subsequent deep, earthy descent.    Our ready-to-roll milled flower comes from sun-grown, outdoor cannabis that's been hang-dried, carefully trimmed and evenly ground for consistent blending and rolling.

Pre-Ground cannabis

COMMON GROUND Master Kush Milled Ready-to-Roll - Indica -  18-24%

The Master Kush genetic has an earthy and spicy aromatic quality with touches of pine and citrus. This herbal, indica-dominant strain will inspire the senses. Rich in minor cannabinoids (CBC and CBG) and terpenes (caryophyllene, farnesene, humulene, bisabolol and nerolidol).    Our ready-to-roll milled flower comes from sun-grown, outdoor cannabis that's been hang-dried, carefully trimmed and evenly ground for consistent blending and rolling.

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28 gram Options

TWD.28 Himalayan Kush - Indica - 18-24%

Twd.28 Himalayan Kush is an indica dominant strain with high THC potential and minimal amounts of CBD. It originates in a mountain range in the Himalayan region. Its dense buds are covered in trichomes, giving off strong aromas of earth & pine.

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WEATHERED ISLANDS CRAFT CANNABIS Sweet Texada Lavender - Sativa - 18-22%

Sun grown organically on Texada Island, this unique sativa dominant strain has an amazing terpene profile revealing sweet, lavender and woody aromas. Every small batch of this coastal island flower receives only the highest quality inputs, including seaweed, high quality compost and Indigenous microorganisms. Our gardens, surrounded by specific flowers, attract beneficial insects that control pests while also naturally encouraging a more fragrant flower. High amounts of camphene and linalool with low amounts of myrcene emboldens the sativa in this Weathered Islands hidden gem.

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Puresun Farms - Jet Fuel Gelato

BACK FORTY Fruity Pebbles OG - Indica - 17-23%

Back Forty Fruity Pebbles OG is a hybrid that is a cross between Green Ribbon and Tahoe Alien and is grown with eco-conscious practices. The scent is just what you'd expect, sweet fruit! On top of the great smell, these buds look great in a bowl as they are vibrant and bright. This strain has high THC potency and is packaged in a resealable foil pouch to make sure your bud stays fresh. Back Forty requires no introduction because it already feels familiar. Take a trip and explore the Back Forty.

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BIG BAG O BUDS Lemon Margy - Sativa - 17-23%

Big Buds. Big Terps. Big Bag. Not all flower is worthy of an ounce, except Big Bag. Lemon Margy’s parents (lineage) Lemon Jack x Frozen Margy have come together to create a bright citrus aroma thanks to a unique bushel of terps: terpinolene, limonene, β-ocimene, myrcene, β-pinene. Expect to experience a sweet citrus trifecta of lemon, lime and grapefruit with an undercurrent of diesel and faint finishing notes of spice. Lemon Margy is a sativa-leaning strain with dense spade-shaped buds, featuring burnt orange pistils and a healthy coat of trichomes. Just imagine, all those citrusy terps just waiting for you in that Big Bag…

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Pre-roll Options

AHLOT X THINKER 12 Js for the Holidays - Hybrid - 20-26%

A favourite of the legacy market, AHLOT x THINKER present “12 Js for the Holidays”, Canada’s first legal, advent-inspired cannabis calendar featuring 12 x 0.25g pre-rolls across two curated cultivars. Six of the pre-rolls are KSmorz, a sativa with a lineage of Zookies and PCS1, and six of the pre-rolls are from Dos Z Dos, an indica with a lineage of Do Si Dos and Zen. Each pre-roll is made from 100% whole flower that is hang dried, hand trimmed and hand packed to meet the criteria for the OCS Craft Designation.

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BLK MKT Cake Pops BLNT - Indica - 18-24%

Cake Pops is an indica-dominant hybrid which crosses Blow Pops with Wedding Cake. Pungent, with a unique mix of sweetness and straight gas, this one stands apart from the crowd. Our premium BLNTs are packed by centrifuge in 100% All-Natural Hemp wraps, and hand-finished in recyclable glass tubes.

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BLK MKT The Mac Pac Pre-Rolls - Indica - 18-24%

Introducing The Mac Pac. A collection of three MAC crosses in one premium pre-roll pack. MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) with Watermelon OG, Ice Cream Cake, and Peanut Butter Breath, offers a unique option to anyone searching for a variety pack.

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BOAZ / JANE WEST Nighttime Mini-Joints  - Indica - 20-27%

Jane West and Boaz have teamed up to bring Nighttime Mini-Joints. We only use full flower Quad Buds with no kief removed to produce premium Mini-Joints for your convenience. Perfect single size 0.35g pre-rolls in a convenient 5 pack. A spice, sour aroma that is balanced with sweetness and floral undertones. The terpene profile is dominated by myrcene followed by caryophyllene and limonene.

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BOAZ / JANE WEST Daytime Mini-Joints - Sativa - 18-24%

Jane West and Boaz have teamed up to bring Daytime Mini-Joints. We only use full flower Quad Buds with no kief removed to produce premium Mini-Joints for your convenience. Perfect single size 0.35g pre-rolls in a convenient 5 pack. The aroma is earthy, gassy with a sour citrus overtone that’s accented by sweet berries and heavy diesel.

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BURB BC Zaza Pre-Rolls - Hybrid - 20-26%

BC Zaza is a sativa-dominant hybrid that crosses Animal Face x Sherb Crasher. Strong tropical fruit and vanilla flavours offer a sweet and sour aroma

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CITIZEN STASH Holiday Mixer Pre-Rolls- Hybrid - 17-30%

In time for the holidays, Citizen Stash brings you the 12 pre-rolls of Christmas.  12 different, unique Citizen Stash strains in one special pack. Makes a great gift.

citizen stash pre rolls for the holidays

EDISON CANNABIS CO Limelight + Black Cherry Punch Pre-Roll Combo Pack - Blend - 18-24%

A combo pack of Limelight (sativa) + Black Cherry Punch (indica) Pre-Rolls are high THC. Giving you two different experiences, in one convenient pack.

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MSIKU Frozen Lemons Pre-Rolls - Sativa - 20-25%

Upon opening the jar, you will be hit with a decadent wave of lemon zest. After that initial wave, the complexity of the bouquet sets in with some spicy and sweet undertones. The bright green coloured flowers are dense and coated in trichomes. Vibrant orange hairs and faint purple accents make this cultivar look as good as it tastes. We are extremely excited to round out our list with this latest addition to the line-up. Pre-rolls are made with 100 % milled flower.

msiku pre rolls

MSIKU Gelato 33 x Tropicana Cookies Pre-Rolls  - Indica - 20-26%

The aromatics on this wonderful cultivar are true to its Gelato #33 and Tropicana Cookies lineage. Extremely sweet and almost candy like, with a hint of vanilla. The aesthetic presents dark green flowers with purple hues, with the structure leaning more towards Tropicana Cookies. Between the aromatics and the colours, this may be the most beautiful genetic we have grown. Pre-rolls are made with 100% milled flower.

msiku gelato pre rolls

PINNRZ Blue (Gasoline and Diesel and Kerosene) Pre-Rolls - Blend - 18-24%

PINNRZ BLUE is an excellent smoke. Our 6 pack of small 0.25g potent to very potent THC joints, classically referred to as a “pinner", are carefully selected cured cannabis blends packed in translucent tasteless white papers. Every PNNRZ is machine milled, hand twisted and packaged (in Ontario) to preserve aromas and memorable flavours of gas, diesel and kerosene. PINNRZ are deeply synonymous with a quick, convenient, smooth smoke - something you can expect from us the first and every time.

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PINNRZ Yellow (Fruit and Citrus and Berry) Pre-Rolls - blend- 18-24%

PINNRZ YELLOW is an excellent smoke. Our 6 pack of small 0.25g potent to very potent THC joints, classically referred to as a “pinner", are carefully selected cured cannabis blends packed in translucent tasteless white papers. Every PNNRZ is machine milled, hand twisted and packaged (in Ontario) to preserve aromas and memorable flavours of fruit, citrus and berry. PINNRZ are deeply synonymous with a quick, convenient, smooth smoke - something you can expect from us the first and every time.    

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SEV7N Milk & Cookiez | onòn-ta & Karé-t Pre-Rolls - Hybrid - 17-23%

Brought to you by the first Licensed Producer on indigenous land, a limited run of our debut house bred & selected cultivar - Milk & Cookiez. Just in time for the holiday season, this strain has a creamy flavour profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sour dough.

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Vape Cart Options

1g Vape Cartridge Options

Alien OG - Hybrid - 80-86%

BOXHOT PRESENTS: Alien OG, a 1.2 g 510 threaded vape, featuring a colossal 1000MG of THC and some of the purest cannabis distillate available on the market. This extraterrestrial monster blasts you with gas, earthy and lime flavours on the inhale, and leaves you with a fruity and pine exhale.    All Boxhot vapes are manufactured with exclusive, oversized hardware, making them optimized for big, full hits. Better yet, all Boxhot vapes are produced with industry-leading CO2 extraction and refining processes, and feature an entourage of expertly infused premium strain-specific terpenes.

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CRUUZY Sugar Spice Indica 510 Thread Cartridge - Indica -77.5-88.5% 

A species of cannabis that originates from the Hindu Kush mountain range within Afghanistan and Pakistan. The plants are normally bushier than Cannabis sativa.

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COMMON GROUND Chem Glue 510 Thread Cartridge - Hybrid - 77- 83%

Chem Glue is a hybrid strain with an herbal, woody and slight diesel aroma. This tenacious combination of Chem Dawg and Gorilla Glue hits with sweet, sour and musky notes. Rich in minor cannabinoids (CBG and CBDV) and terpenes (farnesene, caryophyllene, humulene, bisabolol and guaiol).    With more than 90% total cannabinoid content in each cartridge, it’s a potent, full-spectrum experience coming from only high purity, refined cannabis and cannabis-derived terpenes – no additives. Ideal for the discerning cannabis connoisseur who looks for enhanced flavour, smell, and smoothness

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DIVVY California Orange 510 Thread Cartridge - Sativa - 77.5-83.5%

Hello Cali-O! Inspired by the zesty aroma and freshly squeezed citrus flavour of Cali-O, this 510 Vape is made using CO₂-extracted distillate mixed with a custom blend of botanical terps. Each cart is capped with a plastic mouthpiece and features a glass tank and ceramic heating coil that thread on to any 510 battery.  

california orange vape cartridge

DIVVY Pineapple Nuken 510 Thread Vape Cart - Hybrid - 77.5% - 83.5%

A taste of the tropics, Divvy Pineapple Nuken 510 Vapes are inspired by this tropical strain and made using CO₂-extracted distillate mixed with a custom blend of botanical terps. Each cart is capped with a plastic mouthpiece and features a glass tank and ceramic heating coil that thread on to any 510 battery.  

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EDISON CANNABIS CO Blue Velvet 510 Thread Cartridge - Indica - 80-85%

Edison’s indica-dominant Blue Velvet 510 Feather vape cartridge has arrived. Modeled after Blueberry Kush, Blue Velvet has a gentle and complex formulation that is smooth and highly sessionable. Blue Velvet has a well-rounded profile that incorporates a classic kush flavour balanced by a sweet, soft and silky blueberry backer to complete the experience. Available exclusively from Edison, this 1g Feather 510 cartridge has a high-potency range and is jam packed with kushy, blueberry flavour. Edison’s extracts are a beautiful light golden colour and are expertly distilled to remove all waxes, sugars and chlorophyll to deliver a consistent potency. The Feather 510 design is unique, sleek and sophisticated, using medical grade steel and a soft-touch outer layer to create a beautiful and functional piece of vape hardware.

510 vape carts Hamilton

MOOD RING Jack Flash 510 Thread Cartridge - Sativa - 80-86%

Jack La Mota flower is known for long, dense, compact buds dripping with trichomes. This long flowering strain provides a complex aroma and flavour profile that starts with a strike of lemon, followed by pronounced notes of red berries, juniper, sandalwood and spice. Extensive R&D was conducted on premium Jack La Mota flower to ensure Mood Ring Jack La Mota 510 Vape Cartridge provides this greatly popular flower profile and experience in a convenient vape format.

jack flash vape cart

Santa Cruz Haze Shatter 510 Thread Cartridge -  Hybrid - 76-83%

Derived from popular strain Blue Dream- a sativa-dominant cross of Blueberry and Haze - we use hydrocarbon to produce this Santa Cruz Haze shatter, formulated for convenient use in a 510-thread cartridge. This product contains 3-4% total terpenes with myrcene, ɑ-pinene, and β-caryophyllene as the dominant terpenes.

Santa Cruz haze shatter cart

RAD Holiday Sessions Vol 1. Multipack - Indica /Sativa -82-88%

RAD Holiday Sessions Vol. 1 Gingerbread and Christmas Loaf Distillate Vapes offer a festive feast packed with THC. These distillate cartridges are potent with delicious sweet and spicy flavour profiles. These extracts are housed in high quality hardware that will fit with any 510 battery (not included). These carts have an impressive 5% botanical terpene profile and incredible flavour

510 vape cart toronto

SEV7N Island Cherry | Kawehnoke Eri'ko:wa 510 Thread Cartridge -  Hybrid - 80-85%

Brought to you by the first Licensed Producer on indigenous land, Island cherry is an indica dominant hybrid variety. This dessert strain has a loud flavour profile full of sweet cherries and mouth-watering floral undertones.

SPINACH Atomic Sour Grapefruit 510 Thread Cartridge - Indica - 77-82%

Watch out for our ASG Vape! This Spinach™ exclusive packs with grapefruit flavours at near nuclear levels. A cross of Chemdawg and the potent SFV OG Kush, inspired by our Atomic Sour Grapefruit cultivar. Terpenes like alpha-humulene, pinene and terpinolene combine to deliver an over-the-top explosive flavour of sour-citrus. Our proprietary cold-filtered extract, distilled 4x through sub-zero temps, ensures ASG’s flavour and consistency.

spinach products

VIOLA Grandma's Pie Live Terpene 510 Thread Cartridge - THC - 22-30% / CBD - 40-48%

This balanced CBD 1:1 THC hybrid delivers a sharp floral nose profile with hints of a candy-like smell. The VIOLA 510 Cartridge is expertly formulated to deliver a smooth, full flavour each and every draw. Produced with fresh frozen live resin extracts, the rich terpene profile produces a stronger aroma and a fuller flavour, while our premium hardware featuring CCELL Technology delivers a consistent dose with every activation.

WHITE NGL Orange Icicle Live Resin 510 Thread Cartridge - Indica - 76-84%

Orange Icicle live resin vape carts offers full-spectrum representation of the popular indica-dominant strain recognized for its bright citrus flavours. Unlike distillates, our terpene-rich live resin vape sauce boasts the namesake’s original flavours and aroma profiles, perfect for those who seek a pure and unfettered representation of their favourite strains. Featuring a complex mix of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that have been extracted via hydrocarbon processing, our unique vape carts offer an experience that benefits from the synergistic abilities (entourage effect) of a true full-spectrum product. Simply put, while other carts use additives and distillates to attempt to replicate the taste and experience of popular strains, our superior live resin carts offer the purity, potency and profile that can only be achieved with live-resin, conveniently stored in a 510 threaded cartridge. 


SIMPLY BARE BC Organic Blue Dream Pax Pod - 0.5G - Sativa - 76-82%

Our sativa-dominant BC Organic Blue Dream pods are extracted from cured, dried flower. Crafted in a proprietary blend; the resulting oil is a full expression of the flower, from our Blue Dream cultivar. We recommend consuming at the optimal temperature to truly appreciate the aromas of blueberries growing wild in their peak summer season with peppery undertones. Consult the PAX app to find the recommended optimal temperature for this cultivar. 

Simply Bare Pax Pod

FUME Black Cherry Punch Pax Pod -  Indica - 79-85%

Black Cherry Punch Pax Pod is a full spectrum oil made from popular indica-dominant Black Cherry Punch strain with dark cherry aromas. Fume’s Full Spectrum Oils are formulated with their proprietary solventless extracted terpenes and a wide range of cannabinoids to provide a full flower experience and true entourage effect. Our Pax Pods give an authentic strain experience and maximum flavour.

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HEARTBEAT HOT SAUCE X BOGART'S KITCHEN Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce - 10%

Boldly pronounced fruitiness and a bright but balanced heat with a savoury vibe. This Pineapple Habanero hot sauce contains 10mg of THC. It's a sweet and spicy collab from Thunder Bay’s notorious hot sauce makers infused with THC courtesy of Bogart’s Kitchen. Handmade in small batches, no preservatives.

cannabis hot sauce

BACK FORTY White Chocolate Eggnog - 10%

This holiday season, escape from family drama with our take on a classic: eggnog white chocolate. Back Forty Eggnog White Chocolate is 10mg of high purity THC distillate in a single piece of delicious creamy white chocolate with notes of holiday spices. Back Forty requires no introduction because it already feels familiar. Take a trip and explore the Back Forty.

HAT420 Infused White Sugar - 10%

Crafted with sugar that does not use animal products  and is produced right here in Alberta. Can be used in hot beverages such as tea or coffee and mixes well with cold beverages such as juice or pop. Make your own infused brownies, cookies, etc.! Our unique processes and high purity distillates deliver a safe and evenly infused experience. Each package equals 1 tsp of sugar.  

NOON & NIGHT Holiday Bath Fizz Collection - CBD - 300MG

Soak in the festive season with our limited-edition Noon & Night Holiday Bath Fizz Collection. Each set features a trio of CBD-infused bath bombs including our calming Lavender Bath Fizz, invigorating Freshly Minted Fizz, and forest-scented Shinrin Yoku Bath Fizz. Hypoallergenic, free of colourants, and made with natural ingredients and essential oils.

WHOLEHEMP CBD Sugar Scrub - 250mg CBD

WholeHemp’s artisanally produced CBD Sugar Scrub combines WholeHemp full spectrum CBD Oil with organic cane sugar and lavender essential oil. The WholeHemp CBD oil base of the scrub is artisanally made in small batches by infusing premium high CBD hemp flower in organic sunflower oil. All WholeHemp CBD flower is sun grown in southern Ontario by a small hand selected group of women craft farmers. WholeHemp CBD Sugar Scrub is a gentle scrub ideal for use as a facial or body scrub. It is packaged in an ecologically friendly and reusable 2oz glass jar and contains minimal THC and 250mg of CBD per jar.

AXEA CBD Beard Grooming Oil - CBD - 300mg

This fast acting beard oil helps you fight frizz and dryness in your beard. Using jojoba and Argan oil, it nourishes the skin underneath your facial hair, with a lasting scent of Sandalwood to keep you fresh and groomed all day.    Intended for use on skin and facial hair. Apply a small amount to your hand, work it through your beard and smooth the beard down to finish it off. Nourish and condition the beard.

CBD Beard Oil

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