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Citizen Stash Cannabis Products Reviewed by Budders Cannabis

            Hey everyone! It’s your favourite budtender Cory, and I’m back with an exciting new blog post for you!  Words cannot describe how excited I am to talk to you about this licensed producer! From Mission, British Columbia, I present to you… drum roll please. Citizen Stash!

They are easily one of my absolute favourite growers. Citizen Stash is an extremely passionate producer and their team of cannabis specialists put out the highest quality cannabis, with a remarkably high level of consistency.

They work with some of the industries most sought after strains and they ensure that each growing process is monitored by hand, every step of the way. All their plants are grown small batch, indoor, and pesticide free. Guaranteeing that each harvest provides the best flavour, affect, and strength you would expect from craft cannabis.      

Citizen Stash carries a variety of cannabis products ranging from

  • different types of flower,
  • pre-rolls,
  • and even gummies!

From my personal experience and opinion... no matter what I get, I am never disappointed.

All of their flower options come with a Boveda humidity pack

  • to ensure optimal flavour,
  • preservation of terpenes,
  • and most importantly a proper moisture level to keep those nugs sticky.

Something I really like about Citizen Stash is the fact that they also include a Boveda in their pre-rolls.

A big issue with pre-rolls is how they dry out while sitting in the package, or all the moisture settles to one side of the joint. You end up with joints that do not burn evenly or end up ‘canoeing’. I personally have never had any issues with Citizen Stash pre-rolls which is amazing!  Budders Cannabis dispensaries across Ontario carry a wide variety of cannabis pre-rolls and you can pretty much always be sure to find Citizen Stash amongst them at any of our cannabis stores. 

Another thing I want to mention before getting into some of the strain options, is Citizen Stash gummies. They sell a Strawberry MAC gummy, which is a 2 pack where each gummy contains 5mg of THC. Not to mention they are also vegan friendly!

The reason I wanted to mention their gummies was because of the affect they had on me personally. We all know that each edible from the OCS can only contain 10mg of THC per package. However, call me crazy but when I tried the Citizen Stash – Strawberry MAC gummies they hit much harder than 10mg. When you combine amazing flavour, vegan friendly, hard hitting, and not to mention a great price point! You really can’t go wrong. 

Citizen Stash Dry Flower Cannabis Strains Explained

Citizen Stash – MAC1 | 50\50 Hybrid | 22-29% THC

Now I am not exaggerating this one bit, Citizen Stash – MAC1 is among my absolute, all time favourite strains on the OCS. It is for sure in my top 3.

MAC1 is an immensely powerful, heavy hitting hybrid. When it comes to smoking or vaping, it is most certainly for those who have a medium to high tolerance level. It has beautiful green and purple nugs that are just covered in a layer of thick, sticky trichomes.

I will never forget the time I purchased a 3.5g container only to open it up and find one giant bud. Not only was my half-quarter one huge nug, but it also came in at a weight of 3.75g! This is just an example of the type of quality you get with Citizen Stash.

MAC1 has a unique terpene profile consisting of high levels of limonene, b-caryophyllene, linalool, and a-pinene. This provides us with a lovely, citrusy/fruity scent that is topped with a sweet finish.

Just in case anyone is wondering, MAC1 stands for Miracle Alien Cookies. It is believed to be a masterpiece genetic cross of Alien Cookies, Columbian Gold, and Starfighter. MAC1 is an extremely popular strain that consumers look to for its heavy hitting, strong effects.

It is great for people with creative minds that are looking to enhance their artistic work. It is also a great strain for relaxing while enjoying a show such as stand-up comedy or your favourite anime T.V. series.

I can honestly say that I have never once been disappointed with MAC1 from Citizen Stash. Even the occasional batch that has a lower THC, still packs a punch, has the flavour I look for, and the quality I expect! I ‘highly’ recommend everyone tries this strain, at least one!

Regardless of your indica or sativa preference, MAC1 is a 50\50 hybrid so you can fully enjoy the smoothness and awesome affects!

If you are shopping for Citizen Stash Mac-1 - be sure to browse our cannabis store menu to see our selection and prices. 

Citizen Stash – Sunset Sherbert |85% Indica Dominant | 23-28% THC

            More on the indica side of things, is my next favourite strain by Citizen Stash. Sunset Sherbert, which is a gorgeous cross of the ever so popular Girl Scout Cookies and the famous Pink Panties.

Boasting a relatively high THC level with dominant terpenes of b-myrcene, linalool, and b-caryophyllene. Sunset Sherbert provides a very relaxing high with a calm and sedative burnout. This particular strain is packed full of fruity flavours including bubble-gum, berries, and subtle hints of minty freshness.

Fun Fact… Sherbet strains are among some of the worlds strongest Indica’s. I know I have probably mentioned this a few times already, but I can specifically recall the first time I opened a container of Sunset Sherbert.

The ‘wow’ factor is something you always get with Citizen Stash, and believe me, it was there. 3.5g’s was about three or four good sized nugs. Absolutely covered in gooey, sticky, trichomes. The colour was exactly what you expect with craft cannabis, a vibrant green with spots of purple. Tons of bright orange hairs and little to no stems or leaves. The trim job was beautiful, which really helps bring out the visual presentation of the buds. The aroma was something straight out of a candy store. For me personally it was a mix of kush and candy!

My two favourite things! Since Sherbert strains come from the family tree of Girl Scout Cookie lineage, they share ancestors which include OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Durban Poison. Very noteworthy, famous strains!

Which furthers the notion of great flavour and strong effects! I personally enjoy hitting this strain out of my Mighty vaporizer.  That way I get the full flavour profile, but it also has surprisingly great taste out of a joint as well! It burns super smooth and clean but still hits nice and hard.

To sum it up, if you are looking for an exotic, strong, great tasting indica, look no further! Sunset Sherbert is simply an absolute must try for the cannabis connoisseur in all of us!   As always, consider visiting a Budders Cannabis Dispensary near you to browse our selection. 

Citizen Stash – Sage ‘N Sour | 75% Sativa Dominant | 23-29% THC

            Last but certainly not least, Citizen Stash – Sage ‘N Sour. Before I dive into this stunner of a strain, I would like to quickly mention how much I absolutely love to recommend this strain to customers!

Selling cannabis can sometimes be a little bit nerve raking, especially because we budtenders always want to make sure our customers get exactly what they are looking for.

When it comes to Sage ‘N Sour I have complete and total confidence that anytime a customer tries it for the first time, they are going to enjoy it!

I have almost never had someone dislike this strain before. For most consumers it checks all the boxes. THC percentage, flavour, freshness, effect, and in cases like myself, visual presentation.

Call me crazy but there is nothing like cracking open a new container to see a big, beautiful bud starring back at you! Sage ‘N Sour is an interesting cross between Sour Diesel and the exotic SAGE strain.

I am quite sure almost everyone has heard of Sour Diesel, if you haven’t that’s ok, Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant hybrid known for its unique flavour and uplifting, giggly effects. It is an extremely popular strain that many stoners have enjoyed over the years.

Sage ‘N Sour’s terpene profile consist of terpinolene, limonene, b-caryophyllene, and b-myrcene. Having a much higher concentration of the first two terpenes provides a very citrus and earthy aroma. I absolutely love to enjoy this strain in a nice big blunt or hemp wrap!

I find it adds to the experience you can expect to enjoy when trying Sage ‘N Sour from Citizen Stash. Visually, the nugs are very dense with a layer of fluffy, clear, trichomes. It has a dark green colour, with noticeably light green and purple leaves. If you have never tried a Sour Diesel strain, or if you have and enjoy them, I recommend you try Citizen Stash – Sage ‘N Sour. 

            These are just a couple of my favourite strains from Citizen Stash. Keep in mind Budders Cannabis carries many others including a brand new one called Sundae Driver which I am insanely excited to try! It is a cross between Grape Ape, and Fruity Pebbles OG. Which by the way is another strain we carry. Fruity Pebbles OG has some crazy genetics. It is an indica dominant hybrid featuring a cross of Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe OG, and Alien Kush! Woah! We also carry Stonewall, another extremely popular sativa with some impressive genetics. It is essentially a Mimosa strain. Long story short, let it be known that if you are looking for top quality, incredibly strong, craft cannabis. Citizen Stash is the way to go, available at a Budders Cannabis location near you! Thanks for taking the time to read my article, and I truly hope everyone takes the time to try a new strain from Citizen Stash! Also, I would like to mention that our Acton location is open for deliveries only. We are offering FREE delivery to anyone withing the delivery range. We are hoping to be open for curbside or in-store shopping withing the coming weeks! Stay safe everyone, and I hope everyone enjoys the summer weather! Cory out!



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