Vaporizer Trade-In Program

The team at Budders Cannabis is excited to announce the launch of our brand new trade-in program.  We recognize that many vape users in our community have a variety of changing needs and we wanted to provide a cost-effective and exciting new way to get a new cannabis vape!  

We want to be able to provide the cannabis vaporizer community with affordable options to adapt to their changing lifestyle needs and wants. This program is intended to help beginners to advanced cannabis vape users.  

If you are new and looking to upgrade your first vape starter kit to a more functional vaporizer, this is ideal for you.  

If you've purchased a vape in the past and found that you are looking for a different experience ; this is a great incentive to find the new device that works for you.  

Or, even if you are a vaporizer connoisseur looking for your next new toy ; this can help you add to your collection while shedding some of the old vapes you don't use. 

Please contact us directly at with a photo of your device and specify which device you would like to trade it in for.   We will then provide you with a quote for your used vaporizer.  Once we receive the used vaporizer we will send you a discount code for the purchase of your new vaporizer.

* You can also apply your trade-in store credit to a gift card *