Dr. Dabber SWITCH - Fumed Mini Decanter Carb Cap

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The Fumed Mini Decanter Carb Cap features a fumed finish that starts off with a pale yellow ombre effect, and with prolonged use will begin to change colors, revealing a unique combination of blues, greens and purples.

The compact size of the Mini Decanter Carb Cap makes for a higher resistance pull, which in turn creates more dense vapor using directional airflow. Manipulating this carb cap during use will provide a more effective vaporization experience.

Hand-blown in the USA by Dr. Dabber's artisan blower, Vajra, the Fumed Mini Decanter Carb Cap is the perfect accessory for the SWITCH user looking for more resistance and dense vapor.

All Fumed Mini Decanter Carb Caps are hand-blown and may vary in size and color.

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