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Herbivore - 4 Piece - Aluminum Grinder with Clear Top

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The 63mm 4-Piece Herbivore Clear Top Grinder is a large sized grinder with a clear top for viewing the action as you grind your herbs down to a finer consistency. Essential for even vaporization, the 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder breaks down herb to increase the surface area of each bowl load, making for thorough vaping. The 4-piece design of this Herbivore Clear Top Herb Grinder includes a pollen screen and bottom compartment for collecting kief. The aluminum body of the Herbivore grinder is built to last, and the sturdy teeth grind down nuggets in just a few twists.

The 48mm 4-Piece Herbivore Clear Top Grinder delivers an easy herb grinding experiencing by enabling you to see into the chamber so you know when your herbs are ground. This smaller sized herb grinder is very compact and therefore stealthy. The 48mm Herbivore Clear Top Grinder features heavy-duty aluminum teeth that perfectly grind herb down to a finer consistency with more surface area for thorough vaporization. Ground herb drops down onto a pollen screen through which kief falls into a bottom compartment for easy access. The included scrape tool makes it easy to clean the 48mm 4-Piece Herbivore Grinder. The felt pouch is for storage and traveling.


  • Size: 63mm
  • Large Capacity
  • Clear Top Lid
  • Pollen Screen
  • Kief Chamber
  • Aluminum

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